Oct 02 15

A New Craftsy Class, Another Give-Away, and Some Drool-Worthy Quilting!

A few weeks ago, we had a DVD give-away if people could guess what my next big announcement would be.  Many of you guessed that the pending announcement would be that I had a new Craftsy class about to debut.  THAT announcement back then was about our new DVD release of “Ruler Work for the Sit-Down Quilter Vol 1.”  Today, I’m happy to say that today’s announcement is for my new Craftsy class called “Ultimate Free Motion Feathers!”
This class isn’t quite ready to debut yet, but it’s coming really soon, like in about 1 1/2 weeks.  I am happy to say that if you’ve already seen all 4 of our DVDs on feathers, or read our book called Feather Adventures, there will be some new info here so it will be worth your time and money.  I’m excited about this class because I think you will really, really, like it!  So, beginning right now, we’re having a give-away of this class and to enter you need to post a comment to this blog posting telling me what kinds of things, in the world of quilting and machine embroidery, you are interested in learning going forward.  I am hoping to use your comments to get an idea of what topics/skills you are hoping to learn/develop, so share, share and share your ideas!  Please spread the word to all your friends as well and be sure to post your comment/entry to this blog post  by 11:50 PM EDST on Sunday, Oct  11th, 2015.
This has been probably the craziest/busiest last 2 months of my life in a long time and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to quilt myself.  Sometimes we have to get vicarious thrills by looking at stunning quilting by others and I am a total sucker for this kind of “eye candy.”  In case you haven’t had the good fortune to check out this blog, I’m going to give you 2 links that will get your heart beating fast.  This first link will take you to a specific blog post of Kelly Cline’s where she quilts a top composed of 20 hankies and the result is stunning!  Here’s the link to that post.  Next up is a link to Kelly Cline’s blog because you’re going to want to follow this talented quilter going forward because her work is lovely!  Here’s the link to her blog home page.
I am SOOOO looking forward to getting some quilting done this weekend so I’m going to get going.  Happy quilting to all of you as well!


  1. debralinker Says:

    BIG fan, signing in to win your Craftsy class!! Your work just keeps me coming back to you!

  2. Carol Muller Says:

    I’m fairly new to machine quilting, but love it! I totally enjoyed your first Craftsy class and will be looking forward to the next.
    Going forward, how about some of your feather designs small enough to be used as fillers in smaller areas.
    I’ve also done only small amounts of machine embroidery, so, for me, almost anything on that subject would be of benefit.
    Thanks for sharing your techniques, and presenting them in such a manner that I find myself thinking, “I CAN do that!!”

  3. Patty Swatzell Says:

    I would love to win a Craftsy class with you teaching Longarm feathers. I am new learning how to use my Longarm and can use any help I can.

  4. Cheryl Brown Says:

    I’m looking forward to your new class. I really enjoy your blogs on Bloglovin.

  5. Debbie Wolf Says:

    That will be an incredible class! I quilt with a domestic machine and I’d love to expand my feather techniques. They’re a little bit, OK, may be a lot iffy right now.

  6. Linda Cartwright Says:

    This would be an awesome prize. Good luck everyone.

  7. Babs Nalley Says:

    LOVE LOVE love your quilting you do such a wonderful job ..I would love to be able to do that

  8. Bonnie Says:

    Your feathers – well ALL of your quilting – is stunning beyond belief! I’ve never been lucky enough to take any of your classes but I sure would love to! I’m new to machine quilting and anything I can learn would be awesome.

  9. Deena Elliott Says:

    All of your classes sound interesting… I’m a painter, crafter, and quilter, but we moved just 2 yrs ago into a new house to us, but older home… It’s been all about fixing / remodeling the house / back & front yard… My poor sweet craft room looks like a large storage shed, but we’re in the home stretch, yes, pun intended… I see light at the end of the small tunnel… And hubby said buy a craft desk & whatever shelving I wanted… So I did… They’ve arrived in boxes… Waiting to be put together… Lord willing, we’ll get to start this weekend!!! :)

  10. Joyce Grant Says:

    Would so love to win this class. I have a lot to learn.

  11. Kay Says:

    Would so luv to win your class. Thanku for the opportunity to win n learn .

  12. Alice Says:

    Would love to win your class!! Always trying to learn more about fm questions!!

  13. Debbie Arrington Says:

    As a new longarm quilter, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to win a class with you! I love your videos ao I’m sure your class will be fabulous!

