Dec 17 10

How I Spent My Day and Day #7 of the 8 Days of Patsy’s Birthday Give-Away

I didn’t get any sewing or quilting done today because I drove to Tennessee and when I got back home, we started filming a video tutorial about how to use a Sizzix machine for quilting. I’m sure you’re sick to death of me blogging about my Sizzix machine, but it’s just made it so much easier for me to create a wide variety of quilt projects fairly quickly. The dies we use in the tutorial are these 2 dies:

I’ve fallen madly in love with that particular flourish die! The project in the tutorial is a table runner like this one:

…but it can also be used as a wall hanging above a door. The table runner in the tutorial is not a holiday-themed table runner; it will end up being in spring-like fabrics. Here’s the first layer of the flower all fused up on an applique pressing sheet:

…and here’s the flower with the 2nd layer on top. I’m not sure I like the 2-layer form so I may end up just sticking with 1 layer:

This is one of the things I like about these dies; there’s a lot of freedom to play around with the pieces until you get an end result that you like. Here’s another Christmas table runner I made earlier:

and I stopped at 1 layer for those flowers because the 2nd layer I’d made just didn’t cut the mustard:

But the thing that REALLY makes these table runners are those delicate flourishes. I know what you’re wondering…yes, you can stitch them down! It looks good whether you use a buttonhole stitch:

…or whether you do a simple straight stitch just inside the perimeter of the applique:

And once we finished filming for the day, I got to go out for dinner with 2 dear old friends that I’ve known since seventh grade-how’s that for a pre-birthday treat?!

And now for tonight’s give away…what shall it be? How about 4 yards of fabric of your choice (minimum cut 1/2 yard) from our store…I think that might be fun! To enter this giveaway, just post a comment to this blog post by 12:01 am on Mon 12/20/10. Only 1 more day to go in the give-away marathon!


  1. Kathy S Says:

    Definately not tired of you talking about your Sizzix machine and I look forward to seeing your tutorial on how to use it. I asked for a fabric cutter for xmas and there is a large box about the right size under my tree!!

  2. Billie K Says:

    Wow another great giveaway. No one ever has enough fabric.

  3. michele hester Says:

    okay, another beautiful project. the colors are powerful.

  4. Vickie Hunt Says:

    Oh I love it, I am a quilter and scrapper and was so excited to see this sizzix I have this flower and will get the flourish, I never dreamed I could use that on fabric thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Peach Rainbow Says:

    WOW! That would be awesome!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  6. Belinda Says:

    Love the orange and pink petals together! I learn so much from your blog! Thanks. Belinda

  7. Ros Says:

    Patsy, I love tour sizzix cut flower petals. Didn’t know this could be done so I look forward to your tutorial. Ros

  8. Marti M Says:

    I can’t wait to see your new video. I would like to see just how the sizzix works.

  9. Gill Says:

    I love your ideas for today!

  10. Shady Says:

    Those table runners are gorgeous!!!! And fabric is always a happy treat!!

  11. Lixa Says:

    i like how you integrated the flourishes in the basting.

  12. Scott Says:

    Your projects are so beautiful…and just keep getting better and better. I look forward to each new entry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  13. Maryse Says:

    It is so nice to see that after all those years, you are still able to get excited about new products that makes your quilting life that much fun and productive…. so blog, blog blog!!!

  14. Carol C Says:

    I love your blog and who knows you may talk me into one of the machines yet.

  15. Stephanie Says:

    I always find your projects so inspirational. Thanks once again for the chance to win such awesome gifts. So neat that you have friends dating back that far and are still able to get together.

  16. Kathryn Says:

    Those table runners are awesome. I’ve been looking at the ‘die cutter’ machines for awhile. I may have to break down and get one after seeing these table runners.

  17. Claire Pereira Says:

    Still waiting for my BIG SHOT!!!!
    Scheduled to arrive the 22nd!!!
    These two dies are definitely on the top of my list to use. Flowers and vines, flourishes and’s ALL GOOD!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

  18. Leslie Says:

    I’m so excited by your project pictures! I ordered those two dies, which just arrived late last week, but couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like the placement… fabulous that you did this! I haven’t cut the flourish yet… but you can bet I will right quick! Thanks! Perfect timing!

