Mar 03 12

Life Interrupted

We had the misfortune of having our car broken into while we were traveling and a lot of stuff was stolen that meant a lot to me.  Things like an embroidery machine can be replaced, but quilts (whether completed or in progress) into which you’ve poured time, effort, and heart cannot.   Remember this quilt?

Gone. Stolen…most likely in a dumpster or ditch somewhere, covered with mud or garbage, because the person who stole it had no use for it. Can’t really buy drugs with a quilt, so what good are they?

I enjoyed every minute of working on this quilt so I’m grateful for that. For me, quilting is really about the process of making the quilt instead of the final product, but my time with this quilt was cut short. It sounds silly, but I have been quilting this quilt for about 4 months now, stretching it waaayy out and only doing a bit at a time, only because I did not want that creative process…my intimate engagement with this quilt, to draw to an end. I know some of you understand what I’m saying. There’s a sadness once a quilt is completely done and I was putting that off. Oh well.

Also gone. It didn’t look like this anymore…I had added a border to it a couple months ago and was in the process of fusing up flowers/leaves/swirls that would go in the border with a few that would cross into the main body of the quilt. This quilt had loads of trapunto work as well as free motion embroidery; I am guessing that I started working on it at least 8 months ago…

All those wreaths from a recent post…

…will never make it into a quilt. Or the many, many blocks I have been working on. Dang, I had just embroidered several really incredible blocks that I haven’t shown on the blog yet and I was going to wow you with a quilt made from them! Too bad there are no pictures of the blocks since the quilts won’t ever be “born.” Tomorrow is new day and there will be time to birth some new stuff. Please pardon my whining; I’ll be back to my old self in a couple of days.

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  1. Sally Bramald Says:


  2. Hettie Says:

    You have every reason to whine, in fact, cry out load. I feel SOOO terribly sorry for you.

  3. Patricia Says:

    How awful

  4. Maggi Says:

    That is just awful. Feel free to whine, you have every right.

  5. Laura Says:

    What a blow!!! I am just so sorry.

    I empathize with everything you have said.

  6. Rosalind Says:

    Feel absolutely gutted for you!

  7. Darcie Says:

    That is so devastating! Your work is beautiful! I hope it is not in a ditch but at least given to someone who will appreciate it!

  8. Maria Elkins Says:

    Patsy, I’ve been so inspired by you. Now it’s my chance to help you! I maintain the Lost Quilt Come Home website, which displays lost and stolen quilts. I would be happy to post the information about your stolen quilts. Just fill out an online report ( and I’ll put a page together for you.

  9. Camilla Says:

    Dear Patsy. I’m so sorry for your loss. As a quilter I can fully understand the pain and sadness you must feel. What an dreadful thing to steal!!

  10. a1angiem Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh Patsy! My heart is BROKEN for you! That is just disgusting and I am so sorry there are those people who just have no regard or respect or thought for others. What a terrible thing and so disappointing. And your machine!!!! and your quilts!!! :( I KNOW what you feel about those creations…and the frustration and feelings of loss and violation. But with all the tornadoes and destruction (it’s just all so sad)I’m glad you are ok and you can start again with some new blocks. Maybe someone will find those quilts somewhere and you might be reunited again! (Or they will clean them off and love them!) We have been robbed so many times (when I was a kid) and I always tried to comfort myself by saying “well…they must’ve been very desperate and needed those things more than I did”.

  11. Sandy Says:

    How awful, Patsy! It’s so infuriating to think that some people consider it to be their right to invade someone’s home/car/office and take whatever they like. And the heartbreak they leave behind at the loss of things that meant something to the real owners is just terrible. Still, thank goodness this wasn’t a case of assault on you and your DH!

  12. Sara Says:

    This is horrible! So sorry this happened.

  13. Vicki W Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. You have great perspective on it but it’s still sad to see your beautiful work gone. At least you and your family are OK.

  14. Linda E in AZ Says:

    Patsy, that is just so awful. I know you must feel terribly violated, and all that beautiful work gone…. You have every right to vent, and we all share your sorrow about losing all those works in progress. Hang in there, and don’t let the evil people of this world get you down.

  15. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of this loss. Perhaps by some miracle you will get them back. If not, I pray the robbers have the good sense to treat them like the treasures they are. Big hugs.

  16. Patsy Thompson Quilts | Lost Quilt Come Home Page Says:

    [...] You can read more about this situation on Patsy’s March 3, 2012 blog at [...]

