Apr 04 16

Not a Penny, but $25, for Your Thoughts…

I am looking to gather a better understanding of what folks who love free motion quilting are interested in.  So…if you indulge me with your answers to these questions, you are eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to our online store that will be good for 3 months from the date you win.  The gift certificate can be used toward any merchandise in our store but the winner pays shipping.
…and now for the questions:
1.  Do you have any interest in possibly moving to a sit-down mid arm or long arm quilting machine?
2.  Would you have any interest in traveling to western North Carolina for free motion quilting classes taught by me if you knew that a sit down George quilting machine would be provided for your use?  (In other words, you would have the benefit of the class PLUS a trial of quilting on a sit down long arm machine.)
3.  If the answer to #1 or #2, is “yes,” what would your top 2 free motion quilting topics be for a class?
Even if you have no interest in a sit-down mid arm or long arm machine, I want to hear from you  because if you have no interest, I want to learn that!  To qualify for the gift certificate, you must post your answers to these questions in the comment section of this post by 11:59 PM EDST on 4/18/16.  Please respond…I really DO want to hear what you think!
In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!


  1. Carol Wallick Says:

    1. Yes I am interested in the ‘sit down’ as a matter of fact I just purchased the Bernina Q20 about a month ago so I guess you could say “I’m movin’ on up to the east side!”
    2. Yes, I would be interested, even a trip to northern Ohio as I live about 90 mile south of Cleveland
    3. Anything, love your ‘plumify’ technique! And even some ruler work


  2. Joan Bruck Says:

    I already have a long arm machine.
    I would not take a class on the George.
    I do like your work but can’t take more time off from day job.

  3. Diane Evans Says:

    Wow! What a nice gift! Here are my thoughts:

    1) I am definitely looking into a sit-down long-arm machine.
    2) I would LOVE to take classes from you — I’d have to see if I could manage the travel from New York.
    3) I love learning anything from you, especially ruler work (and embroidery, if that could be thrown in).


  4. Sandy Says:

    1. somewhat , mid arm; I’ll never have room for a long arm. But I now have a new sewing machine with lots of room to the right of the needle and I’m pretty happy with that so it probably would be down the road if I did pursue one.
    2. I too would love to take a class from you AND try out a George but it would be a BIG splurge because I live in Wisconsin.
    3. Quilting with thick threads; Ruler work.

  5. Maga Says:

    1. I cannot justify a sit-down let alone a longarm machine because I only do quilting for gifts and my own use and have a lovely domestic machine that works very well for FMQ
    2. I too would love to take classes from you BUT you would have to travel to Europe for me to do so
    3. A class with a from start to finish of your embroidered quilts including how to multi-hoop would be great

  6. Lynne Stucke Says:

    1. While I would LOVE to move up from my DSM to a mid- or long-arm, it is not possible that I will ever be able to do so as I have neither the funds nor the room (650 sq ft apartment).
    2. I would LOVE to come to Carolina to take a class from you, again, funds would prohibit it. However, it would be extremely exciting to (a) meet you, (b) take your class, and (c) work with a George!!!!!!!!!
    3. I’d like to learn more about FMQ, and less about embroidery. While I know there are loads of embroidery folks out there, many of us don’t have embroidery machines and are left ‘out in the cold,’ as it were, watching you make all of your absolutely beautiful butterflies. oh, to be independently wealthy . . . :o)

    I love your blog, and I thank you very much for your contributions to the quilting world!

  7. Wendy Says:

    1. Yes I would be interested in a sit down or a long arm machine. Right now I do everything on my DSM.
    2. I would love to take a class from you. If the machines were there set up that would be terrific, less to pack. I’m not sure if I could make the journey as I live in Canada.
    3. All over whimsical designs, not just one repeated. Playing with different threads and tensions.

  8. Maria Gardner Says:

    1: I have the interest, but definitely not the space.
    2. Would love to take a class with you. Coming from NY, so need to find out about transportation from the nearest airport. Could probably apply the themes to my Bernina 880.
    3. Designing around appliques would be a great subject. Also lots of ruler work – love it.
    Thanks for all your great tutorials.

  9. Janet Says:

    I have a Handi Quilter 16 sit down machine, the older version, with no stitch regulation.
    I would love to take a sit down class with you as I love your work and I think the George would be a nice change. Unfortunately, it would have to coincide with my traveling from New England to Florida as I’m a snow bird, fall through spring.
    I would like to be more proficient in fillers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win $25 in merchandise from your wonderful shop.

