Feb 06 07

Update on the Fast and Free Update!

I received word from UPS today that the first shipment of DVD’s will come tomorrow, Wed 2/7/07! I need to watch one disc from start to finish to reassure myself there were no problems with replication, (i.e. could the replicator sneak in a brief interlude of porno between quilting scenes?!) and presuming there are not, (I expect there to be NO problems), then it should be available for sale Thursday 2/8/07. If everything goes as planned, there should be a video clip available to preview on the website to give you a sense of what is covered in the DVD. In a snapshot now:

-Total run time is 2 hours and 12 minutes
– Chapter line-up includes:
Basics of Free Motion Quilting (machine requirements, special feet, needles, tips to make the job easier and stitching better, etc)
Preparing the Quilt Sandwich (importance of adequate basting, how to create a spray basting wall, demo of spray basting a quilt on spray basting wall)
Sewing Machine Tension (explanations and illustrations of how tension is created and modified and active demonstrations on the machine of how to make adjustments)
Let’s Quilt! (getting started, general tips, stopping and starting a line of quilting)
Four chapters of detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to stitch numerous designs from each of the following families:
The Loop-D-Loop Family
The Lines and Angles Family
The E’s, W’s and Loaves of French Bread Family
The Golden Arches and Igloos and Court Jester Hats Family
Adapting the Free Motion Foot (instructions and demonstration of how to convert a closed toe free motion foot to an open toe foot)

If you want an idea of the specific designs that are covered in this DVD, click on the free download section and print out drawings of designs covered in the DVD!

Thanks for being so patient during the editing process and I hope this DVD is as well received as the last one was!

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