  17. Martha Says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry and sad about this!! How totally terrible. Prayers and hugs to you for comfort and the hope that they are returned to you.

  18. What Comes Next? Says:

    Oh Patsy! How awful! All your beautiful work – lets hope it is not in a dumpster, but in the hands of someone who will get it back to you.
    Hugs to you.

  19. marlene Says:

    You have every right to whine Patsy. What an awful thing to happen and we can hope that with the word out there they may find their way home.
    Hugs from across the oceans.

  20. Lynn Says:

    So sorry, what a horrible thing to have happen.

  21. LJ Says:

    Patsy, you needed to do a bit of whining; I’d probably be doing a bit of crying myself. I can only hope that someone, somewhere might see some of these things and return them to you even if the culprits aren’t caught – though that’s my prayer.

  22. Amy Says:

    Things like this should never happen. I felt my heart drop as I read. So sorry for your misfortune. A quilt stolen is like someone stealing your family photo album. What is the purpose of this? So Sad…

  23. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    It is so sad that people are like that, why they think stealing doesn’t hurt anyone, is beyond my understanding. Where were they stolen? Maybe the quilting world can keep their eyes open, you never know, maybe they will throw them in a thrift bin.


  24. SewCalGal Says:

    Hey, you are not whining, but you certainly have the right to whine, as you’ve been violated! But, you didn’t say where this happened. Did you notify the police? Local Quilt guilds? Let’s get the word out. I’d be happy to scour the area and dig thru trash cans. Maybe homeless shelters will post a flyer with reward and I’d be happy to contribute to a reward $$$ fund.

    Don’t give up on getting these back. I’d be happy to help increase awareness. Let’s rally others to help spread the word and rally quilters in the area to help hunt.

    Big quilt hug! I’m truly sorry this happened to you. But, let’s do what we can to find these missing quilts & treasures – not settle into instance acceptance.


  25. Marina Louw Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this. If people could just have more respect for other people’s property the world would be a better place. It is so sad that this kind of thing happens all over the world, not only in third world countries, where we have to pay people to guard our cars to be sure that the car and its contents will still be there when you return.

  26. Kathy M Boice Says:

    Our quilts are like family to us and we put so much of ourselves into them. It is such a terrible tradgedy this has happened! I am so sorry. Nothing can replace them, we can only hope they are found and are still in good condtion. I know your heart is heavy. Please accept evryones kind words and hugs! You certainly need them! Hugs,

  27. eileen Says:

    what a misfortune! i had a little set of stamps stolen from my classroom years ago and still remember how that hurt. just cannot imagine losing something you’ve worked so hard on–such beautiful treasures. do hope you recover them. good thoughts are coming your way for that to happen!!

  28. Sew Create It - Jane Says:

    This is so sad…My heart goes out to you and I hope that perhaps they may turn up somewhere in the future.

  29. Cindy B. Says:

    Sometimes we have to whine a little before we stiffen up our spine and start moving forward again. You have every right to do that! I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

    As a side note I want to let you know how much you have helped me develope my quilting skills and how much more I enjoy the quilting process because of it. Thank you!

  30. Mishka Says:

    Oh Patsy, I am so sorry that this happened to you. I’ll help spread the word in the quilting community, maybe they will be found.


  31. Tove Sherling Says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you.

  32. Sabine Says:

    I sure hope you’ll get them back (and they are still in a good shape) The message is out on facebook… Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes from the Netherlands!

  33. Jenny Morlock Says:

    Patsy I am sorry this happened to you! Your quilting friends do understand, this hurts! You have inspired me over an over and I have always been honored to be in your classes. I hope they are found and know us quilters are supporting you!

  34. Judy Simmons Says:

    Patsy…what a horrible thing to happen…as quilters, we form such a bond with our quilts….such a loss is so personal. I’ve heard of lost/stolen quilts showing up so I have my fingers crossed for you…

  35. Julie - Me & My Stitches Says:

    I am so sorry that someone did this to you. Your work is absolutely amazing. To think of all the love and time put into your beautiful quilts to have them taken. I don’t understand people!

  36. Bonnie Hunter Says:

    I’m so sorry — this just breaks my heart and makes me ill! As a quilter who travels with her quilts to teach and lecture, this is also one of my biggest fears. I hope you don’t mind, but I want to help you get the word out, so I’ll do a shout-out on my blog to help make more aware, and direct them to your post.

    So sad — I’m so sorry!