  10. Duane Wiley Says:

    1. I would be interested in trying one. I only have a DSM right now.
    2. I would love to take a class from you. North Carolina is pretty far for me. Plus I would have to take into account the cost of the class itself, and hotel/food/airline ticket. So, guess it depends on where exactly it would be held.
    3. Filler and over all FMQ. Lite and easy ruler work, especially on a DSM since I don’t foresee a George in my future.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Peggy Carstens Says:

    1) I have an HQ Sweet 16 and a longarm.
    2) I am in Washington state so N.Carolina is a ways to go for training so I’m not sure I would come out.
    3) I would like to learn feathers in a wreath design – harder than you make it look. How to design borders and motifs for different shapes – combining design elements, etc.

  12. Gloria Says:

    I would love a George, but God would have to literally drop it out of heaven! It is just not in our budget. I live in NC so traveling to the western part of the state is a possibility. I do love your blog!!

  13. Pat Says:

    (1) As you know I have an innova sitdown 18″
    (2) And YES I would follow you to the ends of the earth if necessary for a formal class – probably will be able to swing it in 2017 – I have a family wedding in July 2016 that makes this year difficult
    (3) Now that I have a better understanding of the basic free-from feather, my next task is to learn the bump-back feathers and featherettes – a little confusing for me…………..

  14. Sandy Says:

    1. I’d be interested in moving to a sit-down, if I had both the budget and the space. ;)
    2. Can’t do that at this time.
    3. Control, so that my stitches were more even, and ruler work.

  15. Linda E in AZ Says:

    1. would love to have a George. Have watched your quilting with great envy.
    2. might consider coming to NC since I could also visit my sister’s family in SC at the same time
    3. Ruler work would be a biggie. Also I need to understand how to design the quilting when faced with a whole big quilt top, not just a wall hanging.

  16. Lorie Bugaiski Says:

    1. I already have a longarm its a avante 18.
    2. I would not take a class on the George.
    3. If you could do a long arm class about feathers, and fillers. I know that there are a lot of teachers that quilt on mid, sitdown, and long arm machines.

  17. Kelly Jackson Says:

    I have thought about a sit down quilting machine and tested one at an Ohio shop. I don’t have enough experience to know weather I’d be happier with a smaller machine or a larger long arm quilting machine that I could load my entire quilt onto. I would need to do more research to to compare the differences and benefits of each. I’m tickled you are loving your Georges…that is great to hear. I’ve not tried one.

    I probably would not come to NC to take a quilting class on the George….although I would love seeing you there :)

    What really interests me is how you use the rulers and templates to enhance your embroidered quilts. I think a class that would cover your design process would be enlightening. Perhaps a project based class that allowed me to complete embroidered blocks using your designs at home and then coming to NC to learn how to quilt them attractively would be enticing….it would be for me anyway.

    Hope this helps, if even a little bit.


  18. Nancy Runnels Says:

    I am a beginner FMQ on my Janome 7700 QCP and I love it. I am curious about George and would welcome the class. Living in Virginia I could manage the travel. I enjoy moving the quilts and regularly do king size on my machine now. I am looking to be more refined and detail on quilting.
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn.

  19. Tricia Seppell Says:

    1, yes, to both machines.
    2. yes, I live near Charlotte. would love a class with you…took both of your craftsy classes and watch your youtube videos all the time.
    3. definitely more advanced hyperquilting and ruler work!!!

  20. Kimberly Says:

    1. yes to long arm.
    2. I would love to take your class depending on cost.
    3. I would like more help with how to make decisions regarding quilting as I look at the overall design of a quilt and feedback on where I need more practice

  21. Jean Says:

    1. Yes, I’m definitely interested in both mid- and long arm machines. In reality, though, I don’t have the space for a long arm, and even the midarm would be difficult for me to set up right now…but I can dream!
    2. I’ve been to the NC Quilt Symposium before, and I absolutely loved it; despite the long drive from Ohio. It would be tempting!
    3. I would be most interested in learning more about how to design the quilting for ruler work. As in, given a number of different quilt tops, what ruler work designs would you incorporate?

  22. LJ Says:

    Yes, I am interested in a sit-down machine quilter like the George.
    No, North Carolina is too far for me to come.
    Ruler work is my biggest interest. I’d love to know about the math involved in developing your designs.

  23. Maureen Says:

    1. Cannot afford a long arm and or sit down
    2. So, Would not be interested in George class. But would travel to take class from you.
    3. Free motion classes with or without a ruler would interest me.


