Dec 16 09

Getting Ready to Play

I have a bunch of new feather border designs that I’ve played around with on paper, but that’s just not the same as stitching them out in fabric and thread. So, I’ve been busy throwing together some Amish quilts like these:

cool amish quilt

warm amish quilt

so I would have some borders that needed to be filled. My hope is to get into these border designs right after the holidays are over, so I wanted to get the center blocks quilted so only the borders remained. I wasn’t really thinking about anything other than getting these centers done quickly and I ended up not thinking my thread choices through at all. It started with a bad choice for the center wreath, and then I did the same thing for the corner motifs:

cool amish quilt 1

…and then I used the same boring thread for the short feathers that frame the center wreath:

cool amish quilt 2

Argh!! What was I thinking? Can this quilt be saved?! Stay tuned!


  1. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    Some quilters say they often hate the current project, then are amazed when it is finished that they really like it! This could happen to you!!

  2. Marti Says:

    To The Queen of Hyperquilting,

    I know this will look beautiful when you are done.

  3. Sally Says:

    I see hyperquilting in the future of this project…