Jul 01 11

Beam N Read Blog Hop!

Thanks to Kelly Jackson of I Have a Notion and the folks that make the Beam N Read Light, I had the opportunity to try out this light and review it, and you’ve got a chance to win one for yourself! Now let me tell you why this light is so fantastic! Here’s what it looks like:

This battery-operated LED light comes with an adjustable neck strap so you can position the light really close to your work, leaving your hands completely free to stitch. It also comes with an orange filter and a red filter, giving you the option of determining the lighting that’s easiest on your eyes. Lastly, it comes with an optional magnifier that clips right onto the light, and I know that my aging eyes really appreciate that feature!

Think of all the sewing/quilting related tasks we do routinely that could benefit from this light, like hand applique:

or for doing the hand embroidery stitches of wool felt applique:

or sewing the binding to the backside of the quilt, or sewing a label onto the back of a quilt,…the list goes on and on. One thing that’s really impressed me about this light is that it makes it possible for me to complete my hand work in places where it’s previously been impossible to do so. Now I can do hand applique on long car rides after dark, or when I’ve traveled to teach and am spending the night in a hotel room with lousy lighting. Thanks to the Beam N Read Light, I can reclaim these lost hours and turn them into productive time!

Now that you’ve heard about this light, it’s totally understandable that you want one for yourself. Come on…you really need one for yourself, so here are 2 ways to get one! The first is to head on over to The I Have a Notion online store and pick one up for a great price! The other option is to leave a comment on this blog post by 12:01 am eastern time on Friday July 8, 2011 telling me how this light might help you, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free light, courtesy of the mighty generous folks who make this wonderful light! In order to make this drawing available all over the world, the winner will pay shipping from Ohio, USA. And while you’re still here, make sure you zip over to Kelly Jackson’s blog at I Have a Notion to read her review of this light as well. And while you’re at it, you might just want to read every review within this blog hop, and enter each blog’s drawing! Here’s the lineup of all the reviews and opportunities to win a light:

  • June 27:
  • June 28:
  • June 29:
  • June 30:
  • July 1:
  • And here’s my hand sewing tip to pass along…I use Bottom Line Thread by Superior Threads for hand applique and sewing the bindings onto my quilts.  I sew a lot when I travel and I carry the “Super Bobs” pre-filled bobbins in their plastic packaging.  I deliberately leave the threads hanging out of the packaging so all I need to do is gently tug and draw off as  much thread as I need for my project.  It keeps things neat and I don’t have to fumble around trying to pull out the correct bobbin!  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

    Now go have a happy 4th of July!


    1. Madame samm Says:

      and yes it is dark,..and thank goodness you still had your light on …lol just wanted to be a cheerleader and let you know..I am sew glad you were part of Beam N Read Team…yeah…

    2. Eileen Says:

      I’ve sewn in one way or another for over 60 years and wear tri-focals so these old eyes would really love a nice bright light to use when doing handwork of any kind. Thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!

    3. Barb Colvin Says:

      Using a bobbin box for travel is a very clever idea! Thanks for that tip–Now I just need a Beam n Read light :0)

    4. QuiltSue Says:

      I aalso use the bobbins for portable hand sewing.

    5. Barbara Says:

      Just came by to add support, love your sewing tip….don’t count me in, just count me in as a fan…

    6. Colleen Says:

      Thanks for the sewing tip, review and giveaway! have a wonderful weekend!

    7. MaryBeth Says:

      What a great tip for hand sewing. I usually use cotton thread for my piecing, but I’ve been told poly is a better choice for hand piecing because of the repeated stress. Thanks for the chance to win the cool light.

    8. Lisa Marie Says:

      Your applique is beautiful and I love that bobbin idea. Thanks for the chance to win the super useful light.

    9. Rhonda Says:

      Thanks so much for the great tip and for sharing what many are saying is a great product. I sure hope I win one so that I can see for myself LOL

    10. Vickie Says:

      I do a lot of hand sewing and reading at night! This would be the perfect light to use! Thanks for such a great post and a chance to win!

    11. Sam Downes Says:

      Hi from Western Australia. Thanks for making this possible. I really need one of these for hand sewing, now I’m a mature women :) Otherwise sewing at night is not possible. Sam

    12. Audrey Says:

      I dearly need this light. My eyes are dimming down and all of my other lights seem to be dimmer than I need.

    13. rebecca Says:

      I have a sister-inl-law I am going to tell about this light. The magnifier is a great option!!

