Free Downloads

The downloads below are completely free for anyone to use in their own quilting creations!

To download the files to your computer, simply click on the download button link, and your browser will begin the download.


Pre-Flight Checklist (DOC – 2.50KB)

Free Motion Fun With Feathers, Vol. 1:

Bonus Download (PDF – 1.8MB)

Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 1:

Free Motion Fun with Vines and Leaves! Vol. 1 (PDF – 4.6MB)

Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 2:

Free Motion Fun with Vines and Leaves! Vol. 2 (PDF – 1.7MB)

Fast and Free, Volumes 0.5 and 1:

The Loop-D-Loop Family (PDF – 1.4MB)

The Lines and Angles Family (PDF – 708KB)

The Es, Ws and Loaves of French Bread Family (PDF – 1.2MB)

The Golden Arches, Igloos, and Court Jester Hats Family (PDF – 1.7MB)

Fast and Free, Vol. 2:

The Fire, Wood, and Water Family (PDF – 336KB)

The Innies and Outies Family (PDF – 1.8MB)

The Innies and Outies Meet the Grid Family (PDF – 808KB)

The Loop-D-Loop Revisited Family (PDF – 798KB)

The Seashells, Candlelight and Who-Knows-What? Family (PDF – 1.8MB)

Fast and Free, Vol. 3:

Circling The Element Family (Resized) (PDF – 1.9MB)

Improvisational Quilting (PDF – 4.2MB)

Improvisational Quilting (Resized) (PDF – 716KB)

Loosey-Goosey Revolving Axis Family (Resized) (PDF – 2.2MB)

McTavishing ... My Way (Resized) (PDF – 282KB)

McTavishing ... My Way (PDF – 1.4MB)

Revolving Axis Family (Resized) (PDF – 2.5MB)

Rotating Axis Family (Resized) (PDF – 1.7MB)

Thread Fun! (PDF – 6.1MB)

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