Feb 10 11

20th Anniversary and a Special Give-Away!

Twenty years ago today, I married the greatest friend I’ve ever had.  Ern and I met in med school and were close friends for 8 years before we became romantically involved.   I guess we both were too focused on getting though medical school and residency to allow ourselves to give in to the romance, but once we were done with training…look out!  I can honestly say that I love/like this guy more everyday.  He has a kindness about him and a sense of humor that still has me laughing all these years later.  He brings out the best parts of me and I know that  I am one very lucky woman!

Because I am feeling so appreciative of my good fortune in meeting and marrying  Ernie,  I want someone else out there to have some good fortune.  In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are having a give-away of a $50 gift certificate to our online store.  All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment to this blog posting by 11:59 pm eastern time on Thursday, Feb 17th, 2011.  Good luck!

Oh, and two more things…  since Nikki took over our weekly sales newsletter,  I have been terrible about placing any sale info in this blog. We have a sale that begins every Friday at noon in our online store.   She is planning a very special sale in honor of our 20th anniversary and Valentine’s Day,  so check your newsletter email tomorrow (Fri) to hear about it.  To sign up for the sale newsletter and to receive  information about new products by Patsy Thompson Designs, go here. (We don’t share up mailing list with anyone else.)  Happy Valentine’s Day!

And one last thing…I’ve been getting lots of email questions about these birds and feathers and many of the other things that you’ve been seeing on this blog.  Just know that in the months to come, you will also be able to create these appliques as effortlessly as I have been doing.  This is just another wonderful offshoot of Ernie and me teaming up together.  Stay tuned and sign up for that mailing list if you want to be amongst the first to learn of this kind of thing!  (I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you!)


  1. Betty Green Says:

    I fell the same way about my Hubby of 44 years. I too am blessed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kathy S Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I really like your Love Songs quilt, the quilting on it is spectacular. Didn’t realize you had a newsletter…going to sign up now.

  3. Lori S Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeve! Your quilting always inspires me! I too will be signing up for your newsletter.

  4. Jocelyn Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I too have a wonderful guy for a husband. And we will be celebrating 38 years this summer :-)

  5. Scott Guthrie Says:

    Congratulations to you and Ernie on 20 years together. We celebrated our 50th last June…the years go quickly don’t they.

  6. Jeanne Says:

    Happy Anniversary…I love these quilts and can’t wait to learn more about the birds and the feathers.

  7. Chris Says:

    How wonderful to still appreciate each other after so many years. Modern technology cannot squelch true love!

  8. Sandy N. Says:

    Happy anniversary!! Hubby and I celebrated 15 years in October. Time just seems to fly by, doesn’t it? Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  9. Marcia W. Says:

    Happy Anniversary! The birds are absolutely wonderful and your quilting – awesome. You have me hooked on your hint of what may be in-store.

  10. paula.thequilter Says:

    Well, now, Happy Anniversary! 20 is a nice number. DH and I are celebrating 39 years in June.

  11. Debbie Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Patsy and Ernie! I didn’t know you had a newsletter, I just signed up. It won’t be too difficult to spend the $50! :)

  12. Rita Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It’s wonderful to be married to your best friend.

  13. Janis T Says:

    Congratulations! My husband and I are in our 41st year, it’s a wonderful feeling. I too love the birds and flowers, just beautiful!

  14. Liz Says:

    CONGRATUTIONS!! and I hope you have a great Day on for your 20th Anniversary!!!!!

  15. Leslie Says:

    Congratulations Patsy and Ernie! Love your teamwork; appreciated the humor in the videos, too! Blessings to you both.

  16. Lynn Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I also have a great guy for a husband, even though I poke fun at him. We’ve been married 12 beautiful, fun filled years and I am still in awe at how lucky I am to have such a wonderful guy in my life!

    Your Love Birds quilt is beautiful. Looking forward to your announcement in the coming months.

