Dec 18 10

Day #8 of the 8 Days of Patsy’s Birthday Give-Away Marathon

Gosh, I am really getting this post up just under the wire! I’ve got less than 1 hour left of my birthday and it has been an action-packed day! Too bad you only get one birthday a year! I never did get time to do much actual sewing or quilting, so I don’t have any new “in-progress” pictures to post. But…I need to get one more give-away posted before midnight! I had posted this photo when the give-away marathon began:

…and I received many comments about it. This bird was my version of a really beautiful appliqued bird from the book “Applique Takes Wing” by Jane Townswick. You can see her version of the bird on the cover of the book:

and I just changed the bird’s tail and those two wings. I made those beautiful wings really easy to make by free motion embroidering all those wing parts instead of appliquing them…talk about lazy! (Now that you’re seeing my version next to hers, you can see how much more beautiful that bird could have been!) Anyway, it’s a great book with lots of beautiful applique projects, so that’s the give-away for today. If you’d like to enter this competition, all you need to do is post a comment to this blog post by 12:01 am on Mon 12/20/10. The drawings for all give-aways in this marathon will taken place sometime during the following week and I’ll get them posted on the blog once they’re done. I’ve got some travel, work, Christmas shopping, then more travel coming up, so that’s why I need a week to get this done! Thanks to everyone who has written a comment or wished me happy birthday; it means a lot to connect with people who are reading this blog. Sorry I have not been able to respond to all the comments and emails and please don’t think that means I didn’t appreciate them. Good luck in the give-aways and happy holidays to all!


  1. Debbie Says:

    Happy one more hour birthday, Patsy! The cover of Jane’s book really is beautiful.

  2. Patty Says:

    Your work is beautiful. I have enjoyed seeing it.

  3. Liz Says:

    I find you work all so inspiring! I have even tried some of your techinques on my treadle sewing Machine.
    Thank you for sharing your work!!!!

  4. OHSue Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Peach Rainbow Says:

    Your applique looks beautiful!
    Thanks for the chance :)

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Marti M Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love applique and can always use a new book.

  7. Cornwoman Says:

    Like all of the other things that you are giving away this week, it looks like a wonderful book that I’d enjoy winning. I’ll be looking forward to seeing who won what, and hoping that one of the winners is me.

    One of my favorite things about Christmas is being able to take some time out from the hustle and bustle to remember why we celebrate. It always makes me enjoy everything just a little bit more. May your Christmas be a joyful celebration in the midst of those you love the most!

  8. Robyn Says:

    I like the stitching you did to bring out the feathers in the hummingbird’s wings. If I win, I’m definitely going to be trying that one out myself, maybe for a wall hanging for my grandma.

  9. Betsey Ryan Says:


  10. Dianne Giles Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy! It may be your birthday but you are letting us celebrate it with you!! I have just started applique and am loving it. A book on applique would be a great addition to my quilting library. Thank you for the great and generous give away. Cheers, Dianne

  11. Scott Says:

    Thanks for giving your blog readers eight exciting days and thanks for sharing your work.

  12. Carol C Says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday! I hope you get to do what ever your heart desires.

  13. Teresa Harich Says:

    Happy Birthday, Patsy! This week has been a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed your blog updates and think your work is totally awesome!

    I think the Sizzix has won. Got to see if Christmas shopping has left me enough to buy myself this great little gift!

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Your site and projects are so inspiring and beautiful I’ll have to visit again soon!

  15. Sarajane Says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for all of the great chances to win! This looks like beautiful applique to try.

  16. Sherry Says:

    Wow! You are one busy quilter, and such a sweetie to do this marathon give-away. Happy Birthdya!

  17. Connie Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy! The hummingbird is beautiful! I had a chance yesterday to go to the library and watch several of your videos, love them! I have been freemotion quilting for about 20 years just doing meandering. You have given me incentive to try other designs by showing how they are done. Love you sense of humor! I also picked up a can of Silicone spray and the 505 basting spray. Can’t wait to watch some more! Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Claire Pereira Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!! I’ve only done one applique quilt and totally enjoyed the experience. Love looking at yours and all the choices you make between stitches and colors!! Amazing work! I think this book would inspire me to do more applique projects. Just what I’m itching to do!!
    Thanks for an inspirational week of give aways!

