Apr 04 11

Dancing Feathered Star Quilt

Do you remember this quilt top from several posts ago? I have so many tops to get quilted in time for quilt market that I sent it to a longarm quilter to get it quilted. I know, I know…why is someone who loves machine quilting sending out a top for another quilter to finish?! It’s all about the time crunch and I am digging my way out of all the projects that need to be finished ASAP for quilt market, and trust me, I have a big stack of tops that I’m quilting myself! But back to our story…I met Lisa Burmann of Burmann Studios online and she was kind enough to work me into her schedule. Check out the beautiful job she did on the Dancing Feathered Star quilt:

Wow! I love how much texture she has created with her quilting; it makes me just want to touch this quilt all over! Here’s a closeup of the center:

She’s done some very dense quilting right by all the appliqued shapes and this makes those appliqued shapes appear more prominent, or protrude out a bit. As you move away from the applique, you can see the quilting is still dense, but not as much. The freehand design she stitched is kind of a cross between flowers and plumes and it looks just great! Here’s a close up of a star section:

Because she used a double layer of a wool batting, it almost looks like the stencil work is trapuntoed, but it’s not. To me, this kind of quilting really makes a very basic quilt look much more sophisticated than it really is. Remember, this quilt was quickly created by using fusible applique. Here are 2 more shots, each shot from the side in the hopes that the texture might be more obvious:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa! This pattern will be available for purchase this spring!


  1. Brita Says:

    I’d be so totally stressed to quilt something for you. She did a great job, and the whole thing is beautiful!

  2. Claire Pereira Says:

    OMG!!! She did a beautiful job!!! You showed one of her other quilts on her long arm in a previous post and I am sooo in awww of her work!
    Makes this quilt look soooo yummmy!

  3. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Wow, you both have done such beautiful work. I love the quilting….I’m so glad you found someone to help out. I can’t wait to see all your new designs that are coming out.


  4. leeanne Says:

    Really beautiful.How do you get such good photo’s of your quilting? I find it difficult sometimes

  5. Mary Stori Says:


  6. Mandy M Says:

    Lisa’s work is outstanding. I don’t think I would of thought to double the wool batting. It’s nice to see how others do their work and pick up those ideas for later use. Thanks for sharing. Wished I could see it in person.

  7. Debbie Alexander Says:

    Have you recently recommended a site that does a free motion design on a daily basis. Sorry I wouldn’t ask you but you’ve been so free with advise….you are my hero in the quilting business!!! I can only hope to take bits and pieces away from your blog…..I know tiny baby steps!!

  8. Jean Says:

    Wow…it’s beautiful! I definitely see an attempt with double-layered wool batting in my future! Thanks.

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