  17. Sandy Says:

    Happy anniversary, Patsy and Ernie! Your birds are just gorgeous. :)

  18. Claire Pereira Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! That Ernie is a Keeper!!!!
    Glad I’m not the only one in total awe and love with the husband.
    Love the quilt…
    I could use a gift certificate..hmmm some of those beautiful Batiks….:)

  19. Joy P Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope the next twenty years are just as wonderful as the last twenty.

  20. Maria Elkins Says:

    What a wonderful tribute! Happy anniversary. We’re coming up on 30! I feel the same away about my sweet hubby.

  21. michele hester Says:

    I really do enjoy seeing your quilts! Happy anniversary.

  22. OHSue Says:

    Congrats on 20 years to both of you.
    And I love those feathers on that little quilt.

  23. robin Says:

    Happy anniversary! :) And thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Beth B. Says:

    Congratulations as you celebrate your 20th annivrsary. It’s nice isn’t it when you are married to your best friend.

    I never get tired of looking at your wondeful projects. Really like those birds with their feather tails but then I really like feathers!!!

  25. What Comes Next? Says:

    Congratulations! How wonderful it is to be married to your best friend – it makes it all that much more special! Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day to you!

  26. Billie K Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Love your birdies. We just had our 45th in January.

  27. Katie Says:

    Congratulations. It’s so nice to hear how happy you are. :-)

  28. katie hartsell Says:

    Congratulations! We are coming up on 40 this year–it’s not always easy but it sure is worth it!

  29. Tish Silvers Says:

    Hope you have a happy anniversary. It’s so lovely
    to hear you’re still so very caring of each other.

  30. Brita Says:

    Congrats, Patsy and Ernie! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship, being friends and being in love, lucky you! And I didn’t know you went to medical school — are you a physician, too?! Gee.

  31. Sherry Says:

    Happy anniversary! My hubby and I will celebrate 25 years this November. Woohoo!

  32. Bev in NC Says:

    Happy Anniversary. A good hubby is hard to find. Will sign up for the newsletter as soon as I submit this.

  33. shout4joy Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is great to be married to a good friend as well as your lover :)

  34. Jean Says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! I’ve been in love with my husband for all of the 19 years we’ve been married, and then some! It’s truly awesome to be so fortunate…congratulations!

  35. Mary Carter Says:

    Congratulations on 20 years. They sure do go by fast. We are approaching 49 years in July. I’ve just signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to reading it. Enjoy the next 20 also.

  36. Linda Erickson Says:

    My best anniversary wishes to you both. My husband and I will reach 47 years soon, and he’s still my best friend! I had no idea about your medical background.

  37. Margaret Says:

    Congratulations, and you still love/like him. Couldn’t get any better then that! Here’s to 20 more.

  38. Karen Martin Says:

    Congratulations! I’m getting ready to celebrate my 30th in October. And it still amazes me how I can like/love one person so much and have it returned. I keep thinking it’s not suppose to be this way when you get up into these years, but it just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy your special day with each other!

  39. Marti M Says:

    What a wonderful life to be married to your best friend. Congratulations! Should we be calling you Dr. Patsy? Curing all quilting woes :)

  40. ImperaMagna Says:

    Happy anniversary and congratulations to you both!

    Off to browse your shop…..


  41. Tina D. Says:

    Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I just celebrated the 19th anniversary of our first date – a blind date! They really DO work. We’ve been married for over 12 years and couldn’t be happier. Love your quilts!

  42. Carol Says:

    Congrats! Love is still in the air!!

  43. Sharon Downour Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Just so you know, I have thrown your name out a lot this week, telling people my good quilting skills were learned from you and they should by all means take your classes! My “love story” didn’t end as well as your, had to give up my quilting, but now have started again, and am so happy doing it….thank you for teaching me how!

  44. Connie Says:

    Happy Anniversary Patsy!! I always get excited when I see a new post on your blog and keep trying your techniques.