  37. sandyb Says:

    I am so sorry. Your work is just beautiful. I am not a blogger but follow many. I will share it on my facebook page.

    I would be devastated.

    My heart breaks for you.

  38. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Oh Patsy….I’m so very sorry for your loss….I know how intimate a relationship can be with a piece of your own making…it is truly a piece of yourself they took.

    I’ll hope that they are either found, returned or that the person or persons who took them will have needed that beauty in their lives and it provides healing for someone who desperately needed it.

    Big Hugs,

  39. Kelly Jackson Says:

    By the way…thought I should add…

    IT WASN’T ME!!!

    You know I’m always allowing my dark side to play and laugh about stealing wonderful threads and quilts I adore….but I’d have had the decency to leave a note…or some crumbs back to my house.


  40. Rachel Says:

    Every right to whine, not that I think you are! I am so sad about this. Have sent your link to a bunch of people in that general area. You never know what might turn up :-)

  41. LuAnn Kessi Says:

    Hi Patsy…….even though devastating, it would take a lot more than this to get YOU down. You have the best attitude. You also have Ernie, your health and terrific skills to go on creating all the gorgeousness that you always do.
    I am thinking about you,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  42. Sarah Payne Says:

    So sorry to hear that your amazing work has gone. Perhaps someone who appreciates it will find it and give it a good and loving home!

  43. Please look for these stolen quilts « Quilt Notes Says:

    [...] Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Filed under Uncategorized and tagged Patsy Thompson, stolen quilts | Leave a comment [...]

  44. leona harden Says:

    What a great loss. I love your work. Be encouraged, you are loved.

  45. Roz Barrett Says:

    Sad story..I’m sorry for the loss of all that love and effort

  46. Mindy Says:

    The only blessing I see is that the are unable to steal your creativity and artistry. The only relief I can imagine is to start on another quilt, perhaps one that expresses the sorrow and anger you feel at their loss. As my mum would say,”Hugs darling, now go on as if the idiots didn’t matter!”

  47. Leona Says:

    Oh No!! I’m so sorry to hear this! And you’re right…whoever did the stealing probably won’t even care about the quilts…such a shame! :(

  48. Karen Says:

    This just makes me sick to my stomach! I really hope that they find their way back to you!

  49. Anne Says:

    Where was these quilts stolen? Might come in handy to look in that vicinity.

  50. Donna Says:

    Absolutely awful–I feel fo you! I hope you can find them–so sad! :(

  51. The Calico Quilter Says:

    You’re not whining, you’re mourning. And it is absolutely right to do so because your pain is palpable from what you wrote. All of us who make quilts, those very talented souls like you and those like me who do it for love and fulfillment regardless of the complexity of the results, can feel your loss and sadness. So sorry that this happened and hope the support from all these comments helps you get through this.

  52. Mitts Says:

    I lost two quilts in the mail and those losses were felt by me, but to have had your work stolen for what? Why do people have to take from others what they simply cannot earn for themselves, and if it was for drugs, then take the valuables but leave the rest, like you said what good would it have been to them!
    I can appreciate your pain of loss, I sincerely hope whoever it was will leave them somewhere to be discovered by someone caring enough to turn them into the authorities. One can hope!
    What a terrible blow but being you, somehow you will persevere and bounce back and may the person or persons who stole from you feel continually COLD and never feel warmth again. A Pox on them!

  53. Janet Says:

    This is just Horrible! I can only hope They are returned to you. Maybe photo articles in the newspaper will help someone recognize your quilting?

  54. Joana Says:

    I’m so sorry, Patsy, that this happened to you. Some people think miracles don’t happen–and they don’t happen often–but I hope (and have prayed) that one will happen for you and your quilts will come home. In the meantime, I grieve for you.

  55. laura Says:

    How horrible. I have nothing helpful I can say, but my thoughts are with you as a fellow quilter and a fellow human. I am so sorry. I think Of the times when I deliberately put a work in progress in my passenger seat, so that when I got back to the car after a day at (non creative) work, I would see it and be motivated to work on it when i got home. Or, just because it made me happy. I’ve run into other quilter that way, too. Once got a nice note under the windshield wiper saying “saw your quilt- I’m a quilter in (department name)- come say Hi!” No more, I guess.

  56. Rhianon Taylor Says:

    Utterly heartbreaking for you Patsy. I hope they are found and returned to you one day soon.xx

  57. Marilyn S Says:

    Cannot fathom how badly you must be feeling. At lease with getting the word out, perhaps a miracle may occur and someone find your treasures. So sorry for your ordeal.