  24. Millie Rauser Says:

    1. Can’t afford any of the machines.
    2. Taking a class on a sit down would only make me want what I cant afford.
    3. Would love to take a class from you. Ruler work is an interest for me.

  25. Donna Says:

    Yes I would love to see work done on a sit down as I do have one and love it.
    I would love to come and have lessons from you as I love your work and really you do inspire me to do feathers, which I really love. I live Canada so coming for lesson’s I may not be able to do but would love it if I could. Maybe some lessons on Craftsy would work for people that don’t live close to you.
    I also would love to learn more about ruler work as I;m just getting into that. Just buying my first rulers so really looking forward to trying them out.

  26. Helen B Says:

    I would love to have a sit down quilting machine as I do not own any, I use a Juki and sometimes my Husqvarna Designer for sewing and quilting.

    If I won on a ticket, I would absolutely love to go and have one of your lessons.

    Ruler work and also just your methods of free motion quilting would be great.

  27. Diana Barry Says:

    1. I am extremely interested in purchasing a long arm machine. Have looked at several models and I’m not sure which one I will purchase.

    2. If I won, I would love to have one of your lessons, cost would be a factor.

    3. I want to learn more about how to plan the patterns for quilting, methods in free motion, just about anything!

  28. Nancy Says:

    1. I would love a long arm but too $$ and don’t have the room.
    2. I would love to attend one of your classes…the travel is another factor. It would be great if you came to Calif and taught at PIQF or Road to Ca!!
    3. I am just getting into ruler work, and I love what you are doing with rulers and fillers.

  29. Sylvia Earl Says:

    Thanks for asking for our thoughts

    I won’t be buying a sit down long arm or mid arm. I use a Bernina 830 and I’m happy with quilting on it. Sorry, no plans to travel to NC.

  30. Maryruth W Says:

    1). I actually just bought a used Gammill off Craigslist after working with a Viking Megaquilter (9″ throat) for several years
    2). I am actively looking for some kind of instruction to improve my skills, but am not interested in sit down quilting.
    3). Areas of interest are ruler work and feathers, as well as some help in figuring out how to approach custom quilting. Just having the skills isn’t the same as having the design chops to approach a virgin quilt top!

  31. Theresa Says:

    I own a mid arm Babylock. After I got it and started using it I sometimes think I should have bought a sit down since I had learned to machine quilt on my sewing machine.
    I probably wouldn’t be able to go out of state for a class.
    I would love to learn how to transition from one pattern to the next smoothly.

  32. Deb Robinson Says:

    1) I have the HQ sweet 26
    2) I couldn’t come that far from MI for a class :)
    3) I’d love more ruler work.

  33. kc Says:

    1…Since we moved out of our RV and into our home 2 years ago, I’ve been begging hubster to help me figure out how to purchase ($$$) a long-arm and fit it into our home/garage. However, he seems pretty adamant that we have neither the funds, nor the space to dedicate to a full-size long arm. So, in the meantime, I have to settle for purchasing embroidery designs and using my Babylock to do my quilting.
    2…I’d love to come back to NC for a class, but I’d have to see if we could work out the travel. It’s probably not going to happen, mostly because I couldn’t justify the travel cost to learn something I probably couldn’t use (see answer 1).
    3….I’d love to learn motifs that fill spaces, especially those gorgeous feathers!!

    Thanks for asking, and for offering such a generous prize to some lucky ducky!

  34. Julie Hertel Says:

    1: I am looking at mid-arms – just prefer the gliding motion of my Elna 720 so far to the hopping foot. But that’s possibly just because its what I learned on. Would love serious time on a George to reCh a decision. 2: yes I would love to take a class from you anywhere and will travel to NC happily. 3: I would love to learn how to use rulers as well as learning your style of composition. I am always awed by your work.

  35. Gene Black Says:

    1. I am not interested in moving to a sit-down mid or longarm – basically because I don’t have room for one.
    2. Because of reason #1 I would not want to take a class on anything but a domestic machine. Also, travel to NC is not practical for me.

  36. QuiltShopGal Says:

    Please don’t enter me in your giveaway, as I’m more than happy to share my two cents for free.

    I’m definitely interested in mid-arms and longarms, but it will be years before I have a chance at making it realistic to have one of my own. Thus, I’m probably not your ideal target for your class. Still, I love the idea of attending a workshop with you in North Carolina. My caveat, due to the distance I’d be traveling, I’d be more interested if it was 3-5 days vs a day class. Would love to get some hands on class time with you on rulers, would also be interested in a machine embroidery 1-2 day session followed by a 1-2 day mid-arm/long arm, or domestic machine free-motion quilting.