  14. Sharon Ozereko Says:

    Patsy, You are a fantastic teacher! I await your next class / video with eager enthusiasm!

  15. Mel Says:

    Loved your first Craftsy class and can’t wait for this new one on feathers!!

  16. Karen Harris Says:

    I would love to win this class! I just got a sit down mid arm machine and want to increase my quilting skills! I would like to learn more about deciding what quilting designs to use where – composition and design overall when quilting. Thank you!

  17. Pam S Says:

    I love your videos! And mastering feathers is one of my biggest quilting goals, so I would love to take this class. Another thing I would like to learn more about is managing a large quilt on a domestic machine. Thanks Patsy!

  18. Peggy Moller Says:

    Just learning. Would love to win!

  19. Melody Lutz Says:

    I have learned so much from your videos…keep them coming!

  20. Joan Jaffray Says:

    this class sound fabulous

  21. Kearstie Grenier Says:

    I love your class and videos and have learned so much from them! Thanks for the chance to win another. I would like to see you develop a Craftsy class using rulers in FMQ on a domestic machine.

  22. Donna Says:

    I would like to learn to incorporate all those decorative stitches on my machine into my quilts and to design quilting motifs that fit each project rather than using a common quilting design. I would also like to get in the habit of designing the quilting when I design the quilt rather than have it be an afterthought.
    Hope that helps!

  23. patsy Says:

    Good news for you! Have you seen Amy Johnson’s Craftsy class about quilting with rulers on a home sewing machine? If not, you have got to check it out because it is really great! Honestly, this is worth your time! We also just came out with a DVD all about using rulers on a home sewing machine!

  24. Glenda Taylor Says:

    I have read so many of your on line instructions and would love to win this Craftsy class!

  25. Barb Lounsbury Says:

    I am doing a happy dance to hear that you are doing a new craftsy class on feathers!! No matter how many classes I take, I always come back to your feathers – I was inspired to start quilting in 2012 after viewing your website free videos on feathers and haven’t stopped since. Your feathers are exquisite and I want people to look at my work and go WOW like we do with yours. I would so love to win this class and thank you for giving me the opportunity!

  26. Callista Raisor Says:

    Oh I would love to win your new class to go with the other one I have. Please

  27. Judy Heidenreich Says:

    Your free motion quilting is beautiful. I would love to be able to do this.

  28. Virginia Says:

    Oh, I’m so excited about your new Craftsy class. That was actually my guess earlier. Feathers are something I’m still struggling with when machine quilting. I’m working on a king sized quilt now and feathers will be the perfect addition for the center medallion.

  29. Lynn Cooke Says:

    I love your work, it would be wonderful to win.

  30. Ada Loetzerich Says:

    I am starting to get into serious free motion quilting and would love to have a lesson.I have been machine quilting for a few years but haven’t gotten into making feathers.

  31. Cari Jimison Says:

    This would be so much fun. I am ready to start quilting for two new grand-babies. A precious little girl and boy. Will be checking out your Craftsy class. I have two of your dvd’s for machine quilting and love them.

  32. Diane Evans Says:

    I would LOVE to win a spot in your new class, Patsy. I’d love to learn more techniques for putting in more exciting spines within the feathers. I’d also love to learn different ways to place feathers into unusual spaces. I can’t wait for this class!


  33. Kathy Dunn Says:

    Love your DVDs. I tried and tried to learn feathers and could not do it until I got your DVD. Would love to have this one. Thank you for your excellent teaching skills.

  34. Duane Wiley Says:

    Just love everything you do and your teaching skill is the best. You make everything sound so easy. You are so informative. I guess for a new class, maybe quilting design and composition would be important. I know someone else said this and I think it is worth of repeating. Thanks for the chance to win this class.

  35. Linda Pink Says:

    Love your work and the colors. I am interested in doing more free motion without the rulers and stencils because can’t afford to buy all of those items. More craftsy classes just using simple markings would be much appreciated. Would love to win a free class of yours. I have watched your videos on free motion and love your teachings.

  36. Traci Owens Says:

    patsy- just love your work! My biggest issue with quilting the quilt is choosing what design to use or how to start designing a custom quilt pattern. I do a lot of sampler quilts so that info would be great!

  37. Nancy Says:

    I am currently into doing ruler work on my domestic. I really appreciated your info on the Bernina 830, as that’s the machine I use. Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  38. Diana LaFaro Says:

    I love your books and stencils. I do all my quilting on a domestic machine. Any new ideas will be appreciated.

