Oct 10 10

Smallest Buttonhole Stitch Ever and What’s on Sale in The Store This week

Isn’t this flourish just lovely? It’s from another Sizzix die and I totally fell in love with its intricacy and gentle curves. This photo is part of a new quilt block I’m making and that flower is also from another new Sizzix die. Can you tell that I’ve fallen in love with my Big Shot machine?! Anyway, I hemmed and hawed for a long time about that flourish, worrying that it was so delicate that maybe it just wouldn’t be suitable for a quilt. WRONG!! It took almost the smallest buttonhole stitch that my machine can make, but I finished those edges with the buttonhole stitch below:

(Try to ignore those loose threads-I’m out of town and I forgot to bring a sewing needle to pull threads through to the back.) My machine’s buttonhole stitch was set to 1.0/1.5 and I used Bottom Line green thread in the top and bottom both. You can really see the buttonhole stitching on the backside:

And I also forgot to pack any purple threads to decorate these purple flowers:

Darn! But, it will give me something fun to work on next week! In the meantime, I’ll plug away at my tiny buttonhole stitching…if my eyes don’t give out!

And what’s on sale in the store this week? Everything below is 20% off:
-All prepackaged fabric bundles (checkout those Tonga Treats if you’re in the mood for some fall colored batik fabrics!)
-All fabrics in the “Tidings” collection by Nancy Halvorson, as well as her book called “Tidings.”
Signature Pixelles threads (variegated polyesters) and Signature variegated cotton threads
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  1. Joan Says:

    Hi Patsy: I recently bought the Big Shot and am in need of some dies. I like the “flourish” you’ve used here. Is it a Sizzix and do you recall the exact name of the die? Thanks. Joan

  2. Patsy Thompson Says:

    Hi Joan,

    That flourish is called “Flourish” and it is Sizzix die #656187. I just purchased another cool flourish die called “Flourish #2” and it is Sizzix die #656356. I haven’t tried out the second one yet, but now that I know I can finish the edges of the first flourish die shape, I’m sure the second one is also do-able. They are both really pretty, so get ready to have heart palpitations when you cut them out!

  3. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Oh I love the tiny buttonhole stitch you did. I need to get practicing with that small of a stitch. I love the die and the fabric….probably not surprised one bit are ya!! I just love bright colors.


  4. Joan Says:

    Patsy, thank you for the info. Joan

  5. Wanda Says:

    Hello Patsy,
    Thank you for your great talent, you have a golden heart, you’re wonderful Art. who shares her technique works with all people, and it is Beautiful and human.
    Patsy, you’re on my blog, I warmly greet,

  6. Elaine Says:

    Can you tell me if your 8-series machine has been difficult about Bottom Line thread? I like to use Bottom Line in my bobbin and Aurifil or Mettler for the top thread (most for FMQ) but I have not been able to achieve good tensions for a perfectly balanced stitch. When I change directions, the bobbin thread shows. Any tips?