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The Power of Scraps and Day #6 of the 8 Days of Patsy’s Birthday Give-Away Marathon!

Oh my gosh, just look at this mess cluttering up my cutting table! This is but a mere fraction of the scraps I’ve accumulated from using my Sizzix machine. When I first started using this machine, I really worried about waste, but I’ve found that this cutting system uses fabric more efficiently than I can. I save all these scraps because they are very usable. Here’s just a fraction of the petals I created by running scraps through the Sizzix this evening:

If I don’t use pieces like this right away, I save them in small zip lock bags like these…

and then I’m all ready to go when I get a hankerin’ to fuse up a wall hanging or just fuse up some design that has multiple parts. Here’s a large green flower that was made using scraps (except for the large outermost leaves; those were cut out by hand):

…and here’s that flower’s cousin, a large yellow/green flower:

I have plans for these bad boys but I need to find time to fuse up some more “cousins” first. Do you sometimes have so many different projects going on that your head is just spinning with ideas? That pretty much sums up where I am lately, but it’s kind of a nice place to be!

And what’s up tonight for day #6 of the give-away marathon? Well here’s a shot of it opened up:

You may recognize this as a different set of Tonga treats, this is a set of (40) 10-inch squares of “lemongrass” batiks. You can see what it looks like in its normal packaging here, but I brought this set home a couple months ago and opened it up with the intention of making a fall quilt. I’m finally realizing that I’m just not going to find the time for it, so I’m offering them up for this give-away and they’ll look like:

when they arrive on your doorstep. All you need to enter yourself in the drawing is to post a comment to this blog post by 12:01 am on Mon 12/20/10.

And one more thing…having this Sizzix fabric cutting machine has really changed my quilting life and has taken it into so many fun and unexpected places that I really want to encourage any of you who are on the fence about a machine to take the plunge. Everything in our store is already 20% off through 12:01 am on 12/20/10, but for any retail orders of $70 & above until then, we’ll throw in any one of our DVDs of your choice FOR FREE! Did I just say “for free?” You bet I did! You can choose a single disc DVD that normally retails for $29.95 or a 2-disc set that normally retails for $49.95; either way, you’ll pay 0.00! (Just tell us the title of which DVD you’d like in the “order notes” section at checkout.) Think about it…you can get a Sizzix Big Shot and a 2-disc set for $79.99 and the normal retail cost for these would have come to $149.94…that’s just shy of 50% off! Take this opportunity to tell your family you’d just love these gifts for the holidays. There are some really exciting things happening for these cutting machines in the next few months, and you won’t be able to join in the fun if you don’t have one!


  1. Scott Says:

    Oh, Wow, that fabric is beautiful, would so enjoy having it.

  2. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    Beautiful fabric and you look like you are having so much fun playing with the Sizzix machine. I have had no desire for one before, but you are lighting a spark of interest with the way you are using it. Hmmmmmmmm…

  3. Lori S Says:

    That is one beautiful set of batiks. I don’t mind if it out of its original packaging! What a great sale too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    love that Sizzix!

  5. OHSue Says:

    I love those fabrics and would love to see them on my doorstep!

  6. Cherrie Says:

    Those flowers are beautiful! Having all those precut shapes sure will add to the creative process quickly. Very cool.

  7. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Ok….now you got me….I love the fabric…so I have to enter….and I must say….DANG GIRL….people would be NUTS not to buy a Sizzix Big Shot and get one of your DVDs for FREE!!! If I did not already own one….I’d be all over this deal in a heartbeat.


  8. Clover McB Says:

    Love those fabrics. Have a sizzix and love it for scraps as well. Never thought of putting fusing on the back but it sure makes sense. Thanks for more insiration

  9. robin Says:

    I love batiks, but haven’t used any yet. Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway chance. :)

  10. Marti M Says:

    The fabric are beautiful. The flowers look like they will be dancing across a quilt real soon.

  11. Michele Says:

    Patsy, the petals are so gorgeous. You’ve sure made great use of that fabric. On a personal note, I just got the new Janome Horizon last week. Now I’ll have no excuse not to take my free motion quilting to the next level. The throat space on the old machine just wasn’t enough. I’m looking forward to rewatching your DVDs again and learning all over.

    The batiks are gorgeous .. not sure I’ve ever met a batik that I didn’t think was. haha

    Happy Holidays to you and Ernie. Hope our paths will cross somewhere next year.