    14. Stray Stitches Says:

      I can see so many uses for this little light. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

    15. Marcia Kosturock Says:

      I would love that Beam n Read.. it would be fantastic for my hand quilting..to be able to thread the dern needle better!

    16. Renea Says:

      I am really going to get me one of these lights (if I don’t win one, HeeHee). Thanks for the giveaway.

    17. Joyce Triezenbeg Says:

      As I grow older I never have enough light for handwork. Hope to win this light to help with that deficiency.

    18. Judy C in NC Says:

      I have loved all the reviews this week – and your tip about the thread was a bonus. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and great giveaway. Judy C in NC is keeping her fingers crossed.

    19. DebrafromMD Says:

      I would use this light to supplement the crappy lighting you usually find in hotel rooms. I love to take along my applique when I travel but often need to pack an Ott light to make stitching possible. The Beam and Read will take up a lot less room in my suitcase.

    20. Linda Vipond Says:

      Oh my goodness! I would LOVE one of these. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    21. dawn Says:

      After reading all the reviews for this light, my want changed to need. I do a bit of handwork and this light would be so useful to these aging eyes. Thanks!

    22. Elaine Stoffel Says:

      I am so loving this light. Sure am hoping to win one. I would really be helpful at night when I am doing my embroidery work. Thanks for the chance.

    23. Sandy Says:

      The eyes just aren’t as sharp as they once were. It would save alot of frustration unsewing .

    24. Barbara Says:

      The Beam N Read looks so wonderful. I’ve read everyone’s comments on the blog hop and it seems like everyone is very pleased with it. Thank you for the chance to win a Beam N Read.

    25. Donna Says:

      I have struggled to hold my magnifier up to my handwork, but this sounds like just what I need to have two hands free and see! Thank you for the offer!

    26. Mary Says:

      Great sewing tip!

      I can see where that light would come in really handy for a counted cross stitch Christmas stocking that I am working on.

    27. Beth Says:

      What a clever idea with the bobbin thread! This light is really a “must have”. Thanks for the chance to win one and the clever tip. I love when I learn new things!

    28. Corinne Lewis Says:

      thanks for the review.

    29. Linda Erickson Says:

      Now that my eyesight is getting “aged” I could sure use one of these lights! It’s tough to admit, but I can see less and less at night and under low light conditions.

    30. Darlene B Says:

      I’ve loved reading about this great product. Would be a great help for working in the car – especially now that my daughter just moved out of state! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    31. Margaret Says:

      Wow that light looks great. Sure wish I had one. It put the light right where you need. Maybe that would help with my hand work…or help me want to do more hand work. Hope I win!

    32. Debbie St. Germain Says:

      I really love seeing the reviews on the light, definitely something my bad eyes need, maybe then I wouldn’t have so many God’s eyes in my projects, lol.

      I keep my bobbins in a little drawer in a desk that I have my machine in. If I keep them on top of the desk, I tend to knock them over while I am sewing and they end up rolling all over the floor.


    33. Brenis Says:

      Ooh this little beam n read is the perfect answer to my late night hand stitching!! No light in the house seems to be bright enough anymore at night! :( And that’s when i do all my hand stitching! woohoo thanks for the chance to win one! :)

    34. Jean Says:

      The Beam n Read sounds like it would provide a great opportunity to prevent me from bugging my husband and son by turning the lamp on to hand sew while they are watching T.V.!

    35. VickiT Says:

      Thank you for being part of the blog tour and giving another chance at winning one of these awesome lights. It’s great to get many different points of view about a product like this. This product however, seems to be getting the green light and rave reviews from everyone so far. I know this is something I need very much. I’m constantly telling my husband it’s not bright enough all over my house. Funny those lights haven’t changed. I’m starting to think it’s ME and my bad getting-older-eyes. :(

    36. Sallie Says:

      Thanks for the sewing tip. This light would help me sewing, reading, and “working” on the computer. I would lvoe to win one! Thanks for the chance!

    37. Elizabeth McDonald Says:

      The more I read about this light, the more I want it! Thank you for the giveaway!

    38. Robbie Pettapiece Says:

      Needle turn applique is my hand work of choice and this light would be of immense help. Also thanks for your thread tip. Will definitely use it. Thanks.

    39. Lynn Says:

      Love reading your blog – thanks for doing the giveaway.

    40. Nancy Rehak Says:

      I’ve been doing more hand applique and trapunto, along with the regular bindings and labels, so have started collecting Ott lights to stand around my work area in every possible configuration. It sounds like this Beam N Read light would be a great addition!