  19. Ann Petersen Says:

    That flourish is so pretty!

  20. Debbie S. Says:

    Wow what a generous offer…just went over to the store to look at your fabrics…wonderful choices for your winner!!!

  21. Jocelyn Says:

    You are having such a fun Birthday giveaway. I would love to try one of these machines, and the GO has been publicized all over blog land, but not much about the Sizzix. But then again I do not do much with applique :-S

  22. Cory Says:

    I love the flourish too. Thank you for sharing. Take care and God bless, Cory

  23. Pat Bandura Says:

    I love that flower and flourish. 4 yards of fabric yeepee

  24. JoanDeArc Says:

    In the past I’ve done hand applique, but there are so many designs I’d love to make that I want to try die cuts. Your wonderful fabric give away would be a great start to a fun winter of machine applique.

  25. Cornwoman Says:

    I’m not tired of reading and seeing blogs about your Sizzix machine projects either. The table runner is really pretty, and I think I’m most captivated by those flourishes. I love them!

    The fabric giveaway is great, and I would love to win the fabric!

    As I write this, it is your birthday. Happy Birthday Patsy!!!! I hope that your special day is as wonderful as you are!!

  26. Lori S Says:

    I just love the elegance of that table runner. I may have to consider one of those machines! Thanks for another great chance to win!

  27. Mary Says:

    I may have to get some WD40 – my wheels have been turning for a week with all of your tempting projects. This birthday business is wearing me out. Thanks for the inspiration. And Happy Birthday!

  28. Sherry Says:

    Happy birthday, Patsy! I’m also jazzed about those florishes. Your blog is just so inspirational. Thanks!

  29. deserae fiedler Says:

    Wow! The runner is stunning!

  30. SewCalGal Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Yummy fabric. Excellent design. Inspirational.


  31. Rebecca Says:

    Great runner. Just right for the season.

  32. Sandy N. Says:

    Love that flourish die! Those tablerunners are gorgeous!

  33. Sharon Engel Says:

    Patsy — I would LOVE more fabric. Pick me!! Have fun with your friends.

  34. Beth-Pretoria, RSA Says:

    I am so going to have a Sizzix!!! Thanks for showing yet one more thing it does well, ok that you do well.

  35. OHSue Says:

    You are really having fun with that Sizzix, I love the floursihes.

  36. Chris Says:

    Yes, the Sizzix makes it look easy! The dies certainly provide for uniformity in patterns. What a brainstorm!!

  37. Marcia W. Says:

    The flourishes look difficult and the colors are wonderful (especially the blue flower petals – a favorite color). Looking forward to hearing more.

  38. Mary Says:

    AH! What fun. I would love to win anything on your list because everything you are giving away is fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  39. Nancy Rehak Says:

    The table runner is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Karin Says:

    Your projects are so inspiring. Would love to win the give-away!
    Happy Birthday!

  41. Jeanne Says:

    I love to chose fabric. I can’t wait to see more sizzix projects.

  42. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for sharing your birthday with us!

  43. Sarajane Says:

    Who doesn’t love more fabric?

    I love the flourishes, they really make the project. I appreciate that you show a couple of ways to stitch them in.

  44. Cherrie Says:

    I think I’m really liking those flourishes also. Hmmmm, it’s even got me to rethinking the idea of getting the machine I like them so much. Love the table runners.

  45. Linda Erickson Says:

    Those are really nice dies. I especially like the curve on the flower petal.

  46. Carol Sc Says:

    I almost forgot to check your blog today — am glad I did. I look forward to watching the tutorial — love the tablerunners! …and would I love fabric — ah, yes — what quilter wouldn’t?!

  47. Teresa Harich Says:

    The Sizzix is looking better and better to me. Do you ever have to tell yourself “STOP! DON’T DO IT!!”, then find that “self” has a mind of it’s own and will do it any way sooner or later. “Self” is winning……again! I am confident that the Sizzix will be part of my sewing room very soon.

    Feather Adventures arrived today and I can’t wait to get started on a new project when the Christmas rush is over. This book is AMAZING!