  12. Michele Hester Says:

    I have been on the fence about a die cutter – ability to use up scraps is going on the reasons to buy side of the decision matrix!

  13. Alice Says:

    Patsy, your flower cousins look great! Now I’m really hoping that I might find a Sizzix machine under my Christmas Tree! It would be great to be able to use your fabric giveaway if I do!


  14. Madame Tut Says:


  15. Susie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful fabric. Would love a chance to win. :)

  16. Debbie Says:

    Those yellow and lime batiks are wonderful, Patty!

  17. Hettie Pringle Says:

    Why is there Freezer paper in your photos when you talk about fusing these later?

  18. Gill Says:

    What gorgeous fabrics! the colours are breathtaking!!

  19. Tamera Says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I really love the colors!

  20. Kathy Says:

    Oh!! I would love to have these, I enjoy your site.There is always something good going on.

  21. helen Says:

    Hi Patsy

    This is the first time I have seen this machine. It seems to be very reasonably priced compared to the competition. Lovely fabric.

  22. Linda Hall Says:

    Those flowers are beautiful! And thanks for the chance to win the batik fabric.

  23. Brita Says:

    What a clever girl! Love the idea of putting those pretty little bits to use later. And I’d love to win those batiks, yummy!

  24. Mary Says:

    Beautiful batiks! Great organization techniques. Thanks for the opportunity to win the fabrics.

  25. Gene Black Says:

    Batiks like the Tongas really make my eyes shine with excitement – kinda like a kid at Christmas.

  26. Willa Says:

    I have lots of batiks but not many in that color range. A welcome addition they would be

  27. Beth-Pretoria, RSA Says:

    My favorite treat fabric and batik is the best flavor!!! My sewing space used to look alot like that… but not any longer… too small for a mess!!

  28. GerryART Says:

    Kelly at I Have A Notion sent me.
    While I just bought an AccuQuilt GO!can it be that I really need a Sizzix ?
    And, as everyone knows, Batiks rule ! !
    Happy Holiday Hugs,
    I’m off to join your mailing list

  29. Diana Maria Says:

    How inspiring! Watching that flower unfold is sending me to my sewing room today to get my creativity flowing once again! Thanks to ihaveanotionblogspot (Kelly Jackson) for leading me to this great site..and giveaway!

  30. LouAnn Says:

    Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

    Beautiful fabric and your flowers are so cool~

  32. Jen Says:

    Wow, I’d love to win those fabrics. They’re fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity.

  33. Jocelyn Says:

    Great fabric. Thanks for entering me in your birthday celebration.

  34. Marcia Kosturock Says:

    All of those beautiful leaf and petal shapes were cut with the sizzix big shot? How cool!!

  35. Vicki Says:

    Lovely fabric, thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  36. Pam Says:

    Merry Christmas!

    I love batiks! AND those are some gorgeous colors in that pack! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!!!


  37. Jean Says:

    The flowers look great! The fabric is gorgeous; I’d love to win it!

  38. Diane Nave Says:

    Great fabric! Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Karen U Says:

    Love, love, love batiks. I would love to add this bunch to my collection. If my car didn’t eat $2000 of my ever depleting bank balance, I’d consider your generous sale for the Sizzix. Alas,………

  40. Debbie S. Says:

    Patsy…love your flowers…summer in December, perfect! I’d love to win those batiks!

  41. deserae fiedler Says:

    I love those flowers! They are amazing!

  42. Terri Says:

    I’m loving the color combos on those flowers.

  43. Carol Sc Says:

    I sometimes am referred to as the Queen of Plastic Bags — and, now you’ve given me another excuse to use them! I keep telling myself I don’t need anything more — but my resolve is weakening where the Sizzex machine is concerned.

  44. Phyllis Says:

    These fabrics would be perfect for a wallhanging for my husband’s office. He loves fall colors and he keeps a wallhanging I made in his office downtown. Time for a new quilt for him.

  45. Anya Says:

    How wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  46. BridgetB Says:

    Beautiful fabrics-would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. sharmond Says:

    Love seeing what you are doing with the Sixx machine. Would love to have the Tonga Treats! I do so love visiting your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you do.

  48. Linda Erickson Says:

    Those flowers are beautiful! I’d love the Tongas – you can never have too many batiks.

  49. Robbie Says:

    Great flowers and gorgeous fabric. Thanks for the chance.