    41. Karin Says:

      Thanks for being a part of this terrific & fun blog hop! I love that tip about carrying bobbins – wonder why I never thought of that! Sure beats 6 spools of thread rolling around in the bottom of a tote bag!

      I can think of a zillion uses for a Beam n Read, but I guess the one that will save me the most time is to use it when I have to unsew. I have to double & triple check everything to make sure I’m doing it right, ‘cuz I can’t see well enough to undo it! If I had a light and a magnifier I could see better AND be hands-free, then maybe I could make better use of ole Jack the Ripper.

      Thanks again for the review & tip!! Have a great weekend!

    42. Brita Says:

      I would really love to have one of these lights! The lighting in my sewing room is pretty bad, so this would help light my world :-) Thanks for being on the hop!

    43. Marlene Says:

      When I sit down to do my hand embroidery I turn on a lamp on either side of me and then a small ott light that balances on the chair with me. Good grief! I just know that this light will be exactly what I need and will shine right where I need it! blessings, marlene

    44. Kathy MacKie Says:

      Thanks for the sewing tip and can’t wait to see who wins!

    45. Judy Says:

      Thanks Patsy, for a chance to win one of these Beam n Read lights. What fun this blog hop has been and I love to see your applique’ work, and enjoyed your tip about the bobbin work for your appliques.

    46. grace Says:

      There are so many times when the lighting is poor and I just am not able to see well enough to stitch at all. I know it’s a waste of time and effort because the stitches wouldn’t be acceptable if I went ahead. So much work might be done if good light were available. My favorite time of the day is the afternoons when the daylight is just right for handiwork. Imagine how nice to have that great lighting anytime you need it!

    47. Billie K Says:

      I have tired old eyes and could sit on the couch with the DH and sew.

    48. Carol Claytor Says:

      The more I read about this light the more I want one. Thanks for the chance to win it.

    49. Mary GIllette Says:

      Thanks for the tip about the bobbins, Patsy! If I had this light I could get back to hand piecing the Jinny Beyer “Columbia” quilt, and sew in the evenings once again. Also, it would sure be handy if the power goes out, as it would give me not only the light to keep from tripping over something, but it would give me something that I could do to pass the time.

    50. Linda in PA Says:

      This light looks fantastic. I would probably use it in the evening when I sit and do embroidery. Thanks for a chance to win one.

    51. Mary Jo Says:

      I’ve been quilting for over thirty years and can no longer do hand work without a bright light. Having this light would make my hand work portable again.

    52. Vail Says:

      I’d love having one of these lights for smocking or hand embroidery or even reading a book in a dark place:))

    53. Susan Entwistle Says:

      Thanks for the review, and the tip. I love Superior Thread, but never considered it for applique, which is what I’d use this light for now that I’ve started two Baltimore Album quilts. Happy 4th!

    54. Nancy Sue Says:

      I would especially use this light at night doing hand work. After 8pm, even if there is good room lighting, the eyes just get tired. This would be perfect to give that extra help for relaxing hand work. If I win, I’m going to have to find another excuse as to why my husband’s pants aren’t hemmed yet :)

    55. Kathe Says:

      I would love to win this – my lighting for any kind of handwork (from sewing to needlework) I do is limited to daylight only. Thanks for the giveaway – love your work.

    56. Donna~~ Says:

      My aging eyes could definitely use this light for stitching applique, but your idea of using it in the dark car is great! And I am thinking these would be great gifts for my sister and dad. Thanks for helping me learn I need to get one!

    57. Nancy B Says:

      There are so many uses for this light I can’t begin to count them all. Your readers have left wonderful suggestions. I would enjoy using it in the car while on trips. Thanks for the chance to win.

    58. Kate Says:

      Great idea with the bobbin box, I always drop the spool and airplane seats are hard to get under! Your applique is gorgous! Thanks for the chance, I seriously need one of these lights! Happy 4th.

    59. Kathleen Says:

      what a great idea for the bobbin box and the light can’t be beat for tackling those jobs that need extra light….

    60. Jennifer Says:

      I want one of these so pick me.

    61. Jeanne Says:

      Great idea about the bobbin box. Would love to win that great light. Thanks for the chance

    62. Marcia W. Says:

      That’s a great tip on using the bobbins. If win would rename the light to beam-n-sew.

    63. Betty Says:

      I love handwork while watching TV. Hubby doesn’t like a bright light for TV viewing so this light would be great.

    64. Jacque Says:

      Love the idea of the bobbins for your portable sewing! Sure hope I can win this super duper light….it’s been fun learning about it from all of you this week!