  19. Kathy S Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy!! I have enjoyed your blog for many years, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  20. Linda Erickson Says:

    Applique Takes Wing looks wonderful. My town, Sierra Vista, AZ, bills itself as the “Hummingbird Capitol.” There have been 18 varieties of hummers sent here (we’re close to Mexico and get birds who just barely come into the US along the border).
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed the whole past week – we have!

  21. Lori S Says:

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Thanks for all you are willing to share with your online friends.

  22. Gill Says:

    I love the humming bird – I’d love to try making one
    I’ve never seen one – only on TV documentaries!

  23. Debbie S. Says:

    Again Patsy thank you for being so generous..your little “hummer” is adorable! I like the added sparkle with your thread choice! Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!

  24. Mary Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful week of inspiration and fun giveaways. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Remember to take time to breathe and enjoy.

  25. Kelly Jackson Says:

    I don’t think of your humming bird as less beautiful….I think of it as it’s cousin flew by and got your attention :)

    If you need help Christmas shopping….our girls will arrive on Wed….they are young and crazy…I bet they could do it all in less than 24 hours….at least I’m hoping….cuz I have not done mine either…LOL

    Safe travels and thanks for all the wonderful posts and giveaways….Iknow there will be some very happy folks….I hope I win every one of them…but then again….everyone would think I rigged the random number generator….hey now there is a great idea….folks rig those ATMS…heck…I’d rather rig the Random Number Generator :)

    Silly Smiles,

  26. Alice Says:

    OOoh, Patsy, I really really like the first photo. The design and the colours just say WOW!

    Watching you with that Sizzix machine, may get me over my trepidation with applique yet!


  27. Lixa Says:

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day! :)

  28. JoanDeArc Says:

    So glad to hear your birthday was action-packed! Here’s looking forward to another fun-filled year of quilting!!! :)

  29. Phyllis Says:

    Once again, Happy Birthday for the Grand Finale of Birthday Week! Thanks for a fun week for your readers too!

  30. Mary Jane Ehlich Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy,
    My friend Kelly (IHAN) told me about your blog and that I should post a comment. I really like the book “Applique Takes Wings”. This is right up my alley as I am an applique person and enjoy birds. Would love to be a winner.

    Mary Jane

  31. Willa Says:

    Birthday wishes!

    Please include me in the draw for the book. Can’t get the hummers around to be still long enough to study!

  32. Gayle Says:

    Happy Birthday! I have this book but I can use it as a gift!

  33. Rhonda Phillips Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  34. Billie K Says:

    Wow another great giveaway!


  35. Jocelyn Says:

    This has been such a fun birthday giveaway! Love, love, love all of your offerings. I hope you have the very best of birthdays! And a Merry Christmas!!

  36. Kathleen S Says:

    thanks for the giveaway

  37. Marcia Kosturock Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Oh my what beautiful applique.. this is something I’ve been so eager to try.. but I just havn’t yet found the book to get me started.. please enter me into your drawing to win.

  38. sharonj Says:

    Happy Birthday! The book looks wonderful!

  39. Shelley C Says:

    Enjoyed seeing your work. It’s beyond what I can do right now, but I intend to spend more time trying new techniques and ideas..the practice should help ;)

  40. Marcia W. Says:

    This is just beautiful – especially the hummingbird. If I can make a hummingbird like that (I’m not an ‘appliquist’) then definitely want to win this book. Each time I visit your blog I receive a huge JOLT of creative inspiration. Thank you for your giveaway celebration, and happy post-birthday. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  41. Marilyn Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy. As I commented the other day that little bird is so cute bet it would look really good in Tonga Batiks. Hint! Hint! I am celebrating 3 Birthdays in my family. Dec. 16th my granddaugter(from my daugther’s family) turned 16. Then my daughter-in-law and son had their birthdays on the 17th and today the 19th. How’s that for Christmas gifts in years past.
    Hope you are enjoying the season……..Marilyn

  42. Kathleen C Says:

    Your choice of fabrics and your fine stitching make this a lovely bird. I do hand applique; Jane’s book would be great. I also want to learn machine applique, so I must practice, practice, practice. Thanks so much for your fun giveaway.