    North Carolina would be fun to visit, as well as the chance of spending time with you. On the other hand, I think you are on to a class idea that would be great to have at Road, or feasibly as a West Coast class/workshop co-hosted with a dealer, who would provide the machines.


  37. Kathy Says:

    1. I have a sweet 16 sitdown machine, which I love. All your DVD’s and craftsy classes translate perfectly to that machine.
    2. I live on the West Coast and regretfully would probably not travel to where you are for a class. (Fear of flying!)
    3. I would love to see more on ruler techniques. In your DVD’s you hint on other filler designs and hyperquilting ideas. You have shown us some families of designs, how about more designs? Selecting backgrounds is always a challenge for me. I don’t have an embroidery machine, so while I like to look at your gorgeous work, I’m primarily interested in the quilting part.
    Thanks for providing me with such a great machine quilting education!

  38. Wendy Dyhr Says:

    1. I have a Sweet 16 sit down machine and love it.
    2. Living in Australia a visit to your area would be fantastic.
    3. I have purchased several of your DVDs and also Craftsy classes. Love them all and have learnt so much. How about you visit Aussie? I could certainly arrange full classes for you.

  39. Laura P in NH Says:

    Hi: I love your blog. Here are my thoughts;
    a) FMQ on a DSM is a tactile rewarding form of quilting and my personal preference over long arm quilting. I also enjoy standing while sewing and FMQ on my DSM ~ much healthier.
    b) traveling to NC would be difficult for me.
    c) I love everything you share on your blog and Craftsy classes. I just need more time to follow through on practicing all the exciting ideas. My DSM has enough embroidery stitches to try more embroidery and certainly handles the FMQ very nicely.

  40. JoanDeArc Says:

    1. I would love to have and learn to use a mid-arm sit down machine! I haven’t space or money for a long arm machine. 2. It would be a dream to take a class from you in North Carolina, but getting there would be a challenge. 3. I would like to learn more ruler work and free motion feather work.

  41. Helen Lee Says:

    I am not interested in a mid-arm machine. My domestic machine does lovely free-motion quilting. I have your DVD on longarm rulers (templates) but haven’t developed the skill I hoped for yet. Will keep trying. I love free motion work and inspiration with that.

  42. Cindy Prusa Says:

    1. Most interested, not sure I can justify cost for a weekend hobby.
    2. I’ve taken one of your classes and loved it. Your a wonderful instructor.
    3. Ruler work and designing ideas for quilt space. I love quilting techniques, but don’t always know what motifs/designs/stencil etc to use.
    Thank-you for sharing your ideas and your blog.

  43. Carol W Says:

    1. I’m not planning in that direction at present, but am open to learning more.
    2. Yes, I’d be interested. I’d love to take classes from you!
    3. Making beautiful feathers and ruler work.

  44. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    1. I currently own a sit down mid arm quilting machine and would love to learn more about how to use this equipment.
    2. I am not entirely happy with the mid arm I own and have been looking at the George. So would I like to use one for a class? You bet I would. As I was raised in Southern Pines N.C. I would LOVE to come to NC for a class with you. My daughter lives in Charlotte.
    3. I have started experimenting with ruler work so would like to explore that more. Also would like to get ideas and practice on how to fill in the spaces made by rulers. How to combine FMQ with ruler work.

  45. nancy hill Says:

    1. I currently have a George sit down and love it.
    2.I would travel to NC for a class (from Michigan). I have never been able to take a class for sit down machines, just for domestic.
    3. I would like to learn more about tension and how to solve problems. Also would like to learn how to fit fillers, ruler work or feathers to my quilts.
    Hope you do this class.

  46. patti Says:

    1. Would love to try a George sit down, but don’t have the funds.
    2. I would love to take a class with you, really enjoy watching your videos. Unfortunately I live in California so the cost is an issue.
    3. I especially like feathers and your wreaths. I have a Janome 8200 and I am going to try some of your ruler work!

  47. Debbie Wassenaar Says:

    1, I own a George and it would be great to take a class on a sit down longarm as that’s what I quilt on( I always have to take my DSM )
    2. Yes I would travel to Wester NC – just don’t offer close to holidays
    3. Help with designing your quilting plan for a quilt

    Love your classes/ video, sure whatever you do will be great!

