Oct 03 10

Quilt Layout Progress and What’s on Sale This Week

I like to lay out applique pieces on my quilt top, changing around flower positions, or stems or leaves or whatever. Here it is with a couple of stems “roughly” in place (I clip pieces off once I’m sure I like the final arrangement, but leave excess until I feel really sure about things.) At this point, I felt pretty sure I did not like that version of stems, so I switched to long, skinny swirls that open up at the tips to “flow” a flower out:

(Notice that applique pieces that are composed of multiple parts are completely fused together; it’s just that nothing is fused to the top fabric itself. That’s the beauty of working like this because you can easily move things around.) Then I began playing around with adding teardrop-shaped leaves. I think they go better with these stems than the original leaves did:

…and yet it’s still not quite right. I think I may switch around that higher flower on the left so that it flows off a swirl from the flower to its right. I’m itching to start free motion embroidering on this top and I can’t do anything until the whole enchilada is fused, so tomorrow will be judgment day!

And what’s on sale in our quilt shop this week? We’ve started receiving some of the hundreds of bolts of fabric we’ve ordered, so we’re putting all batiks sold by the yard on sale at 20% off. If you’re a fuser like me, this is the best fabric for fusing as the tight weave makes for nice, neat fabric edges. On the thread side of things, we’ve got 2 specials this week. All Masterpiece Threads (both the 600 yard spools and the 3000 yard cones) as well as all Art Studio Colors Threads (both 500 yard spools as well as the thread sets) are 20% off. Masterpiece is a very lightweight cotton thread that is wonderful for piecing; it’s so lightweight that it adds no bulk in the seam. Art Studio colors are 40 wt trilobal polyester threads that have a wonderful sheen; I use them to add wonderful highlights to my quilts. Both threads come in a wide variety of colors, so stock up! To receive the 20% discount at checkout, enter the discount code “oktoberfest” in the discount code box during checkout. Sale prices are good until midnight, Saturday October 9th at midnight.
P.S. Wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to move around those swirls? (Actually, it really is tomorrow since it’s now 12:18 am!) Anyway, here it is with that left sided red flower’s swirl moved:

That seems a bit better…now I can go to sleep!


  1. Joan Says:

    Hi Patsy. You sure can crank out a quilt top in record time. I’m waiting to see this one in its final form. I love your new fabric shop. Joan

  2. Hope Says:

    Wow. This is going to be a masterpiece. Now you can spend your time quilting it instead of cutting for days! Can’t wait to get mine. And can’t wait to see how you quilt it!!!

  3. Gayle Says:

    I am wondering how you plan to applique the small flower petals to the background…before the quilting begins. Gayle