  58. Doreen Says:

    Mourning, not whining! A heavy sadness weighs on me for you. Will pray for you and the perpetrator(s). They may have managed to remove tangible items but have not taken the beautiful creative “well” that produced all that loveliness. May the Lord remove the heartache and replace it with His peace. Hugs, Doreen (Will post a link to this info on my blog)

  59. Help needed/required…………. | Treadlemusic Says:

    [...] related items) were removed from her car. Please, help spread the word……visit her site here to get further details and share your [...]

  60. Kay Lynne Says:

    Oh no, Patsy, I’m sorry. As a fellow quilter, I know and understand how much work goes into a quilt and I know that a part of your heart is in it to.

  61. Wanda Says:

    Patsy, I am so sorry for this tragic loss. Your work is beautiful and I really hope that none of these beautiful works of art are lying in a ditch. I hope that they quilts are at least being used by someone who needed them. I also agree that miracles do happen and maybe, just maybe one or more of them will find their way home to you.

  62. Jan Mueller Says:

    I am so sorry. i would do more than Whine. I am sure I would sit right down and cry. I will keep you in my prayers. I am sure this loss will open a window and you will create something wonderful again.

  63. Sandra Says:

    After all the time and effort, this is just heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for your loss. Hopefully something good will come out of this tragedy.

  64. Wanda Says:

    I have posted an alert on my block as well, and hopefully if more do we can get the word out and help at least one of your quilts find their way home.

  65. Maria Says:

    I am so sorry. Hopefully with all of our wings extended, the angel may help the quilts find there way home.

  66. Kathy Says:

    Oh my … that is just so wrong on so many levels. Praying for a miracle … and the safe return of your unharmed quilts. {{hug}}

  67. Sherri G Says:

    I’m so sorry. I live in Kentucky, lived here all my life. It shames me that this happened in my wonderful state. I’m hoping these will be found and returned to you.

  68. Wanda R Says:

    I feel for you. I had almost finished a gloified 9 patch (using scraps of my kids clothes) only to have to leave it behind when leaving a bad relationship. Only to find out it was burnt…. I have since lost my son and think of that quilt and the pieces of his clothing. My quilt can never be replaced.. maybe oh maybe someone will find some or all of yours and be a quilt lover and return to you. I sure hope so!

  69. Subee Says:

    I don’t know if it will help but I posted your link on my Face Book page. I am so very sorry for your great loss. It is such a nasty world we live in now. XOXOXO Subee

  70. Janice Dinse Says:

    I am so sorry. The hours and hours of work that went into all of that….it is just heartbreaking. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I guess you have to lock everything in your trunk anymore so nobody can see through your windows! What has this world come to to have to do things like that to protect yourself. At least you weren’t hurt. Were you at a rest stop or ???

  71. Shely Coddington Says:

    We are all grieving with you. A quilt is a part of your DNA and should never belong to another person illegally. Maybe “conscience” will kick in and it will make its way back to you somehow.

  72. Ebony Love Says:

    Oh Patsy! I feel for you girl… I was just so shocked when I came out of my quilting cave to read this.

    I know there is no consolation to be had… but you have more fabulous quilts ahead of you, and I hope that you will be able to mourn their loss and move forward soon. Some people just weren’t raised right. :(

  73. Syl Says:

    I am so sorry. I had some handmade dolls stolen from a display in a fabric store years ago. I thought things were safe in the store. I pray you find some of them. Your babies. Your creations.

  74. Babs McInnis Says:

    I was shocked to read of your loss. Cannot begin to imagine how you feel after all the work that has gone into making the quilts and blocks.
    Let’s hope they catch the ‘buggers’ as we say in England!

  75. Alice Says:

    Oh my dear Patsy,

    I first saw this on Bonnie K. Hunter’s blog… I am so sorry for your loss and the devastation this has brought. I have watched these quilts through their different stages of development. I’m at a loss for words. I offer my hugs to you! I hope they are found, and that they are found in tact and “healthy”.


  76. Ronda Martin Says:

    That is so wrong!!! I am so sorry for your loss!!! It is heartbreaking to have worked that hard on something and have it taken away from you!!!

  77. Debbie Kendall Says:

    I suffered a similar loss about a month ago. While I was traveling in January, my car was broken into outside St. Louis, MO. My sewing machine was stolen along with other sewing items, two suitcases and Christmas gifts. Fortunately, none of my quilt projects were taken. While the machine and other things can be replaced, the theft has left me with such a feeling of violation. Patsy, I’m so sorry you have had to go through this also.