  48. Judith L Says:

    1. I have an HQ Sweet 16
    2. Coming from northern Maine, NC would be a stretch. We do have good friends in /Charlotte. If I got lucky with the timing, could leave my husband there and head west.
    3. Fillers, ruler work. Not much into embroidery.

    Happy to help!

  49. Joan Says:

    1. I do have an interest in a mid-arm. I tried one at a quilt show in Florida recently and was pleasantly surprised how naturally I adapted.
    2. No, I would not be able to travel to NC.
    3. But if I could, I would like to learn your techniques other than ruler work.

  50. donna Says:

    1. Do not have yet, but will purchase George soon.
    2. Would love to come to NC (from Mississippi) for class.
    3. Ruler work and feathers.

  51. Brenda R Says:

    1. I already have a George and love it!
    2. YES, YES, and YES!
    3. Anything and everything I could learn from you would be awesome. I am interested in taking everything I have been working on with George and rulers to a higher level.

  52. Jean Frogner Says:

    I was planning on buying a sit down long arm, but need a roof replaced. I have a fairly deep harp on my sewing machine so I make do. I would loe to take a class from you, but traveling beyond the Mpls./St. Paul is not feasible. Love your blog.

  53. Vickie VanDyken Says:

    I would love to have a sit down mid arm machine.
    I see there are many of us on the West Coast that cant come to NC. Timing is everything and I might be able to get there on the truck, but then what would hubby do??? He hates to sit and wait on freight.
    I just returned from Portland where I attended a Ricky Tim’s Seminar so I don’t mind travel…but cross country is not an option for me.
    I love plumify and inlineing and ruler work..and and and ..lol!! I would enjoy taking a class from you ….There are lots of us over here….How about a trip to Seattle??? Or even better, Bellingham, WA ????? I am sure that your classes would fill up, no problem!
    Hope our input helps your decision.
    Vickie, near Bellingham, WA./

  54. Pam Marbourg Says:

    i have a juki and i love it. i have tried a long arm and also a bailey which is a sit down 17″ mid arm. i am an appliquer and the quilting aspect of finishing my project is always the one i dread. mostly i would like a class which could help me with texture quilting which would enhance my appliqued pieces and not compete with the applique.
    i would love a class with you. currently i am free motion quilting on my juki with invisafil #138 my version of di ford’s mountmellick.

  55. Charlotte Says:

    I am giving some thought to a sit down quilting machine. I would not have room for a long arm. I live in NC, so I would love a class at the sit down machine. I would love to learn to make beautiful feathers. Ruler work is also intriguing to me, but have not tried it. I have watched a lot of your videos and actually taken a free motion class when you came to my city. Thanks so much.

  56. Cheri Barker Says:

    1) No, I really don’t have room at this time for a long arm or sit down quilting machine
    2) Yes, I’d still love to know what it is like to use a sit down machine…maybe I can figure out how to squeeze one in my small space. I live in the Raleigh area, so would be interested in traveling to Western NC, if it was the right time of the year. I’m an RV’er, so spring, summer, early fall would prove a problem.
    3) I’d love to learn more ruler work, and more ofyour hyperquilting.

  57. Nonie Says:

    1. I would love to get a mid/long arm sit down machine.
    2. NC would be too far for me to travel as I live in the UK.
    3. Hyperquilting and ruler work would be my top 2 subjects. I have already bought your two Craftsy classes and have found them to be very helpful in developing my quilting skills.

  58. carole Says:

    Hi-I do not have any interest in moving to a quilting machine at this time. There is no room in the budget (or my home!) for a machine to be used just for quilting.
    I would, however, be interested in traveling to take a class to learn how to use the quilt rulers on my regular sewing machine. I have been working on teaching myself via Craftsy classes and books, but a class in person would be so beneficial and helpful!

  59. Quiltdivajulie Says:

    1. Do you have any interest in possibly moving to a sit-down mid arm or long arm quilting machine? AM CURRENTLY CONSIDERING THE PURCHASE OF AN APQS GEORGE.

    2. Would you have any interest in traveling to western North Carolina for free motion quilting classes taught by me if you knew that a sit down George quilting machine would be provided for your use? YES YES YES – COST AND TIME DEPENDENT

    3. If the answer to #1 or #2, is “yes,” what would your top 2 free motion quilting topics be for a class? I CONSIDER MYSELF AN ALMOST CONFIDENT BEGINNER AT FREE MOTION WORK – I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE FABULOUS SWIRLS/CURLS AND IMPROVE MY CONFIDENCE IN AND USE OF BACKGROUND FILLS.