  39. Lindsay Mattison Says:

    I really need some instruction on FMQ and I would love to do your beautiful feathers!

  40. Cathy Says:

    I am fairly new to FMQ on my domestic machine. Love all your work.

  41. Julie H Says:

    This is fabulous! I love your work. I free motion quilt on my Elna 720 and my Janome myExcel. I have done some feathers but no where near what you are doing. I’d love to learn how to get more consistency and how to mix feather work with other patterns – haven’t had the courage to try that!

  42. Joy Says:

    More ruler work, please.

  43. Patty Says:

    Your YouTube videos gave me the courage to free motion quilt and I use lots of feathers in borders etc., using techniques I picked up,watching you. I was just thinking I need tomrewatch them as a refresher but a new class would be just prefect!

  44. Sandy Says:

    Feathers are my absolute favorites! I’m exploring ruler work right now, but I keep coming back to feathers.

  45. Cindy Lubbert Says:

    id love to try this!!!

  46. Carole Doyle Says:

    I love your DVDs, so I’m sure this will be a fantastic class!

  47. Jackie Says:

    Getting better at FMQ

  48. Linda Stokes Says:

    My feathers look more like ferns and definitely need help. I’ve also started ruler work on my domestic machine and want to learn more.

  49. Kathy Says:

    I would love to win your new Craftsy class! I have all your videos including the new one, have watched them over and over again. I would love to learn more about incorporating background or filler quilting into the whole plan of quilting. I can do the feathers etc but have not yet started doing backgrounds around them. I see glimpses of your quilts on the videos and they look so wonderful! Oh, and I hope you will come out with volume 2 of ruler work, the new video says volume 1 so I am hoping!

  50. Chris Says:

    My FMQ skills are only so so. I am just learning from all of you so anything is good to me.

  51. Valli Says:

    Perfect timing! I’m looking for creative ways to incorporate feathers into an overall quilting scheme. Also looking for ways to use feathers in “modern” quilts.

  52. QuiltShopGal Says:

    I’m so excited. My dream has come true. While I love your PTD DVDs, and your initial class at Craftsy, I’m thrilled that you’ve been working on another class with Craftsy. Absolutely thrilled (and hopeful for many, many more). Woo hoo. I’m jazzed.

    Going forward – I’d love to see you share insights on:
    - More ruler work
    - Machine embroidery, multi hooping, contiguous hooping/borders
    - working with die cuts, electronic cuts, pre-cuts


  53. Frances Quigley Says:

    I want to learn ruler techniques. I also need fillers.

  54. Diana C Says:

    So excited for the new class! I would love to learn more about quilting machine appliquéd designs.

  55. Cindy D. Says:

    I can’t wait to watch your ruler work DVD and your crafts class! I would love to have a tutorial on rulers work which would include what rulers are essential and what rulers are fun to own, and what size are appropriate for my machine. There are so many to choose from!

  56. Heather J Says:

    I would like to learn more machine appliqué stitching and other FMQ to build on my limited repertoire of quilting designs. Would love to win this class!

  57. Rand C Says:

    After years of credit card quilting am finally working on learning machine quilting. Would like classes that focus on design — that gap between “quilt as desired” and needle down.

  58. Rochelle Says:

    Hi. I need to learn to quilt.

  59. Pamela Smith Says:

    I watched the DVD’s over and over again and would love to see this new stuff!!

  60. jamee Says:

    i loved your class on TQS, but no longer have access to it…bring on the craftsy!

  61. Peggy Beck Says:

    Patsy, you are such an easy to understand and follow instructor.. I was hoping that you would do a ruler class for Craftsy. I am in the middle of Amy Johnson’s class at the moment, so I would like a more advanced class that takes up where she leaves off. I feel like there is a need for more advanced classes , and also designing and combining designs in unexpected ways.

  62. Laura Says:

    Love your Dvd’s and would love to win this class. Feathers intimidate me. I can maybe do one, but repeating several along a border scares me. Need to build up confidence. Thanks for opportunity 😊

  63. Janet Says:

    I enjoyed your craftsy class and would like to see more from you. I could use more in the way of design and layout.

  64. Kathy E. Says:

    Queen Patsy, I so adore your work!
    I would like to learn more about trapunto and incorporating it into my quilting projects. Anything you can teach me is worthwhile!