  78. Debby Says:

    I cannot believe that your beautiful quilts/blocks could be in a ditch or dumpster. It is impossible that the love and care you put into these will be unappreciated or lost. I choose to believe that someone, somewhere, who really needs love, tenderness will be blessed with these and then inspired to turn a sad life into something more positive.

  79. Jackie Says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. I would be so upset.
    You did not say where you were when the theft occurred.

  80. jean Says:

    I can’t believe that this has happened to you. We all watched you make that gorgeous quilt. I hope that some how it surfaces and someone recognizes it.

  81. Linda E in AZ Says:

    you might send info on your stolen quilts to Ricky Tims for The Quilt Show blog since it is seen by thousands of people everywhere

  82. Eileen Says:

    Patsy that is terrible. I feel pain for you and the terrible loss. Where was your car when some ignorant person stole these? I just want to make sure I don’t go there. I will watch out for these and hope for their return.

  83. Virginia Tuttle Says:

    So sorry about the theft. Yes, a part of your soul was taken also! I Will keep an eye out here in OR. You never know check Craigs list, too!

  84. Tracy Van Reet Says:

    Just read Bonnie’s Blog and found out about your loss. My heart breaks for you. They are gorgeous! Hope knowing We are all out here for support helps…
    with luv from Texas

  85. Joan Says:

    Thats such a dreadful thing to happen. I know exactly how you feel. Such precious things have gone. I so hope you get them back again ♥

  86. Sunnybec Says:

    Oh Patsy, I am so so sorry. What a terrible thing to happen to you, I know we should say they are only “items” and no one was hurt but I know we never feel like that. We also had our car broken into a couple of weekends ago, in our drive, in the early hours of a Sunday morning…..nothing was stolen as there was nothing in there but it’s taken us all week to clean out the glass and replace the window they smashed, and it’s the feeling of violation that is the hardest to deal with. I live in France …it’s happening everywhere. Linda xx

  87. Beth T. Says:

    Dear Patsy,

    I heard about this terrible situation from SewCal Gal. I want you to know that if these beautiful quilt tops or components ever make it to Oregon, I will recognize them and will let you (and the police) know.

    Like so many others, I can chime in with a story of a car theft. For us, it was my laptop, and they took my precious photos and personal correspondence. How sad I was, and still am when I think of the callousness of those thieves. But to steal quilts! Karma will be a tough encounter for them someday.

  88. Kath danswan Says:

    As a fellow textile artist I was horrified to hear of you loss. Next to my family my sewing machines are my babies and I would hate to have them stolen. But my work is mainly unrepeatable and to loose that would break my heart.I just hope that some has the guts to hand them in to thier nearest police station. Afterall the quilts would be easily recognised so what could they do with them?

  89. Gwen Goldsberry Says:

    What a sad day that someone would steal your beautiful quilts. You do sound like you’ve got the right attitude about the whole thing.

    This is the first time I’ve seen your beautiful quilts and I hope to see some of your new creations soon.

    Good luck and God bless!

  90. gloria Says:

    My heart goes out to you. I am sad for your loss.

  91. claudia Says:

    I’m so sorry to read about your lost quilts and machine. I know your heartful love went into creating your stolen quilts, God is always watching and the theif will have to answer to their wrong doing. May God Bless you with PEACE in your heart and soul. Please keep on quilting, ok.

  92. Carlene Tapley Says:

    Patsy and Ernie,

    I am so sorry that you had to relearn that there are bad people out there. I so enjoy you and your work, as you know…all of us here in Sumter, SC at our Swan Lake Quilt Guild wish you a quick return to your sunny, bubbly happy self.

    Nothing can replace your stolen works of art..I only pray that they somehow find their way home to you someday. One never knows.

    This MUST NOT change you, simply be careful to protect yourselves as best you can.

    Big hugs from Carly

  93. Peg H. Says:

    Patsy, I join your other fans in mourning your loss. Could you tell us what part of the country you were in when they were stolen? Posting that information *might* help locate the stolen items … I think it’s worth a try. Your loss makes me sick to my stomach. I applaud your great attitude!

  94. Sally Says:

    How awful for you. Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Quilts are so personal, wonder what the thieves were thinking. So sorry for you.