  43. Dana Says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the fun. I hope you had fun too.

  44. Carol Sc Says:

    Well, as many times as I’ve commented, I’ve not wished you a Happy Birthday — so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have a December birthday also — many times a gift given as “this is for your birthday and Christmas, too” — words a kid doesn’t necessarily understand or appreciate! I like the idea of combining the pieces in Jane Townswick’s appliques — I might come closer to gettint one done!

  45. barbara Says:

    Happy Birthday! Your work is wonderful! It’s been fun.

  46. Nancy Rehak Says:

    Wishing you a final happy birthday for the week! Thanks for sharing so much with us!!

  47. Sarita Rogers Says:

    I’d love to win this book!

  48. Gene Black Says:

    I hope you have a delightful birthday. Your hummingbird looks better to me than the original on the book.
    Winning that book would be a true delight.

  49. Jeanne Says:

    Happy Bday Patsy. I would love to win this book.

  50. Jean Bremner Says:

    Happy Birthday Patsy!
    I really enjoy your creativity in the work that you do. Your work inspirers me to learn all that I can. I love your work. If I am chosen to have this book it will help me a lot!

    Be Blessed and Merry Christmas

  51. Claudia Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    The hummingbord is wonderful.

  52. Melissa Says:

    Happy birthday!! You know I love all that you do!!

  53. Mimi Says:

    Sending you birthday wishes!! You have done some beautiful work and have inspired me to once again return to my applique lap quilt and get it finished in 2011. Thanks!

  54. MJ Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Beautiful work… Love it!

  55. Brenda Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I love your work. You have inspired me to learn free motion quilting.
    Thank you.

  56. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

    The hummingbird is my favorite bird and I would love to try to applique it!

  57. Rebecca Says:

    I have been wanting that book for a long time. I love the hummingbird on the cover! Your version is just as beautiful, but in a different way.

  58. MoeWest Says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for letting us share your birtday celebration and for the wonderful giveaways.

  59. Colleen Says:

    Happy Birthday. thanks for sharing and being so generous.

  60. Michele Hester Says:

    I think the embroidered wings are great, besides isn’t laziness the mother of all good inventions? or is that good intentions?….hmmm.

  61. Jennifer Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday….how good can one month be??

  62. Michelle F Says:

    I love your applique, the book sounds very inspiring and of course would love to win it. Patsy your the first to convince me that that little sizzix machine is a “gotta get me one of them”, didn’t know what they were until I read your blog, we’re a bit slow with new products in Aussieland. Merry Christmas

  63. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    This has been a fun series of blogs for your readers and I hope it has been as much fun for you. Of course, the chance to WIN something always enhances the reading!

  64. sharmond Says:

    Looks like a book I would love. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the opportunities to win!

  65. Judy Perl Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I find your website inspirational. I see what you are currently doing and I want to get to my machine! Thanks for being so sharing.

  66. Cory Says:

    I hope that you have enjoyed your birthday. I have. :-) Thank you for all you do. Take care and God bless, Cory

  67. Karin Says:

    Hope it was the best birthday EVERY (and next year’s tops this one!). Truth be told – I like YOUR version best!!

  68. Stephanie Says:

    Happy Birthday, fun and safe travel and a very Merry Christmas.

  69. Aniza Says:

    Happy Birthday & Seasonal Greetings from South East Asia!
    I subsribe to your YouTube and they are awesome. Love your applique. I’d appreciate if you can give the die cut # for each die you used on Sizzix.
    Thank you!

  70. Karin Says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!
    Love your designs, especially the quilting.
    Sure would like to win something on your site.

  71. donna adams Says:

    Happy birthday Patsy and happy holidays as well! Your runner made witht he Sizzex is gorgeous! I’ve been so busy working on customer’s quilts for Christmas that I haven’t had a chance to check your blog lately. Looks like you’ve been having some fun!

  72. SewCalGal Says:

    Ooops. I’m too late, but I still wanted to post to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

    I’ve always loved this hummingbird design (all of Jane’s book) but haven’t had time to do any hand applique in quite some time. Your beautiful machine applique sewing has inspired me to give this one a try. Love your work! Thanks.


  73. Maria Nickler Says:

    I recently broke my hip and spent my recovering days watching your videos, then practicing on paper and finally adding feathers to a quilt. Thank you so much for the inspiration. A very Happy Birthday to you!