May 27 10

Tying Up Loose Ends, Rejoining the Human Race and a Thread Give-Away!

First, I really had planned on at least one more blog post last week, but I misplaced my camera at Quilt Market so I had no photos to share. Bummer! Quilt Market was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time, but I am sure glad it’s over! This weekend, I am re-joining the human race (now that all my deadlines are behind me) and I will actually be sewing for the pure fun of it! I cannot wait!

Terry White, who is quite well known for her lovely thread painting and her wonderful books and DVDs about thread painting, dropped by our booth to share that she has just developed loads of beautiful new variegated colors for Star Cotton machine quilting thread. This thread has just been reformulated and is now made from extra long staple Egyptian cotton, so say goodbye to fuzzy thread and lint build-up! Her colors are scrumptious! She was kind enough to give me some samples of the newly reformulated thread (I don’t think these are the new colors, though):

…and because I don’t really ever quilt with cotton thread anymore, I am passing these threads along to you! All you need to do to enter this giveaway is to post a comment to this post by midnight eastern time on 6/8/10, and you’ll be entered in the giveaway! Two names will be chosen to receive this thread!

A couple of months ago, Jean had written and asked that I post an updated photo of the “Making a Splash” quilt, as I had not quilted the area around the fish when I first posted that quilt. Here it is:

My dilemma with that quilt was that any quilting done near those swirls on the asymmetric feather needed to be “understated quilting” so it would not take away from the delicacy of that cool feather with the delicate swirl work. Since then, I had another similar dilemma with my donation quilt for the Alliance for the American Quilt. I had the same issue here because I didn’t want busy quilting to interfere with the swirls on the inside of this feathered wreath, but I was stuck because the wreath was trapuntoed and if I did not carry my background quilting to the inside of the wreath, the center kind of poofed out in a not-so-nice kind of way:

I also ended up adding hot-fix crystals to the ends of some of the swirls and I really like the way that came out:

Note that you can OWN this quilt once it goes up for auction to raise money for the Alliance for American Quilts!

I have all kinds of ideas spinning in my head for new quilts and projects to begin, so look out world, my machine will be smokin’ this weekend!


  1. Sequana Says:

    Oh, I just love trying out new kinds of threads! Thx for this great giveaway.

    Beautiful job with those crystals.

  2. Diana LaFaro Says:

    Glad you can relax now. I like the colors of the cotton thread. I still use cotton thread most of the time. I like how you used the hotfix crystals, too. Great idea!

  3. jackie W. Says:

    HOw fun is that ,thanks for the chance.

  4. Brigitte Haydel Says:

    Patsy….your quilting is so perfect it looks as though it was done on one of the computer operated long arms, but I know better. Just beautiful.

  5. Lori Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love quilting with cotton thread.

  6. SewCalGal Says:

    Beautiful threads and I’d love to win them and give them a try.

    But I am curious why you no longer use cotton thread anymore?


  7. Lynn Says:

    The crystals really make those swirls sparkle! I’ve never tried Star Cotton thread. My LQS doesn’t carry that brand. Sure would love to win some and give it a try. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Carol Says:

    Great thread colors. I have only used cotton thread for quilting.

  9. What Comes Next? Says:

    I love those swirls! I am always so inspired when I visit your site. I would love to have some new thread to play with, too!

  10. Marianne Says:

    I would love to win some quilting thread as I cannot buy quilting thread where I live, I make do with sewing cotton. Thank you for giving your readers this opportunity. I am trying very hard to learn to free-motion and your blog is a great inspiration when I am ready to give up!

  11. stephanie Says:

    Hopefully with threads from your hands my quilting will improve tremendously :-)

  12. Anna Says:

    I’d love to win those beautiful threads!

  13. betsy Says:

    Patsy thanks for the chance to win these lovely threads.

  14. Janet Says:

    I would be thrilled to be the receipient of those lovely threads. One can never have too many thread colors.

  15. Wendy Says:

    I love your quilting and have been studying it while I search for my own individual style. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  16. Kerry Says:

    I love the work you do, and also the fish quilt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and also this giveaway.

  17. Fulvia Says:

    I’ve been considering switching thread but have not found Star near me … Thanks for the chance to do so.

  18. Anne Says:

    Love the fish quilt – the swirl quilting is perfect.
    Would love to try the Star thread


  19. paula.thequilter Says:

    I have never tried Star thread. Thanks for the op to win some.

  20. Elsie Says:

    Love that fish – and of course the crystals are perfect on the wreath. You are amazing. If I win the thread, I hope you send me some of your skill along with it — that would be an even bigger prize!