    65. Sherill Says:

      All the reviews on this light is great. It sounds like I need to get one. Hopefully win it. Thanks for the chance!

    66. ~ Kd Says:

      What a great giveaway! I want a Beam and Read to help me see better to do hand sewing and cross stitch. Thanks for the chance to win one.
      ~ Kd ~

    67. Patti Says:

      Thanks a lot for all the tips. Now here’s one for you. If you have a toothache sit up and it isn’t nearly as bad as laying down with it. Hence the reason I’m emailing you at 3:34am.

      Okay back to this wonderful light. My eyes certainly aren’t as good as they were when I was younger and a good light makes such a difference either when I’m hand stitching or machine stitching and I would so love to win one of these lights and thanks for the chance.

    68. Mary Jo Says:

      What beautiful hand work you do. I need this light for sure to work at night and in the car. Thanks for the great review.

    69. Janieg Says:

      Over the years I have purchased several lights that claim to be the best……….then they go to a drawer because thet don’t live up to the claims. Now this light is the one to get……just what we need to see those little stitches in appliqué. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

    70. Deb Says:

      I’d love to have one of these! I’m about to head out on vacation, and it seems like this would be great for reading on the plane (those anemic little lights just don’t cut it) and for reading/sewing in the hotel room.

    71. Gmama Jane Says:

      I think I’ve missed the deadline. Boo Hoo! I was blog hopping and time got a way with me. I would so love to win one of those lights for my old tired eyes.
      Gmama Jane

    72. Dawn Says:

      I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s reviews of this light. I”m always looking for better light. But I hate the heat beaming down on me from lamps. And of course there is always a shadow. This would be so good for applique, bindings, reading, hand quilting (and on and on and on)!

    73. Teresa Says:

      Great light. I sure need one of those.
      Thank you for the sewing it. It’s going to be very useful to me.

    74. Jackie Says:

      You make quilting sound and look so easy!!! What a great light, I could use all the help I can get as I get older my light sources seem to be getting duller haha.

    75. Kathy Schmidt Says:

      Loved your soap tip–I hadn’t heard that one before. And, of course, we always love to jump in for a chance to win something!

    76. Debbie Says:

      Great tip, Patsy! I’d love to have this light so I could knit at the computer. Thanks for counting me in.

    77. Donna Says:

      I could use this light for both quilting and for counted cross stitch. My favorite handwork spot is never lighted well enough for these 65 year old eyes.

    78. Margaret Says:

      I think I could wear one of these out. My house is a tunnel and I’m always looking for more light. Thanks for the chance

    79. RobynK Says:

      Lol, I just collected my new reading specs today but a light would definitely help when I snuggle up in bed to look in the mags for another project to do or add some more rows to my crochet.

    80. Mom C Says:

      My lights just aren’t as bright as they used to be. Or I can’t get close enough to the sewing machine to see my stitches as well as I used to. So a Bright light would be so helpful.

    81. Pam Says:

      My eyes aren’t very good anymore. The lights in my rooms aren’t any good for hand sewing. I have to hand sew during the bright sunshiny day, but am usually working. If I had this light I could hand sew in the evenings after work.

    82. Becky in Georgia Says:

      I was thinking that I didn’t need another light. Well, today I was sewing black binding on a dark background. Wow! I sure could use the Beam and Read light. Thanks for the chance!

    83. quiltmom anna Says:

      This looks like a whizzy new tool Patsy- like others my eyes are not what they once were so the extra light would be terrific. Thanks for the chance.
      Regards from Western Canada,

    84. Janet Says:

      This light looks so fantastic. I would use it for reading, sewing, picking things in the garden at night, creeping around the house and checking to see if that was a mouse I just heard. Thanks for a chance to win.

    85. Annmarie Tegen Says:

      My husband replace all our “normal” light bulbs with those new energy saving ones. I don’t care what anyone says, they don’t throw off the same amount of light so I reeeeeally need a Beam N Read, doncha think? Thanks for the chance to win one.

    86. Kathleen Connors Says:

      I like your review of this light, and I’ve read other good reviews–I would love to use this when I do hand applique and hand quilting. I wear glasses, so my eyesight should be fine, but it can be really difficult to make tiny stitches, particularly with dark fabrics.
      Thanks for having this giveaway for a product that any quilter would like to have.

    87. Erin Hutchinson Says:

      I would use this for hand quilting. Thanks for the chance to win!

    88. Bob Says:

      Thanks for the Beam N Read review and the beautiful and colorful photos. And Thanks to all who commented and to Kelly who organized the Blog Hop.