Jan 28 07

Good News on “Fast and Free” Volume I!

I finally have some definitive news on this second DVD! This past fall was pretty rough. Our editor had a series of unexpected familial emergencies and this kept pushing our release date forward. Then, my dad became quite ill and died and this pushed us back again. I’m so sorry for all the delays, but know that these were situations that were out of our hands. I’m happy to say that the final DVD is at the DVD replicator office as we speak. Unless there are unforeseen problems, (I do NOT expect any!), we should have the packaged product in our hot little hands in 1-1 1/2 weeks! Stay tuned and I will post as soon as they are here! In the meantime, I am planning to dye some threads tomorrow, so I should be able to get some pictures and make a post this week that shows how easy it is to do this!

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