Nov 23 09

Let the Sun Shine In!


This is the center portion of a quilt top that I began about one year ago; it is a “fun version” of a sun and this part is actually pretty large, maybe 45 inches by about 55-60 inches. Isn’t it weird how so much time can pass before you find yourself time to get back to a project that was started so long ago? Anyway, here’s a close up of the center section:


(As before, click to enlarge any pictures). The center part has a “ruffly” yarn that I couched around the outer edges. The main body of the sun is quilted in the irregular swirl design and the blue area just has a long string of spirals quilted to fill it. I forgot to mention that this is just the quilt TOP so far and all these areas are trapuntoed. My favorite part of this are all the sun rays. Here’s a ray that is just starting to be developed. Each ray has a wonky-kind of feather filling it and I used a very heavy thread for that part, a size 12 pearl cotton hand dyed embroidery thread:


After I’d stitched all the feathers, I went back to begin hyperquilting them. The first 2 came out kind of ho-hum because I don’t think I made the greatest thread choice. Here’s a ho-hum version using Robison-Anton 24 Karat Gold rayon thread for the hyperquilting:


For all the other feathers, I went in with the “big guns” and used the trilobal polyester Highlights threads that are part of the Super Brights Collection that Superior Threads makes. I use these threads a lot when I hyperquilt vines and leaves, and you can pretty much count on them to really add some cool effects! Here’s a feather that is just starting to come to life on the machine bed:


…and here’s one after hyperquilting. Trust me, these photos don’t do these justice! This is one of those situations where the thread does all the work on a quilt:



  1. Mary-Kay Says:

    You do such great quilting! I had better get busy and start a practice project to put all those videos of yours I bought to good use. You are certainly an inspiration to all us home machine quilters.

  2. LuAnn in Oregon Says:

    Hi Patsy,
    Your bright beautiful colors are stimulating and wonderful!
    It makes me feel good just to view your sun quilt.
    I am so excited to see what you do in the background area.
    Thanks ALWAYS for the inspiration

    LuAnn in Oregon

  3. Lynda Krake Says:


    Love the look of hyperquilting. It really adds drama to the sun rays. What threads are you using in the bobbin to keep the back from getting too “thready”? I realize this will vary depending on the weight of the top thread but I’d like some ideas.

    Regarding background designs, when you do a vine and leaf design, what do you use around it or how do you come up to it yet not have the background merge into it? What DVD covers this area?

    I have Feathers 1 and 2, Vines and Leaves 1 and 2 and Fast and Free 1. Is there one I don’t have that might help with bringing the background designs up to a “pattern” but not lessen its impact?