Oct 15 06

Using Metallic Threads

Avoid frustration with metallic threads by:

  • Lowering your top tension
  • Using either a Metallica or Topstitch needle (these have larger eyes and are less likely to produce shredding)
  • Lubricate your thread spool with a few rows of “Sewer’s Aid”, which is liquid silicone. It will help the metallic thread flow more smoothly through the machine parts and should not “gum up” your machine.
  • Use a smooth thread in your bobbin, like lingerie thread or bobbin fill thread, and this will not “grab at” the metallic thread like a furry cotton thread would, and this thereby reduces your risk of thread shredding.

One Comment

  1. Linda Says:

    Hii, Does sewers aid stain the thread left on the spool? Also do you put it onto the spool each time you use the thread? Thanks