  45. sarah Says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Somehow I missed that you hae a newsletter – I’m signing up now…

  46. Yvonne Says:

    Congratulations on 20 years together…may you have at least 20 more happy years ahead of you!

    Your blog has been so inspiring to me…I’m at the “thinking outside the box” point in my quilting, and I have gathered lots of ideas from your site.

    Thank you so much!


  47. Gayle Says:

    Congratulations on 20 years. We are going to celebrate 43 and I too am the luckiest gal to have the love of my life and a best friend. Looking forward to hearing more about the birds and feathers. I am so getting the Sizzix soon.

  48. Brenda M Says:

    Congratulations to you and Ernie on your 20th Wedding Anniversary and Thank You for sharing your wonderful story with us. I always like to hear how couples have met and how their relationship gets stronger and stronger everyday! I have been married for almost 10 years and your story is an inspiration.

    Congratulations again!!

  49. Kelly Says:

    Congrats on 20 yrs!

  50. Nancy Rehak Says:

    Hi Patsy -

    Happy Anniversary! I’m very happy for you and Ernie and the wonderful life you have together! Here’s to 20 more years of wonderful companionship! And to 20 more after that….

  51. Pat Minnick Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Mark and I have been married for 43 years. Love your work. You truly inspire all of us.

  52. Helen Says:

    Hearty congratulations on your 20th anniversary and may there be many more to come.

  53. Kim Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win……and I will be thrilled to sign up to receive your newsletters.

    Happy Anniversary…….

  54. Marlene Says:

    I have a great husband also – coming up on 40 years and he still makes me laugh! And even better, he tolerates my quilting passion very well!!! I’m loving quilting feathers since I took your class in December and can see feathers on everything. You’re a great teacher. Keep it up!!

  55. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy Anniversary! When I married my DH my married friends and family said “I love my spouse more today than the day I married them”. At the ripe age of 23 I thought they were full of something – wind perhaps. But sure enough they were right. Isn’t it wonderful?

    Lovely birds. :-)

  56. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations on your Anniversary!
    It’s very nice when your spouse is also your best friend. The birds and feathers are pretty.

  57. Mary Althaus Says:

    Big milestone. Congrats on the 20 years and best wishes for another 20.

    I keep watching your feather video on TQS and eventually, I hope to have acceptable MQ.

  58. Linda Sue Johnson Says:

    Congratulations!! After reading your post, I started figuring it up, and this year I will have known my best friend/husband 48 years. We’ve been married almost 44 (I was a child bride! ;o) He’s definitely a keeper. Last year he nursed me through major surgery and chemo (I’m fine, no cancer, almost have hair!)

    I’ve enjoyed your DVD’s tremendously. I haven’t started FMQ on my domestic machine yet, but I have a mid-arm and have incorporated a lot of your tutorials in my quilting. I really love feathers! And thanks for telling me about basting spray…it’s my new best friend.

    I deduced from some of your DVD’s that you and/or your husband were affliated with the medical profession. After the great medical care I got last year, I salute y’all!

  59. Debbie Says:

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating 41 yrs on 2/28. He is a keeper!

    I have a couple of friends who told me about your DVD’s. You are so kind to share previews of your DVD’s, I hope to get as many as I can and return to FMQ using your techniques and hints.

  60. Pat Bandura Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Its nice to know so many others are blessed with wonderful husbands.
    I love your blog and all that you share with us

    I can only dream of creating such beautiful quilting

  61. Carol Sc Says:

    Interesting that the “cut off” date for the giveaway is Feb. 17th. — that will be the 43rd. anniversary of my marriage to my husband/best friend. Wouldn’t it be cool to win the gift certificate? Nothing can replace the blessings of a good marriage. Congratulations!