  65. Linda Says:

    LOVED your Craftsy class. I love new techniques and challenging projects to stretch the creative process and expand capabilities and possibilities. Your teaching methods make things easy to comprehend, so we can do more than just the project demonstrated. Thank you!

  66. Gloria Cotten Says:

    I was one of those who guessed you were releasing a new Craftsy course. I am so glad I was not completely off base!! I love being instructed by you!

  67. Louise Says:

    I would love to win the Feathers video. I have taken several Craftsy classes and learned so much! I am really focused on free motion quilting right now and feathers seem to be the most challenging for me. Although I love them, mine just don’t turn out well. HELP!

  68. Cindy Says:

    Feathers and variations of feathers in free motion quilting would be great.

  69. Natalie Rockley Says:

    I would love to understand your design process. Do you design a block, then go from there? Do you draw out your ideas and have the entire quilt mapped out including the quilting designs?

  70. Lynn Says:

    Love just dipping my toe into doing ruler work so think that is the newest challenge for me.

  71. Cecilia Says:

    I would like designs for borders and sashings. Also some edge to edge designs. Thanks for the giveaways.

  72. Dianne Swinehart Says:

    Love, love, LOVE your classes! Sure would love to win this class!

  73. Michelle Bik Says:

    Hello Patsy,

    It is so important to learn and keep expanding our horizons. I am very methodical in cutting, sewing and piecing my fabric together. But if I decide not to add any quilting, my quilt is just boring. I find the quilting touches my artistic side. It is my paint brush. The choice of thread also makes a difference. The size of thread makes a difference. Each quilt needs its special touch. I am able to put other free motion designs on my quilts but I have not sewen any feathers on yet. I am practicing. Feathers are a challenge, and when I conquer the feather, my quilts will go to another level.

  74. Brenda Estes Says:

    Great work! Love all you videos and posts!

  75. Cath Brough Says:

    loved your first class and learnt so much, would love to win this as my feathers need work and seem scary! know you will help me conquer my fears!

  76. Laura P in NH Says:

    I would love to win your Craftsy Class. Going forward I would love tips to help us who would like to incorporate more machine embroidery but who do not have the fancy embroidery machine. I bet a lot of other quilters who fmq on their domestic machine like my Janome Horizon would love that too.

  77. barbara woods Says:

    love to win your class, thanks

  78. Maureen Says:

    love your teahing and would love to win. More on domestic macines and rulers

  79. Cherie Drury Says:

    I love to watch your videos on YouTube and would love to win this class. I love Craftsy classes and think they’re the best for easy and convenient access, especially in the dead of Winter. I don’t have to drive and I can still take the great classes.

  80. Julie Johnston Says:

    My feathers up to now are more like mutant cabbage leaves. Yeah, it’s a look but not quite what I’m going for. Would love to win your new class and be able to produce something closer to the graceful perfection I envision.

  81. Jackie Says:

    I’d love to learn more about multiple embroidery placements and the type of stitches you use for your embroidery designs as well as machine quilting around them.

  82. Nancy Hilderbrand Says:

    Really liked your quilt and your class sounds great.

  83. Sandy Says:

    I would love to be better at deciding how to quilt pieced quilts effectively. Also, how to quilt densely without the quilt becoming heavy and stiff. Like others, I’m a big fan!

  84. Marietta Walker Says:

    Wow, my head is spinning with all the wonderful opportunities that have suddenly come my way. I have just begun to draw feathers on paper and I am getting the hang of it. My biggest problem is, I am out of the sling after six weeks of absolutely no active shoulder movement, but I am still limited: No lifting, no sudden movements, and NO REPETITIVE motion for over ten to fifteen minutes an hour! However if I sew all fifteen minutes of each hour, I can still get in four hours of sewing a day; more if I take power naps in between and skip actually sleeping at night! ;-) I would love to have your class added to my list of Craftsy Classes. They are always great and perfect for allowing me to watch and learn when I can. And it would fit right in there with learning curve. Your Hyper-quilting is awesome and I can hardly wait to use the technique! I so need to get better on FMQ. So count me in!!!

  85. Cheryl Holman Says:

    This is wonderful news, Patsy! You are an excellent teacher and I hope your class is popular! So excited for you!