  21. Mary Lou Nuzum Says:

    Although I am beginning to use a larger variety of theads such as Robison Anton’s 24 karat gold, monofilament invisable thread and some heavier variagated cottons, the majority of my free motion quilting has been done with 50 or 60 weight cotton. I would appreciate using your threads if my name would be drawn.

  22. Susan Says:

    I am so excited to hear about the new line of Star thread! I’ve always used Star quilting thread, but I have never been found of all the lint that it creates, so this new thread sounds like it will be perfect for me!

  23. Ruth Janssen Says:

    I love variegated thread for quilting! Your DVD Fast & Free has been a huge help to me and I am getting a little braver about free motion quilting! Please add me to the drawing.

  24. Jean Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the picture of the fish quilt! It looks great…and I really appreciate you following up on my question…it was very thoughtful, and I’m thrilled to see the results. I also like what you did with the center of the wreath. I too am a fan of the crystals; the added sparkle looks great! Jean

  25. susan clayton Says:

    Your quilting is so beautiful. It inspires me! I’d love to win some thread

  26. Marsha Says:

    Threads and quilting make the quilt. It would be fun to try out some new threads. Inspiring. thanks

  27. Deserae Fiedler Says:

    I would love to win this thread!!! How exciting!

  28. Paule-Marie Says:

    The quilt is gorgeous. I would love to try the new Star thread. I use cotton a lot when quilting. Thank you for thinking of all of us.

  29. Cherie Moore Says:

    I’m so excited to hear Star thread has reformulated their thread. It’s sold at my closest quilt shop but it does cause the fuzzies and when I tried Aurafil thread I realized just how much fuzz the Star thread caused. I will try Star thread again now :)

  30. Anya Says:

    Your quilting is lovely, as always! Thanks for the chance for the thread.

  31. Nancy B from Many LA Says:

    The thread is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  32. Carmi Says:

    I have three of your dvds and love them. Please enter my name for the threads. Thank you

  33. Marti Says:

    I would love to try this thread. Put my name in the drawing.

  34. Chris Browmn Says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for the feast for the eyes and a chance to win some wonderful thread.

  35. Mary-Kay Colman Says:

    That’s a pretty neat looking quilt. Actually they’re both really cool. The fish looks like he got caught by a very fancy hook. Very nice!

  36. Joanna Says:

    I quilt almost exclusively with Star cotton and would DIE to have these new ones!!! The variagated threads look just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the chance:) And if I don’t win them, I will definitely have to hunt some of the new ones down!!

  37. Joyce Triezenbeg Says:

    I would like to win the thread.

  38. joyce Says:

    I’d love to win that thread. What gorgeous colors!

  39. Douglas Eagleson Says:

    Hi Patsy -

    Thanks for blogging about your Quilt Market activities!

    As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always get out and look at all the beautiful booths so thanks for sharing!!

    That’s pretty cool you let your readers know what went on!!

    Douglas Eagleson
    President, Kona Bay Fabrics

  40. Marcia W. Says:

    I love all cotton thread and would be thrilled to win this giveaway. I’m just learning how to machine quilt straight lines (not well but that is what practice is for…) Thank you for your comments re: Ricky and Alex extravaganza of quilts.

  41. Ray Says:

    Thanks for sharing and being so generous! Love your work!!

  42. Kelly Jackson Says:

    A “smoking” machine? Now I’m not sure but I think I’ve read somewhere lately where there is a medication for that….perhaps it comes in liquid form for that machine?

    Now you come out with what goodies were in those boxes…..oh sure…..I could have stolen those too!!!

    I love the hot fix crystals…they really make it pop. I think “Making A Splash” is just….well….darn right Spank-A-Fied!! (not fried) LOL

    ps….I already have stolen a life time supply of thread so don’t put my name in that hat :)

  43. Linda Erickson Says:

    I am a threadaholic and would LOVE those gorgeous new threads!

  44. Darlene Onischuk Says:

    I usually use 40 wt cotton thread for quilting and I would love to try a different thread like Star. Please enter my name for the giveaway. Your fish quilt is beautiful, as is all our work

  45. Joy Lamphere Says:

    welcome back to blogland! Glad you had a great time at market :)

    those threads look lovely…and my machine like star threads…so they would work nicely at MY house

  46. Mary Says:

    One can never have enough thread…and the colors are so beautiful. Thanks

  47. Mishka Says:

    Wow, those crystals really added sparkle and depth to your Alliance quilt. Gorgeous. It was great to see you at Market. Love your new books, and thanks for the DVD for a give-away on my site. I’ll be in touch via email soon.