  62. SewCalGal Says:

    Happy 20th Anniversary Patsy & Ern. I’m truly happy for you both. And, I do enjoy hearing insights on how you met and eventually married. Very romantic and very appropriate for sharing, with Valentine’s coming. I’ll share this with young friends that I know are off pursuing getting their MDs now

    I’m a fan of all your beautiful creations, DVDS and books, so of course I’d love to win this wonderful giveaway. But truly, I’m just happy for you and Ern. Enjoy your Anniversary. And may you both have many more wonderful years together.


  63. Janice M Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love your quilting, you are so very imaginative and creative.

  64. Wendy Says:

    Congratulations! All the best to you both. I love your videos, can’t wait for the next one!

  65. Gail B Federowicz Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    I just love your whimsical quilting! You insire me to keep on trying with my quilting. And your humor is so upbeat and positive. I have several of your DVDs and I love them. Happy Anniversary to a winning team! I too am married to my best friend and am very lucky to have his support in my human attempts at creating works of art. Happy Valentines Day.

  66. Pamela Goodman Says:

    Happy Anniversary Patsy and Ern!
    Wishing you the best!


  67. Sally Bramald Says:

    Colin and I celebrated 29years yesterday, my best friend as well.

  68. Cari J. Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you, (can you hear me singing?)
    Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary Patsy and Ernie,
    Happy Anniversary to you, and many more……….

    Cari in Calif

  69. Barbara Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, it is a wonderful thing to be with someone you love and grow to love more as time goes on. Hope you have at least another 20 yrs. together.

  70. Kay Lynne Says:

    Congratulations! Dean and I will be celebrating our 30th this spring :) Your work is so creative an inspiring. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your hubby.

  71. Pamela Says:

    Congratulations Patsy and Ernie on reaching your 20th anniversary. I have quite a few of your dvd’s and have to say I love watching them right through to the end because I always have a laugh at Ernies antics with the credits and other funny things he does if/when he gets a chance to get on camera. It is obvious to all who get to see what you create together the depth of love as well as respect and friendship between the two of you. The quilting community is a richer place with the two of you in it. I thank my lucky stars the day I found out about you Patsy and Ernie, you never fail to respond to any question I have sent you in a helpful,honest and prompt manner, the joy that quilting gives you is so evident in enthusiastic way you run your business. I wish you many more years of happiness with Ernie and your family. Cheers from Pamela in Australia

  72. Cindi Says:

    Congratulations on your 20th! Isn’t it wonderful when you meet that someone special and 20 years later still think he’s as special as the day you met him! Many happy years to both of you!

  73. Ellen A. Says:

    That is such a neat story. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!!

  74. Anne Marie Says:

    Happy anniversary….time flies when you’re haveing fun with your best friend. Congrats and hope you have many more good ones.

  75. Ruth Says:

    I absolutely love your blues and greens, and designs. Thank you for sharing!

  76. Rebecca Says:

    What a lovely story. Congratulations.

  77. Rebecca Says:

    What a charming story. Congratulations. My husband and I were married twenty years last May.

  78. Cathy Says:

    Congratulations and continued blessings! Cathy

  79. Dawn C Says:

    Congratulations – what a great story.

  80. Carole Corn Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It IS so wonderful to have a loving soul mate for your husband, appreciate him, (as I am sure you do). Hope you both enjoy many years to come.

  81. Liz K Says:

    I love the bright colors in your designs and the creative way you quilt them. I would LOVE to have a Sizzix machine but cannot afford one at this time. I appreciate the dedication you have put into your art and how down to earth you are and willing to share what you have learned with others. May God bless you with 20+ more years of marriage and with continued success with your quilting arts,

  82. donna adams Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Patsy!!! I thought when I first read your comments, “WOW! 20 years! Imagine that!” Then I counted mine and this year is 17 years for us. It sounds like a long time but goes by so quickly, you don’t even realize it has! The longer we are together, the shorter more I realize a lifetime is too short. I hope you have many, many more! Thanks for being such an inspiration is so many ways!