  95. Jllz Says:

    Is there a Kijiji in the area your things were stolen? I would be watching there for someone trying to sell your machine. Where did this happen? I would also be checking the pawn shops in the area for the machines. Are you close enough to where this happened to put up “lost quilt” posters the way people put up lost dog posters? An embroidery machine would bring someone quick cash for drugs so I think you’ll probably find it in a pawn shop and then it would help pinpoint where the quilt might have ended up. Probably drug addicts looking for something to turnover quick.
    Good luck! I so feel for you.

  96. SusanBH Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this, Patsy. You are such a wonderful inspiration to us. You have my prayers that you will recover your quilts.

  97. Diane Says:

    I will be watching eBay to ss if they get listed.
    Terrible things happen in our world

  98. Pam Says:

    I can relate – I had a crewel embroidery project I was working on stolen and it was almost finished – left it in my boyfriend’s car while we went to a sporting event. Came out, car was gone, turned up in a major city almost 2 hours away, intact, but my sewing bag gone. I stewed about that for a long time, even though I knew it did me no good. I just couldn’t imagine who would be so low to steal someone’s (obviously) hand craft? But a quilt! You are being very gracious about this – I’d be out looking for that with fire in my eyes…lol Getting the pics out might help – I came across this in a quilting group, so the word’s getting out! Good luck!

  99. Margie Hall Says:

    Patsy, I just heard about this from SewCalGal. I can feel your hurt, as I had a quilt stolen from my car at church, no less, about 15 years ago. I had just shown it to the person I made it for, but it wasn’t quilted yet. I sure do hope you get them back. If not, please make another one of that 2nd one with the scrolls. That is gorgeous. I want to see it finished. Praying. M

  100. TheaM Says:

    rant – scream – cry – fume!

    it makes me furious when quilts get stolen – and scares me, too, since I also teach and often have my sewing supplies and quilts in my car…

    my insurance agent told me to get the extended coverage on my homeowners policy to cover my machines and tools… but how do they compensate us for the loss of our quilts??? they replace the fabric & thread… ACK!!!

  101. Stolen Quilt Alert! | Says:

    [...] see Patsy Thompson’s blog for descriptions/photos of her beautiful stolen items and spread the [...]

  102. Sandra Beck Says:

    Truly sorry someone stoops so low to steal such precious items that mean nothing but money to them. Micro chip all your valuables
    from now on. Probably inside job from where you
    It still hurts. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ALl so beautiful.

  103. Rhonda Gillette Says:

    I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. This world is getting so aweful. The theives will take anything and everything that isn’t bolted down, and even then they seem to find a way to take those too. I hope all is found and returned in good time.

  104. Lynn Kelly Says:

    Patsy, my heart goes out to you. What a kick in the solar plexus that has to be!

    Hopefully with so many knowing, they will turn up.

    We’ll help get the word out!


  105. LOUIE Says:

    usually local TV stations have a reporter that reports on such things with pics…here it is 5 on your side…..try & get them to report on your loss with pics.

  106. Christy Horton Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. The quilts are beautiful, and I know they represent parts of you that you have poured out to express your inner self. God knows exactly where these quilts are, however, and I am asking Him to keep them safe and to reveal their whereabouts to you or the authorities and for their return to you.

  107. Jo Ann Says:

    Patsy, I am so sorry to see something like this happen to a fellow quilter. I am pretty careless about leaving things in our car when DH and I are traveling, but no more. Best of luck as you search for them….oldtnquiltinglady

  108. Margie Says:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of things that are irreplaceable because of the love and work put into them. Thieves dont realize or care that they take more than monetary things from someone. Praying for you and the thief.

  109. Amy Says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I live in Kentucky and I will be looking for these quilts at thrift stores, antique malls, etc. Hopefully someone found them.

  110. Lynne Fishburn Says:

    So so sorry for your loss. I’ve learned so much from you and your video’s that have helped me become a better quilter. When I watch you teach I can see how you pour yourself into your work even when it is a sample for teaching. A loss like this is akin to the death of a friend.

  111. Mary Ellen Tardiff Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. It’s so senseless and those blocks/quilt are beautiful. What state were you in when they were stolen?

  112. carol Says:

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Kentucky is a beautiful state and there are beautiful people there. Bad people are every where. Hopefully, one of these good people will recognize these quilts and get these to you. Prayers for their return.

