Apr 18 11

“Feather Reflections” Quilt

I feel as if I’m working 24 hours a day to get things done for Quilt Market, and yet, I am always waaayyy behind! This quilt is for another pattern. I made the top but only did a teeny tiny part of the quilting. I’ll show you my measly contribution when we get to that photo! This quilt was quilted by Chrystal Smythe of Long Arm Lyrics. She did a wonderful job! This is the 2nd quilt I sent to a long arm quilter to help me out with Quilt Market and I’m so glad that she and Lisa helped me out!

Here’s a closeup of the main blocks:

…I really like those feather applique blocks! My only contribution to the quilting was the trapuntoed 4-patch blocks:

…and they are my least favorite part of the quilt! I quilted the trapunto layer when it was a top and then outlined those feathered wreath parts with invisible thread once the rest of the quilting was done. (It turns out that most long armers don’t like using invisible threads because the high speed of the machine causes it to break. I never knew that before!) I really like the way she quilted the borders:

…and I like the design in those side-setting triangles as well! And before I go, here’s a look at how the corners are constructed:

Can you tell I love feathers?!


  1. leeanne Says:

    i think you do have a thing for feathers!!! He, he, he.
    Beautiful design and quilting.Have fun at salt Lake.

  2. Kay Lynne Says:

    Your quilt is really beautiful! It’s neat to see the feathers in fabric instead of quilted. There’s a whole different visual effect–thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Leslie Says:

    Patsy… and your love of feathers is EVIDENT. What a beautiful result! The quilting is most excellent from the both of you and a terrific collaberative effort! Still looking forward to using those feather dies! “Die on!”

  4. What Comes Next? Says:

    I’m with you on a love of feathers, and this quilt is another beauty! A splendid job on the quilting, too. I do like the border quilting pattern that was used.

  5. Brita Says:

    Just lovely. You’re very lucky to find someone to quilt for you, who can do justice to your beautiful quilts and have the same “look” as you do.

  6. Claire Pereira Says:

    I love this quilt!
    The quilting is fabulous….I can see that the border is a continuous design, and it looks so complicated. Chrystal did a great job!

  7. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I just love the combination of blue and white, along with the fabrics and quilting, it is gorgeous.


  8. SewCalGal Says:

    Brilliant quilt design, colors, balance and beautifully quilted too.

    I may have missed something. Are you going to have a booth at Quilt Market? I’m working on a pre-QM post and would like to include you if you are.


  9. Bonnie Moss Says:

    This is so beyond anything that is out there. I can’t wait for the dies. Go girl!

  10. Mandy M Says:

    Patsy, I too love feathers. I’m trying to improve on mine after watching your quilting video. Now I’m soo wanting those applique feathers! Your quilters done a wonderful job, so pretty and elegant.

  11. Pat M Says:

    Never thought I would buy a Sizzix—never say never! Bought one and can hardly wait for your dies to be available. I have so many new ideas now for quilts. Thanks for your inspirations.

  12. Pat Kellerman Says:

    Love Love this quilt You are fabulous Patsy

  13. Anna Says:

    Bravo! This quilt is stunning! When can we expect to find a pattern for it on your website?

  14. Jacqueline Powell Says:

    Hello Patsy,
    I viewed your ginko leaves quilt video and have a question. After the leaves have been embroidered, do you turn over the material and remove all the fusion material–does this include removing the under red/gold cloth that the leaves are attached to? I know it sounds a bit what–but I would like to try your process on other art forms and appreciate your addressing this question. Thank you for your time, Jacqueline