  50. Peach Rainbow Says:

    WOW, Lovely!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  51. Sandy Says:

    I love the flowers, great colors! I love anything bright and bold and you have it in those flowers. Thanks for sharing and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the batiks.

  52. Robin Crittenden Says:

    love batiks, I couldn’t resist entering your giveaway.

    Merry Christmas

  53. michelle Says:

    Beautiful sunflower!!

  54. Cory Says:

    Patsy, These are beautiful batiks and I would love to win them. Any of your birthday give-aways as a matter of fact. You almost have me convinced to buy a Sizzix. It is tempting with this deal. Take care and God bless, Cory

  55. Deanna Says:

    Those flowers are amazing! Do you think you could include “inspiration” in the fabric giveaway. That would be great! I would love the batiks and make a lovely quilt with them.

  56. Gayle Says:

    I just love batiks. They go so well with my hand dyed fabric. I would buy a cutting machine of some sort if I thought I would use it but I’m thinking not so much until I can ditch my job.

  57. Claire Pereira Says:

    Still waiting for my Big Shot to arrive errr.
    Love the fabrics…my stash of batiks is very limited right now…could ALWAYS use more!
    Great give away!

  58. Paula Says:

    Lovely! Please count me in, thanks!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  59. Cornwoman Says:

    Your birthday is rapidly approaching! I would love to win those beautiful Tonga batiks.

    The sale is fantastic! While I’ve been drooling over the new Vagabond, I’ll have to go take a look at the one that you mentioned, for that price.

    BTW….I really LOVE your scrap flower “cousins”! They’re beautiful!


  60. Shari J. Says:

    Thisis a fantastic group of fall colored fabrics. Fall colors are ‘my colors’. I hope I win, I hope I win……. Your sunflowers are so realistic looking with the intermixed petal colors. Way to put that new machine to work. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  61. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Hope I win.

  62. Sharon Engel Says:

    Again, I am begging, Pick ME!!! The fabrics are yummy.

  63. Kyra Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Patty Says:

    What beautiful batiks. I’d love to win them.

  65. Kathy Stoick Says:

    I just love the fabulous huge sunflower you created. I am crazy about batiks and this set is really terrific

  66. Sarajane Says:

    These are beautiful fabrics – would love to win them! I like the idea of using up the scraps!

  67. Patty Says:

    What a beautiful set of Batiks. Batiks have become one of my favorite fabrics because of the changes or mixtures of colors. You just can’t go wrong.
    Thanks. Love your blog.

  68. Kathleen S Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway…beautiful batiks..

  69. Linda Says:

    What beautiful batiks and what a pleasure it would be to win them.

    Thank you for your generiosity.

  70. Teresa Harich Says:

    These batiks are gorgeous! But to me, all batiks are gorgeous! I sure would love to add these to my stash!
    I own an Accuquilt Go and love it, but the Sissix looks like it might be a great investment too with all the dies that are available. Now wouldn’t those batiks look great as appliques!

  71. Joan Says:

    Hi Patsy,

    Your work always cheers me up. Would Love to win the batiks. They are at the moment my favourite fabrics. Happy Birthday.

  72. Sue Says:

    Batiks are my favorite! I would love to win these!

  73. Maeve Says:

    I love what you’ve done with the fabrics here – the petals, the flower, everything looks so gorgeous! I’m happy I have found your blog, it is very inspiring. Enter me to win the fabric squares! Thanks so much!

  74. Rosemary Caldwell Says:

    Would LOVE to win the fabric! Batiks are my favorite!

  75. diohej Says:

    Beautiful fabric, I want to win!

  76. Bec Clarke Says:

    Oh lovely fabric, Batik rocks my world lately. I just got your Feathers quilting book too so I a totally set!!!

  77. Robin Bailey Says:

    I have never won a give away. I feel good about this one…gorgeous fabric and I so want to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Barb Blincow Says:

    Beautiful fabrics, love the big flower you made! I’m a big fan of your DVDs

  79. Judy Says:

    I love batiks! Thanks for the chance, and I’m posting about your giveaway on my blog tomorrow. Have fun!

  80. Sandy N. Says:

    What gorgeous flowers! Nice job!=) I would love those batiks. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  81. Maree Says:

    Wow those flowers are fabulous and I love the baik fabric you are giving away.