  48. Nina Clotfelter Says:

    Okay Patsy…
    The more you talk about the SIZZIX, the more interested I get. I just love the way you make it look so easy!!!

  49. Claudia Says:

    I love this lesson.

  50. Debbie Says:

    Ooo, I would choose some of those beautiful batiks that you have in your shop!

  51. Kelly Jackson Says:

    OH WOW….I love those table runners….absolutely beautiful Patsy.

    I love those dies too….Sizzix has some incredible dies don’t they?

    You know I want my name in the hat for fabric….I love Batik….and I certainly saw you have some beautiful Batik there.

    Have fun on your trip….and happy video taping…LOL and happy editing to Earnie :)


  52. barbara Says:

    All your projects just pop off the page. So inspiring! Thanks so much.

  53. Patty Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing everything. I love your sizzix cut outs and the flowers you made with it.

  54. Deanna Says:

    Your stitches are so beautifully smooth and even. I am amazed!

  55. Robyn Says:

    I really do like those swirly whirligigs. They’re quite pretty. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  56. Dianne Giles Says:

    You are so inspirational! You make it look sooo easy and do-able. You are way too generous. Cheers, Dianne

  57. Alice Says:

    Happy Birthday! I did say that before didn’t I? Just in case I did forget! *grin*

    I too really like that flourish! OOOh, I can’t wait to see if Santa brought me a Sizzix for Christmas!

    With the 2 layer flowers, have you considered putting the darker fabrics in the center, and the lighter ones on the outside?

    Sounds like you had a great day!


  58. Phyllis Says:

    I never tire of your creative and beautiful projects and great instructions. Keep them coming!

  59. Gayle Says:

    Oh my!!! More fabric. I love the ones you have in your on line shop for sure. I’ll choose some that go with a UFO I need to finish which will be my new thing for 2011.

  60. Rhonda Phillips Says:

    I never thought of using my dies from my Sizzix. Thanks for a great idea!

  61. Barb in MI Says:

    Beautiful table runners! Happy b’day (belated) and thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Joy P Says:

    Beautiful table runner, very festive.

  63. Marcia Kosturock Says:

    Oh that is a nice runner.. now I’m trying to find how to get all the updates or join your blog.. but hmmm this blog is a little different than those I’m used to.. I’ll find it yet, because your blog is beautiful and inspiring.

  64. Anya Says:

    How wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  65. Dana Says:

    Those flowers are wonderful, I love the way you can play with the layers.

  66. Debra Says:

    I’m getting more and more interested in the Sizzix. Hubby wont be happy! Have a great holday season!

  67. Karen S. Says:

    The table runners are beautiful – I love your colors. You do wonderful work. Happy Birthday week!

  68. Emma Says:

    I am finally starting to think that a die-cutter might be a good option for me! Happy Birthday!

  69. Sarita Rogers Says:

    Yay! I’d love to win some fabric!

  70. Kim Says:

    4 yards of fabric…….wow thanks for a chance to win.

    Happy birthday and Merry Christmas

  71. Gene Black Says:

    I am always happy to win fabric.
    I hope your birthday, Christmas and New Year are a blessing to you and those around you.

  72. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

    Those appliques from the Sizzix cutter are so pretty!

  73. Deb Says:

    Love this colorful post. I’d love to win some fabric!

  74. Colleen Says:

    The flower is beyond beautiful. Thanks for the cahnce to win. Happy B-day

  75. MoeWest Says:

    The tablerunner look beautiful. I’m not tired of hearing about the Sizzix. I’m trying to decide if I want it or the GO.

  76. robin Says:

    Lovely project!

  77. Michelle F Says:

    Oh what a way to end the year with 4 yards of fabric, of course Patsy it will go to a good home in Australia….please please please!

  78. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    Everything you do is so beautiful and you make it look so effortless…as if anyone could do it! You give us all hope!

  79. Kathy J Says:

    I hope I made it in time! Always too much to do and not enough time to do it around the holidays! Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. Cathy Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy! Glad to see you added some quilting! LOL BTW…watch out for that IHAN gal..think she’s after your goodies.