Oct 14 10

Furiously Sewing Away!

I’ve been racing to finish all the free motion embroidery to finish the applique edges on this quilt top. The photo above is of part of the swirl stem with a few leaves. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but my aim is to always not match my thread color to the background fabric, since this is a place for your thread work to add some pizzazz to the quilt. It’s easier to see this in the yellow sizzix flower I was working on yesterday:

The pebbling in the center was stitched in an olive green rayon thread and the decorative thread work in the small red petals was a solid gold rayon thread. Here’s a shot of the edge finishing in the outer yellow petals:

…and that was stitched using a variegated green rayon thread. These large flowers are all trapuntoed, so here’s what the backside of that flower looks like now:

And here’s the center of the last flower. Notice that I quilted it using a design that you’d never actually see in a flower. This quilt is all about having fun and being whimsical, so I’m not worried about doing anything here literally:

And here’s the last flower totally finished. I love how those outer petals look with the lavender thread edging:

I’ve added the borders to this quilt and now I need to add a couple of butterflies and embroider them. I’m racing to get the top completed by the weekend so I can baste it into the final quilt sandwich and start quilting away… wish me luck!

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  1. Linda McNeely Says:

    I loveeeeeee your work! It is absolutely gorgous! I have a pfaff too and would love to learn to stipple quilt” Do you have any suggestions on what to do and what not to do?