  86. Pat Says:

    I don’t care about winning, but posting to say that I am one of those who has all 4 of your feather DVD’s, but I still am not getting the hang of feathers (not through your fault – all totally due to me and my ineptness as a quilter). I probably need this craftsy class as well (every bit helps). I try to practice as much as I can, but it proves to be a goal rather than reality. I’m confident that someday it will click for me, and I’m having fun trying anyway. The problem I seem to have is when I return to the spine, I am not closing the plume correctly and getting the nice wide plume shape. I’m not sure if others have this same problem. Keep teaching, because definitely I need it!

  87. Patty Says:

    Great news!!! You’re an excellent teacher. Your work is awesome. Hope I win the class! Thank you!!!

  88. Barb Says:

    I have followed your quilting for a long time! I am a Pattie groupie! Sign me up! I would love to win your class!

  89. Barb Says:

    Opps meant Patsy groupie!

  90. Kelly Cline Says:

    Thanks for the blog link, Patsy! I would love to win your class too, so sign me up. I think we all learn so much from each other. Quilters are the BEST friends to have ;)

  91. Rita McCart Says:

    I have been FMQ on my home sewing machine for almost a year now. I’m still not very brave about my designs but I’m getting there. I would love to take you class and learn how to be more artful in my designs. Thank you for the chance to win. :D

  92. Michele Burby Says:

    New to FMQ so a basic how to class that also allows you to learn some more complex skills as you master beginning skills.

  93. glynnis ballou Says:

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my FMQ technique. I’m sure I will learn LOTS from any of your classes.

  94. Kari Harter Says:

    I would like to build my confidence in feathers as well as learn to
    Gauge what to quilt in a space and filling in areas with free motion designs.

  95. Eva Roberts Says:

    I am a new owner of a longarm and really want to learn how to FMQ. I have tried a bit on my regular machine but still a long way to go.

  96. Kathy Says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway. I have been using some of your designs in my quikts, but feathers is one thing I need work on. I hope to win this class.

  97. Connie Says:

    I LOVE feathers!

  98. Diane Says:

    I would like to learn more about making feather spines more interesting. Thanks for a chance to win your new class!

  99. Andrea Ashwell Says:

    I have learned so much from your feather variations. Love your ideas and it would be great to win your class.

  100. Debbie Roberts Says:

    I would like to increase my confidence and experience in machine quilting as well as learn what and where to quilt in spaces that enhances the quilt top. I am near completion of hand piecing a quilt top of sample blocks and would love to machine quilt it myself. Your work is beautiful!!

  101. Cheryl Ryan Says:

    I learned how to FMQ last year and watched your videos on YouTube. I’m a big fan and would love to learn more from you!

  102. Irene Hendrickson Says:

    Longarmer who occasionally quilts on my domestic. Still learning on both machines.

  103. Terry Rowland Says:

    I can always learn something new I will be watching for the new feather class exciting. Thanks for the chance to win. Terry

  104. Gail bartlett Says:

    Love your classes and hope to win

  105. Ginny cook Says:

    I would love to learn this class. I have heard uou are the best teacher.

  106. Sheryl Says:

    I love love love feathers. I would give anything to be able to stitch them. I am always fascinated on how to quilt anything new. Thank you.

  107. Denise Zapf Says:

    Whether I win or not I will take your new Craftsy class on feathers and I would like to see you do one on quilting with rulers. I really enjoy the Craftsy platform becuase I can watch on my lunch break or when traveling.

  108. Ruth K Says:

    Love your style…would be thrilled to take your class !

  109. Liz Granberg Says:

    What fabulous feathers! I love the Craftsy platform and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn more from you on my FMQ adventure! Thanks for the opportunity to win a “seat” in your class!

  110. Shirley Wahlgren Says:

    Love your Quilting Patsy and love Kelly Cline’s too… I’d love to learn more about whole cloth quilting and designing my own stuff.

  111. Kathy Brennand Says:

    Your work is inspiring. I have purchased your class on Craftsy, Ultimate Fee Motion Quilting and loved it. I would love to win your new class. I love fmq and cannot get enough of watching and learning from such talented people as yourself. Living in rural Australia I do not get the oppurtunity to participate in quilting classes so Craftsy and video lessons are a wonderful experience.

  112. Michela Lex Says:

    I love your quilting especially your feathers!!!! So beautiful!! 😊

  113. Diana Says:

    Love to quilt feathers. Always love to learn more ways to play with feathers. Thank you for sharing.

  114. Sue J Says:

    I am a longarm quilter who needs to do more free motion quilting:) Would love to learn your way of doing feathers.