  82. JoanDeArc Says:

    Batiks are like candy,they’re all so wonderful!! :)

  83. Kris S Says:

    I love your flowers. I have been wanting to make a Sunflower quilt and your flowers are calling me. The batiks are lovely as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. Karin Says:

    Really, really pretty flowers! Love watching your work bloom & can’t wait to see how they get quilted! Thanks for the lovely fabric giveaway!

  85. Marcia W. Says:

    I’m becoming confused as to which Sizzix has the motor and which also works with GO! dies. Should research this, though will never achieve your level of quilting expertise.
    It is obvious why you bought those lemongrass batiks – gorgeous! Happy pre-b’day!

  86. Lee Ann L. Says:

    Gorgeous fabric! By the way, I’m new to your blog. :-)

  87. Marilyn E. W. Says:

    Eye candy. I want! Love your site!

  88. Betsey Ryan Says:

    I would love to have these fabrics on my front door step!!! I’m sure they would enhance my “New York Beauty” quilt, or make them into a quilted jacket!!!
    TTFN Betsey

  89. barbara Says:

    I have always wanted to make an applique sunflower quilt. I think these would be perfect! Thanks.

  90. Jeanne Says:

    I love these fabrics. I am thinking about a sizzix to go with them…

  91. Cecilia Says:

    I would love to meet these fabrics. :) Thanks for the giveaway. I was sent over by Kelly at IHAN.

  92. Billie K Says:

    Would love to win the fabric!!


  93. Becky in Georgia Says:

    Beautiful fabric! Are you sure you want to give this away? It will make a beautiful project.

  94. Chris Says:

    You make it look so easy. I love your work. WIth more practice, hopefully, I’ll get to be as talented.

  95. Cathy Says:

    Wow! No more scraps! LOL….love the projects and would love to win.

    Thanks for the show.

  96. Kylie C Says:

    I love the blue petals you’re cutting, they’d be great against a white or pale pink.

  97. Chris Poehlman Says:

    The fabrics are really lovely. I love all the little shapes you’ve been cutting out. What fun, thanks for the storage tip.

  98. Christina Says:

    Happiest Birthday Patsy!!!!! Welcome to the 54 club! I just joined last Monday. :)
    Your enthusiasm for the Sizzix is infectious.
    Your email says the price of the Sizzix Big Shot is $79.99 but the website shows it at $99.99. Did I miss a note?
    Happiest Birthday again!!

  99. Michelle F Says:

    Of course I would love to win a freebie set of batiks, who wouldn’t! A bonus is that they came from your stash Patsy!

  100. Stephanie Says:

    Love the big flowers! Sizzix is on my wishlist. This has been fun. Thank you for the sales and the inspiration.

  101. Kathy S Says:

    What beautiful batiks!! I don’t know how you can give those away but I definately won’t complain :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Mary Says:

    Beautiful batiks. And what a great sale. I think I need to do a little shopping.

  103. Irene Says:

    Beautiful fabric. I’d love to own it and thank you for the opportunity to maybe do so.

  104. Liz Says:

    I just love your work! I follow your blog and I get SOOOO much inspiration from all the work you do. Thank you for sharing so much.

  105. Genevieve Says:

    I love batiks! :)


  106. Lixa Says:

    the fabrics are just lovely!

  107. Shady Says:

    Beautiful flowers!! I haven’t purchsed one of those machines because I too am worried about the “fabric waste” factor – but you sure make it look tempting!!! Those “treats” for the giveaway are gorgeous!!! Ooooohhh the possibilities!

  108. Carol C Says:

    Great fabric. Can’t wait to see what you do with the flowers.

  109. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  110. Caro Says:

    Love, love, love the batiks! I’m in the process of collecting them to make a house quilt. Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway.

  111. Pat Bandura Says:

    these look like another great collection of fabrics. I’m really enjoying your countdown to birthday celebration

  112. Connie Says:

    Would love to win those batiks! Beautiful colors and I really love your flowers. Would love to have a Sizzix!

  113. Sherry Says:

    Omigosh, those flowers are incredibly gorgeous! I especially like the yellow/blue combo.

  114. SewCalGal Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy. Wonderful Batiks. And I do so love your flowers. Yumm, what a beautiful quilt they will make.


  115. Rebecca Says:

    I love the fabric. Yellow and green is my favorite combination

  116. Judy Says:

    Love batiks!! I’ll have to look into the Sizzix machine too…Thank you!