  48. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the change to win some new threads to try on my longarm machine. I have never tried this brand before and the colors are beautiful.

  49. Carol Says:

    Thanks for this great thread giveaway!

  50. Annedore Says:

    Your dvds encouraged me to fill more space with feathers ( my machine doesn’t smoke, it smells a bit “electrical” when enduring a muse’s kiss )- thanks for the inspiration.
    My american friends provide me with cotton threads – sometimes made here in Germany but not available – in so-called “care package” ( my husband’s words ), so it would be great to try your giveaways.
    Which threads do you recommend instead ??

  51. Lori Platt Says:

    Thanks for all your efforts! I LOVE thread, and giveaways are totally fun! :-)

  52. Claudia Wade Says:

    Hi Patsy -
    I love both your and Terry White’s work…I would love to be entered for the thread giveaway. I’m so glad that your immediate deadlines are past so that you can relax a little bit. claudia w

  53. Erika Rutten Says:

    I’d love to win those beautiful threads!
    Good to hear that Star is less linty now.

  54. Suzanne Says:

    I love to try new threads, and I love quilting with cotton! Thanks for the chance to learn more about Star threads

  55. jackie Says:

    Those threads are so beautiful and un common to be used only for a speacial project.

  56. Linda Pink Says:

    Those threads look beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win.

  57. Diana Says:

    Those colors on the threads look wonderful and without the lint, they should be nice to quilt with.

  58. Deb Says:

    I have not tried Star threads, and would like a chance to play with these new colors.

  59. Betsey Ryan Says:

    Dear Patsy,
    Could you please add my name into the draw for the cotton thread. Thanks so much.
    Sincerely Betsey Ryan

  60. Deb G. Says:

    LOVE the thread colors … I would love to try some Star thread!

  61. Jude Says:

    I have not used Star threads in years as they were so fuzzy and linty. Would love to try some of the new thread as there are some quilts that just *need* cotton thread! :o)

  62. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    Thanks for this giveaway. I love the thread colors in the giveaway. But I especially love the crystals on your wreath. They add just the right touch.

    Keep on the the great ideas. Robbi

  63. Janice McLaren Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love checking in on your blog. You do such gorgeous work!

  64. Jackie Says:

    I would love to win some of that thread. I have some of your videos and have learned alot.

  65. Frances Moore Says:

    I love the colors and can not wait to try them

  66. Laura Says:

    Colors are fantastic! Now that the thread has been reformatted with the long egyptian cotton…WOW…. no more lint build up!! Will be looking for this ‘new’ thread in the stores…thanks for the opportunity for some ‘freebies’!!!

  67. Vicki S Says:

    Love those thread colors! Glad to hear that Star thread is improved! Gotta try it out on my Tin Lizzie LS!

  68. Ada Says:

    Your fish quilt is a total work of art. I’ve really enjoyed perusing your website and I vote your videos the best…period.

    Mark Lipinski’s blog has a great picture of you at market.

  69. Dianne Giles Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I have most of your DVD’s and am finally mastering the art of machine quilting due to your excellent teaching skills. Like you, I quilt on a domestic machine. The thread giveaway would be great to win. Thank you, Dianne

  70. Barbara Says:

    Just love your work and the chance to win!

  71. patty Says:

    I use cotton thread all the time for the baby quilts I make. I have used Star thread and would be interested in trying the new reformulated thread to compare to the old.

  72. Jill Rumble Says:

    Love the colours of the threads and would like the opportunity to give them a try. Love your work.

    Jill R

  73. Anne Marie Says:

    Glad you can relax now and have some fun! Would really like to win some thread. Love your quilting.

  74. Kathy Nutley Says:

    Your techniques have opened a whole new world of machine quilting for me. Would love to try your designs with this new thread.

  75. donna adams Says:

    I am always looking for great threads! I love your quilting style and find it so inspiring! Please enter me in the give-away!

  76. Cory Says:

    Patsy, I would love to win these threads. I quilt with cotton and love the look of variegated threads. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

  77. Mercy Says:

    Hi Patsy – Your quilting is gorgeous! Thanks for generously sharing with your blog followers. I applique and embroidery by hand and machine quilt all my pieces. I love to use machine quilting weight thread to hand embroider as well as machine quilt.

    Now I have a new brand I can try. Thanks!

    Best stitches!

  78. Doniadham Says:

    Hi Patsy, I keep hoping to get some of those thread giveaway, because they r sooooo expensive to buy, I love quilting , but sometimes it is too expensive to carry on with my limited pension, thanks. I wish I can reach half way ur professional expertise. U r sooooooooooooooooo perfect