  115. Linda Hodges Says:

    I have been wanting to try quilting feathers on my sweet sixteen for a long time, but am very nervous about doing it. I have drawn them on paper and they don’t look as beautiful as I’ve seen quilted. I would love to take your class!,

  116. Judy Rikard Says:

    I just purchased a new APQS and am trying to learn
    various quilting designs. I have not yet mastered the feather and would appreciate any and all the help I can get!!

  117. Donna Hollingsworth Says:

    I would love to win this class. I just bought a new long arm machine and need to learn how to use it! Thank you for the chance to win.

  118. Caro Spence Says:

    Would love to win this class. Feathers are my favorite quilting design.

  119. Vickie VanDyken Says:

    I love the giveaways!! I like the new idea of ruler quilting and I love free form feathers.

  120. Jeanie Battersby Says:

    I am currently learning ruler work on a sit down machine and was inspired by your video on YouTube. Ever since watching Fast and Free I have been hooked by Freemotion quilting.

  121. Marleigh Says:

    Living in rural area I find craftsy classes gives me a wonderful platform to learn new skill from wonderful teachers worldwide. I have recently bought a sweet16 sit down machine and would love a craftsy class to help me get started with my quilting on it

  122. Linda Giese Says:

    i have been quilting only about 8 years. Do a lot of wall hangings and small pieces. Usually stipple or in the ditch. Have not mastered the feathers & would LOVE to learn. Thanks for adding me!!

  123. linda newman Says:

    I still consider myself an intermediate quilter and spend most of the time piecing. I want to learn more about paper piecing, applique, and machine quilting.

  124. Lorie bugaiski Says:

    Love your work! I am learning how to use my long arm and any help would be great! I have been trying to do feathers for a couple of months, but still can’t get it. I could ready use this class. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  125. Dana Says:

    I love the way you combine feathers with other filler, looking forward to seeing the new Craftsy class.

  126. Linda Vincent Says:

    I just found your site! Would love to take a class of feathers! I have been trying to do them, but just can’t master them. Help!

  127. Jen B Says:

    Apart from learning how to quilt feathers I’d like to learn more about appliqué.

  128. Sonya Y Says:

    I have never taken one of your classes and would like to learn from the. I love vintage quilting and would like to learn the proper way to do it.

  129. Kathy W Says:

    I have looked at your website for quite a while now, not thinking that I could ever do such beautiful work as you do! Ruler work gives me some hope. I would love to get good at feathers – I haven’t quite mastered them yet. Anything you want to teach is fine with me! Looking forward to your new Craftsy class.

  130. Patti Sandage Says:

    I need all the help I can get with my pringles…oops I mean feathers..

  131. Ann Says:

    Love feathers and you have such great variations and ideas. Always looking to improve, so am very excited about the class. My biggest struggle is deciding what should get quilted where.

  132. Maria Says:

    i’m still a beginning FM quilter, so I need to learn more of everything! I love the way you teach, and I would love to win this class.

  133. Janice Says:

    Hoping to win your class. Love your work and your feathers

  134. LJ Says:

    Congrats! I’m so looking forward to the new Craftsy class. I’m such a beginner at FMQ…learning to follow a design line would be a great help to me. BTW, do you make house calls? Now that would really be outstanding!!! LOL

  135. Brenda Boon Says:

    I’ve got my longarm 2 years ago. And still have not mastered feathers. Love the work you do, and would love to learn feathers.

  136. Peggy Finney Says:

    Thanks for a opportunity to win your class. I just love what you do.

  137. Holly Says:

    I am delighted to hear you have a new Craftsy class coming soon. I want to improve my free motion quilting by learning how to better use the quilting stencils.

  138. Marion Says:

    I love your work and would like to try the new ruler work
    Kind regards Marion

  139. Lynn Cooke Says:

    I love your work. I have always felt that quilting is the soul of a quilt and your work makes my heart sing. I have free motion quilted for quite a few years but have just become the proud owner of a long arm machine. The technique is different, I am sure your classes would help me to adapt. Here in the UK long arm machines are still relatively new and classes are not so common so craftsy classes by you on your wonderful feathers would be great.

  140. Terry Says:

    I’d like to go back to basics. What makes a good backing, using pieced backings successfully, how to stabilize the quilt top, what stitch length looks best, choosing thread, mixing curvy designs with straight lines and most desired, thinking about the quilting line in non traditional quilts

  141. Laurie Says:

    Can I do that? I’d love to learn how!!