  113. Estie Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure you are feeling pretty angry right now. Last year I was flying to visit my 3 year old grandson and one of my bags didn’t make it. It’s really lost (stolen). I lost all the gifts I was bringing including a comforter and matching pillow case for my grandson and some “vintage” toys from his uncle. It still upsets me to think about it but I’ve moved on. Got a few dollars from the airlines and made a new comforter and pillow case for the little guy.

  114. Kathy Says:

    I feel your pain, and I’m so sorry…

  115. Sandra Says:

    I am so sorry, Patsy. We will keep our eyes open at Tennessee Quilts. You never know what might happen.

  116. Nancy Rehak Says:

    Patsy -

    That is so awful! I really feel for you!! Your quilts are so beautiful and should be treasured. I hope a miracle happens and they are recovered. You sound like you are dealing with this well and I hope you take this opportunity to make new quilts that are even more beautiful than the ones you lost!


  117. Bobbi D Says:

    Ooooh so very sad! Will be praying that your quilts are recovered.

  118. Charae Hemphill Says:

    Patsy~I join your legions of fans in being shocked and saddened by this theft.

  119. Gisela Towner Says:

    How awful for you! I hope your beautiful pieces find their way back home to you.

  120. Paula Donn Says:

    My condolences, and positive vibes to you that they will be returned.

  121. Karin Says:

    My heart breaks for you. I *do* remember those blocks and I remember how you solicited our opinions, so we, too, are in each one of them. I’m disappointed that the others will not be born (probably), but I’m glad that you can keep such a positive attitude about it all.

    Wishing you the best & wishing your quilts, blocks and machinery all come home!

  122. Bren Says:

    Just wanted to let you know the word is out. I got an email blast from my Guild and got a 2 nd email from a bloger. Let’s hope this helps to find them!

  123. Felicia Says:


    I am SOOO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS! I have two mailing lists full of quilters from my state and beyond. I sent this link out this morning to all of them. As you know quilters have EAGLE EYES….

    One can only PRAY you might recover some of them.


  124. Shari Says:

    Patsy, my heart goes out to you as I know how much of your heart and soul went into your gorgeous quilts. I ditto the other comments made about how people can be violating the possessions of others. Hopefully your quilts will be found and returned to you.

  125. Kathy Says:

    I’ve passed this on to my sister who lives in Kentucky and asked that she keep an eye out. I so hope you can recover some of your beautiful work.

  126. Susan Says:

    I too know exactly what you are going though, I have had quilts stolen from me also. But mine was not a random act which doesn’t make it any better or worse, a loss is a loss. My quilts were stolen by a professional long-arm quilter. I really hope that something may be returned to you. As you said, its really not about the quilts themselves but what goes into them. Your work is truly beautiful!

  127. Claudia W Says:

    I’m so sorry your quilts/blocks and so forth were stolen. SewCalGal has publicized your loss and people will be looking for them. What a shame! My heart goes out to you.

  128. Kathie R Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you put a lot of your heart into them.

  129. Martha Says:

    Very sad to hear about your loved items stolen. I know there are thousands keeping their eyes wide open looking for your things. Hugs and prayers to you!!

  130. Ann Marie Says:

    I have heard a lot of these stories lately of thieves staking out rest stops and hotel parking lots to rob people blind while they get some rest to continue their journey. Recently some friends of a co worker were moving across country, had everything they owned in a uhaul truck with their only car on a trailer, when they woke up there was broken glass where the uhaul had been, that was it. Everything they owned was gone! Both parents and two little kids left with nothing! In the middle of no where.

  131. Joan in NE Says:

    Oh, that just makes me want to give you a hug. I sure hope that enough people have eyes watching that when one of the pieces turn up they can catch the no goods who did this.

  132. Ellen -L.I./NY Says:

    I Pray that you get your beautiful works of art back. I feel so bad for you Patsy but for some reason I feel that you will get them back. Stay Positive.

  133. gayle Says:

    will keep a look out here in florida , have save your page and if i see any thing that look like your will email or leave message . who ever did this will meet his/ her maker one day and i pitty them gayle

  134. Lynda Says:

    As someone who has had two cars stolen, and her home broken into twice I feel your pain. Everything was replaced and/or repaired, but my grandmother’s “Trouser Quilt” is gone forever. She made it from grandpa’s trousers and it was bound onto an army blanket from when he had volunteered during WWI. All of it was hand stitched in crazy quilt style. After all these years it still hurts to think about.