  117. Janet Says:

    Lovely fabrics! I am on the fence and still deciding.

  118. Mary Says:

    Those flowers are absolutely stunning. When you cut the flowers on the Sizzix do you use fused fabrics? It looks like a really fun machine.

    Your fabrics are gorgeous. Autumns are my favorites.

  119. Nancy Rehak Says:

    I like what you’re doing with your scraps. I know what you mean about projects. I have about 15 projects already started, but I have another 5 or so starting in my head.

  120. rebecca Says:

    Love to check out the exciting things going on with your blog! Great give-away!!

  121. Mimi Says:

    I love batik fabrics – they are so cool! Thanks for the chance.

  122. Mary Says:

    My favorite fabric- Batiks! Thanks for his entry.

  123. Nancy Sue Phillips Says:

    Such beautiful fabrics….so many ideas. Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  124. Nina Clotfelter Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy! My grandfather used to give gifts on his birthday, too. I think it’s a fabulous idea!!

  125. Cindy B Says:

    Batiks are my favorite. I use the Go die cut machine and I never want to cut with a rotary cutter again. Thanks for the give away.

  126. debbie siltala Says:

    those are beautiful batiks, I wouldlove to win them. I don’t have a Sissex but I do have a GO

  127. Hector Says:

    I’d love to win some batiks to start out the new year with.

  128. Joanna Says:

    I’m going to have to research the sizzix. I’d love to have a cutting machine. I love having things cut out in advance and set aside for a time when I just want to sit and sew.

  129. carol H. Says:

    Would love those batiks!

  130. Debra Says:

    I don’t have any batiks in my stash. Thanks for the chance to add some!

  131. Robyn Says:

    Those batiks are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win them. :)

  132. Suzanne Says:

    Hello! BEAUTIFUL flowers! Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win batiks.

  133. Evelyn Johnson Says:

    I love all the colors you use, beautiful1

  134. Rhonda Phillips Says:

    Beautiful fabric!

  135. Joy P Says:

    Beautiful colors…thank you have a great marathon birthday giveaway.

  136. Dana Says:

    Beautiful batiks. Thank you for including all of us in your birthday celebration.

  137. Melissa Says:

    I just won a Go! recently and though I do like it, I have been eyeing that Sizzix and wondering how well it worked. Looks like the answer is that it works very well! Thanks for sharing the pictures, the info, and the batiks!!

  138. Karen S. Says:

    Those flowers are so bright and beautiful just like those lemongrass batiks. Thank you for letting us celebrate your birthday week with you. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  139. Sarita Rogers Says:

    Yay! Please count me in!

  140. Kim Says:

    Oh what beautiful batiks……what great colors!
    thanks so much for a chance to win…….I can’t believe how beautiful your batik flower is!

    Happy sewing

  141. Brenda Says:

    The fabric is beautful. I have always admired your batik quilts.
    Thank you for sharing with those who admire your work.
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  142. Janet Says:

    I would absolutely love winning those gorgeous batiks! Your flower is a knockout!

  143. Deb Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and all your days of giveaways! Happy Birthday. I’d love to be entered for your batik bundle! Thanks.

  144. MoeWest Says:

    The Sizzix looks like it’s fun to use. Thank you for the chance to win the batik fabrics. I love fall colours.

  145. Linda Says:

    Hi those colours are lovely I have never used batiks before…..maybe I will be lucky.

  146. Janice Parker Says:

    I dont know if I am too late for the drawing, but those batiks are beautiful and the flower you made with the Sizzix are fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  147. Kathy J Says:

    Count me in, please! And a very Happy Birthday to you.

  148. Sheila P Says:

    Gosh, such gorgeous eye candy fabric….and to win fabric that the famous Patsy Thompson has actually TOUCHED…well, I would absolutely love THAT!! Thanx for the chance….

  149. Paula Says:

    I love batiks! Thank you for the giveaway and happy holidays!

  150. Jennifer Morlock Says:

    Pick me, Pick me…my hand is held up high:) Thank you for this great opportunity!

  151. Janet Frank Says:

    Love batiks of all kinds & colors! What a nice thing to have a give away in honor of your birthday! Wishing you a wonderful birthday!!! AHHHHH, to be 54 AGAIN!!!!

  152. Jackie Says:

    I love what you are doing with the cutting machine. You have gotten my juices flowing. I have a Go cutting machine and haven’t touched it for a while. Perfect way to start the New Year!