  142. PattiP Says:

    I so enjoy following your work. When I first started to learn how to draw feathers a friend gave me one of your videos. I loved it & bought another one. I would love to win this class

  143. Andrea Ashwell Says:

    O have your dvd of yourfeather class and would love to learn more of the design element from you. Fantastic feathers.

  144. Dot in NE Georgia Says:

    I am a beginner at machine quilting and would love to sew beautiful feathers.

  145. Gloria Says:

    I am being given a machine quilt frame that has only been used once. So far, I know nothing about long arm quilting feathers and only machine quilting them using a template. As you can see, I have a lot to learn.

  146. Sheryl Adamson Says:

    I would love to be able to learn how to use rulers not only for straight lines but to be able to create designs on my quilts. I would love to know how to back track over my stitches. Create feathers etc. this sounds so interesting and I’m always awl at the pictures. Thank you.

  147. Diane S. Says:

    I would love to see more ruler work, also would like to learn more background fills. Never get tired of learning about feathers. I have trouble making feathers from the top down any suggestions would be great. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love it. Diane

  148. Rebecca Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new class. I am enjoying the ruler work DVD, I love new techniques….. Thanks for all your videos and tips.

  149. Donna Says:

    You have really inspired me to do machine quilting. I love feathers like you do but haven’t used them all that much. I’m now so now into trying ruler work as I love the look of it as much as feathers. Can’t wait to take your new Craftsy class. Love your Blog.

  150. Becci Lund Says:

    I love your videos and your crafty class. I love to learn!

  151. Pat Converse Says:

    What I most want to learn is how to come up with a design to fit a project. I usually end up using a pantograph because I can’t quite figure out how to make designs to fit specific spaces that look good. I know, keep practicing, practicing, practicing!

  152. Marietta Walker Says:

    Oh how I want to learn. I am so frustrated right now with my shoulder surgery keeping me from really having enough time, but Craftsy class are so awesome. During the down tie, I watch a lot of Craftsy class videos, including the hyper-quilting one and I am so bubbling over with ideas that incorporate the hyper-quilting, the ruler classes, and the FMQ. It does not matter if I win the class or not. I and I am sure everyone above will purchase it if they can. I am so enamored of you and your mad skills, I cannot wait to get there.

  153. Quilthugger Says:

    I love your use of color. I would love for you to do a fabric dying class with color theory, including choosing thread colors. Craftsy is a great platform for teaching. I’m looking forward to your class!

  154. Erzsebet Szalay Says:

    I love your work and your last Craftsy class. I would be happy to win the new one. I would love to hear your method of actually designing the quilts and the amazing quilting designs. Keep up the great work!

  155. Diana Barry Says:

    Love your work and definitely want to try to the line tamer.

  156. Judy Bauckham Says:

    I still struggle with the machine quilting design work. The rulers should help to “divide and conquer” the quilting area.

  157. Kathie Blehm Says:

    I’m a new quilter. To my way of thinking I could use all the help I can get. I have seen your work on youtube its awesome. Thanks

  158. Jane Quilts Says:

    I am trying to improve my FMQ skills on my Bernina Artista 730, and have been looking at using rulers to help, and some of your videos on YouTube. I would love to win your class.

  159. Linda W Says:

    I would love to win your Craftsy class. An area I haven’t seen in other classes that I would like to see in a future class–tips and examples of minimal marking, both within a block and entire quilt, that serve as a guideline for cohesive free motion quilting.

  160. Pat Says:

    Your work is SO inspiring! Thank you so much for making it look easy (so not easy for me!). I’d like to see more advanced classes–not only FMQ, but applique and piecing…love to learn new things! Just wanted to put in a plug for Craftsy classes–if you haven’t tried one, buy this class if you don’t win it! You won’t be sorry! Let’s just say I have bought “several” (50+) and they are so well done.

  161. Nancy Says:

    Just found your wonderful designs. Thanks for sharing your love of quilts. I want to learn more. I have machine quilted 3 king quilts on my Janome 7700. I am in love with quilting.

  162. Debbie Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    I think a class in how you plan out your amazing quilts/ blocks. From a design standpoint how you put together your free motion motifs with ruler work giving them the structure that just makes them pop. You are so creative and always teach in such a relaxed, down to earth style that makes you want to run up to your sewing room and give it a try!!

  163. Sonja McLane Says:

    Absolutely love your designs!!!!!!! I hope to be talented like you. sonjamclane76@gmail.com