  83. Maria Nickler Says:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you and continued happiness!
    I love the applique projects using the Sizzix machine and dies. I can’t wait to find out what you and Ernie are working on.

  84. Cathie in Ut Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. So lovely to hear of someone still in love after living real life together!
    Love those birds and heart…reminds me of a fractur

  85. Robbie Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Here’s to many more happy years of sharing life with your best friend. Love your work and your posts.

  86. Lori Ginsberg Says:

    Congratulations! Sharing your life with someone you love and who loves you too is the greatest blessing. I’m sure the happiness you have in your marriage comes through in your amazing creativity. My husband is so supportive of what I am passionate about too. When I go to my local quilt shop by myself, they always ask, “Where is your quilting partner?” I just love that. We are celebrating 35 years of marriage in July!

  87. Kathy Pennell Says:

    My Ernie and I will be married 37 years on March 31st. What is it with guys named Ernie? My Ern is the dearest man ever and takes great care of me. I have lots of health issues that limit my strength, so he does most of the cooking so that I can quilt a bit…I hope everyone has an Ern or Ernestine in their lives! Congrats on your 20 years!

  88. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I’m so glad the two of you are together….life is so much sweeter with a life partner that can make you laugh and brings out the best in one another.

    PS. Please don’t enter me into the drawing….I have lots of notions I don’t need any more….LOL

  89. Joanne Lendaro Says:

    Congrats on the 20 years!! Isn’t it wonderful to have your best friend with you for life? It certainly makes the road easier to travel. Wishing you both another 50 years!!

  90. Darlene B Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I admire your beautiful quilting work and need to spend more time just practicing these techniques. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  91. Beth H Says:

    I always like to hear about others that have found lifelong friends that still like each other after many years!!! Congratulations, and may you both have 20 more years together.

  92. Deserae Fiedler Says:

    Happy anniversary! :)

  93. Donna Cooper Says:

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!! Happy Valentines Day to you both!!
    I love your works of art!

  94. Diane Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! What a beautiful site; so creative and colorful. Thank you for sharing your creativity! wishing you another 20+ years!

  95. Anya Says:

    Happy Anniversary and thanks for the chance!

  96. Debra Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many many more together.

  97. Loris Mills Says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day too! Your quilting is exquisite!

  98. Sylvia Says:

    Congratulations. It’s also my anniversary this week. It’s been a lot of wonderful years with my best friend also. :-)

  99. Cecilia Says:

    Happy Anniversary. I too have a wonderful husband who is my best friend. Thanks for the giveaway.

  100. Anita M. Kop Says:

    Happy Anniversary Just signed up for your newletter Can’t wait for the first one to arrive

  101. The Quiltwhinny Says:

    Happy 20th Anniverary and wishing you many, many more! We celebrated our 40th last year and it only gets better!

  102. Sunnybec Says:

    Happy 20th Anniversay and many more. We celebrate 39 years this July. Thanks for a lovely giveaway. Linda

  103. Janet Says:

    The birds and feathers are beautiful!

  104. Cindy Says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a blessing to be able to go to sleep (and wake up) next to your best friend for 20 years! May you have many, many more anniversaries.
    I can hardly wait to get the birds and feathers directions (tutorial, I hope) :-)

  105. Stray Stitches Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! In today’s world making it last 20 years is quite an accomplishment!!

  106. DianeH Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more blessed years together.

  107. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to be married to someone you both like and love? Congratulations!

  108. Gene Black Says:

    Congratulations on 20 years and here are wishes for many many more. May your love continue to grow.

  109. Rosemary Dempster Says:

    Congratulations on your 20th. I have just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary, and I love my husband to bits. Isn’t it great to feel like that? We really are lucky!

  110. Marianne Duvendack Says:

    Absolutely stunning work! I want to be you when I grow up! Congrats on your anniversary.

