Feb 09 07



The waiting is finally over!

Yes, it’s true, “Fast and Free,” Volume I has finally arrived! It took us awhile to get the new video clip up because we realized we needed to scramble and find a new plug-in to let us have more than one clip on the website. But, it’s ready to go, so if you want to see a preview video clip, head over to Instructional DVDs and scroll down to the Fast and Free video box. Give it some time to buffer, (or download) and voila!

Hollywood, here we come!

One Comment

  1. Carole Corn Says:

    Oops, I went over to Instructional DVD’s and it talks about a little black box that we are to click to see the sample from the video, but the ‘little black box’ isn’t there. Also checked in IE and the box isn’t there since I use Opera for my browser, so it isn’t the browser, the box is missing?