    I am feeling your pain.
    ~ Lynda

  135. JoAnne T. Says:

    Patsy, I am praying that your pain will be lessoned by sharing it with us. This is certainly one instance where I really hope that what goes around comes around. I sure hope a quilter finds your gorgeous work and gets it all returned to you.

  136. Linda Lum DeBono Says:

    That is wakeful and I’m so sorry!

  137. Veegee Says:

    Ouch! I had 3 boxes of photographs stolen once, pictures of my children growing up… it nearly broke my heart. I have felt the loss ever since, so I know how it must feel to lose these precious possessions. These things become part of you when you put so much time and energy into making them. My sincere condolences for your loss! Don’t let it keep you from making more beautiful quilts.

  138. Denise P Says:

    Hi Patsy, just catching up with your blog and am so sorry to hear that your lovely work has been stolen. you must have felt really gutted.I have just returned from visiting my father, aged 79, he was very upset as someone had broken into his garage and stolen his woodworking tools that he has nurtured and used since he was in his 20′s. He trained as a cabinet maker and always kept his tools in tip top condition. He also feels truly violated.
    I am angry that some people out there have no regard for what is obviously very personal property. I am really sorry and hope that somehow your quilts are found and returned to you.

  139. Wendy Says:

    I’m awfully sorry to hear what happend to you! Take care:)

  140. Various & Sundry 2012 #4 | Artquiltmaker Blog Says:

    [...] related items stolen from her car in Corbin, Kentucky. Sigh. Really? She writes about it on her blog. Other artists such as Bonnie K. Hunter are helping to let people know. Spread the word and look [...]

  141. Maureen Forster Says:

    My heart bleeds for you, Patsy. Let’s hope it wasn’t destroyed but someone is enjoying it. Praying it will be found and returned.

  142. Marjory Says:

    What a sad loss! We should all be aware while looking on Craig’s List and eBay, just in case some of your items turn up! I hope that will be the case. Where were you travelling? We can alert our friends in the area.

  143. Donna Says:

    I cried for your loss when I first heard of it. The things going on in this world now are heartbreaking but you give us a breath of fresh air just looking at your creativity and skill… how I wish I had your ability but age takes its toll and I have time to learn only the more simple things with my embroidery/sewing machine. Your designs boggle my mind. Thank you for all you do to brighten this world. I love birds and flowers so you are right on target for me. Landscape would be nice in a quilt,too. Maybe I could learn to do something like that. Thanks again.

  144. CAROLYN Says:

    I was just browsing on your blog, only to read the bad news….that is so sad….try to look at the positive….someone out there may just be wrapped in the warmth of the quilt finding joy in its beauty. I really believe, you have put far too much love and time into your quilt to end up in the garbage!! It may find it’s way home!

  145. Betty Smith Says:

    Found this blog through another website…I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. I understand. Just finished working on my first applique quilt top. It’s not as beautiful as yours, but I’d be so sad if it were to come up missing! Someone out there must feel a bittersweetness about having it. They can’t help but know that the person who made it put their heart and soul into those stitches! Hopefully, your quilts will find their way home.
    Betty Smith

  146. Betty Smith Says:

    PS: I loved the way you used the batik blue as a background and may just borrow on that idea for my next quilt. I need to make a quilt for my son and he loves blue. Had already planned on using the batiks for flowers, but was afraid they’d look a little severe against a stark white background. Your quilts aren’t overly masculine or feminine, just beautiful! Do you mind if I borrow your idea?

  147. Cat Says:

    Patsy, just to let you know, our guild, Gold Coast Quilters Guild, has kept a brief explanation and link to this page alive. We will all be on the look out for your beloved quilts. This crime goes way beyond outrageous, and every one of us empathizes with your plight. What makes it doubly disturbing is that it happened to you, someone whose kindness is legendary, who gives without measure to others. I wish there were more I could do right now, but who knows when and where this reaches the right eyes? I urge all those who belong to a guild to publicize this. Loudly. Repeatedly. This crime against you is a crime against each and every one of us. Patsy, we all send tender “Sister Quilter” hugs to you.

  148. Patty Ashworth Says:

    I was at the quilt show in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago and it was in the show with your name on it. Got an award….did you get it back?

  149. patsy Says:

    Hi Patty,

    That was a different quilt. They’re kind of similar as the background fabric is hand dyed and I used similar colors, but they’re 2 very different quilts. Sadly, none of my quilts has ever been found.

    Thanks for looking out for them, though!

  150. Patty Ashworth Says:

    Just went through my pictures again. It was a different one by you…sorry.

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