  111. Karin Says:

    Congratulations! We’re just ahead of you at 21, and they’ve certainly been the best years of my life! Those birds are adorable, as are ALL your projects – can’t wait to see more!

  112. Shady Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful story – you ae truely blessed! May you share yet another wonderful 20 years together – many times over! God Bless you both.

  113. Patty Says:

    I loved reading your story. Happy Anniversary!

  114. Linda Says:

    A Valentine anniversary –how romantic! Happy Anniversary!

  115. Joy Says:

    What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing your Anniversary celebration with us.

  116. Eileen H Says:

    Congratulations on 20 years! I hope you have many more happy years together.
    I love your work, I wish I was 1/10 as good.

  117. Melissa Corry Says:

    Congrats to you and your husband!! That is quite an accomplishment

  118. annmarie Says:

    Happy Anniversary! 20 years is a GREAT accomplishment in this day & age – congratulations.

  119. Anna McD Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for a chance to win!

  120. Bonnie Says:

    Happy Anniversary, the birds remind me of home, I am from Amish country and they use birds like those on their Hex Signs.

  121. Rochelle Says:

    HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.
    Have a wonderful day and a magical anniversary.

  122. Deborah in Atlanta Says:

    You are so fortunate to have found each other. And it’s so nice that you both feel the same way about each other. Smooches to both of you! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  123. Robin (RsIslandCrafts) Says:

    Happy Anniversary! My Husband and I have been together for 21 years and it has been a fun ride.

  124. Sue Goodin Says:

    Happy Anniversary.
    This year will be my hubby and my 31st.
    Nothing like finding the perfect mate.

  125. Christine M Says:

    Happy anniversary. We are coming up to our sixteenth this May. My husband and I meet at ballroom dancing. I was a beginner and he was very interested at first!

  126. Christine M Says:

    Oops! That was meant to be not very interested at first!!!

  127. Deb Says:

    A very happy anniversary to you…and many, many more wth your loved one! I’d love to be entered.

  128. Chris Says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to be married to your best friend, it really makes life so much more enjoyable. Congratulations.

  129. Janet Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you & Ern. How wonderful the 1st 20 years were, and now how exciting the next 20+ years will be. Have fun!!!!!

  130. Kathleen C Says:

    The quilts in your photo gallery are simply beautiful; I’m especially drawn to the leaf quilts in Botanicals. Thanks for this lovely site.
    Congratulations on your anniversary; it was a pleasure to read your story about meeting and marrying your husband.
    It’s a generous giveaway-Thanks!

  131. Nancy Sue Says:

    Happy anniversary! Sounds like you are having a “Big Fun!” Here is to the next 20. Thank you for including us in on your celebration with this giveaway!

  132. MoeWest Says:

    Congratulations to both of you on your 20th anniversary! Thanks so much for celebrating with a giveaway.

  133. Jodi Scaltreto Says:

    Happy 20th Patsy and Ernie!! I hope you have many more anniversary’s and keep up the great newsletters I love your site.

  134. Deborah T. Says:

    Congratulations on your 20 years together. It is truly unique and thoughtful for you to share your anniversary with the world. My gift in return is a wish that you at least triple that anniversary number. Continued happiness to you both.

  135. Susan Schaller Says:

    As an anesthetist now I’m guessing your speciality . Must have been a surgical residency with all your beautiful stitches!!! Is Ernie still practicing ? My gem of 39 years nursed me through a 10 vertebrae spinal surgery this summer. I don’t think we ever thought that was in our future, but he was my angel ! GOOD MEN ARE HARD TO FIND! But they are out there in surprising places!

  136. Joan O Says:

    Congratulations! I have 30 years on you, just celebrated our 50th. Were do the years go? Seems like yesterday. I wish you many more special years together in good health.

  137. Stephanie Says:

    Happy 20th Anniversary Patsy and Ernie.

  138. Evelene Sterling Says:

    Happy Anniversary Patsy and Ernie and wishing many more years together.