Apr 27 11

Amish Feathered Wreath Quilt

I finished this quilt awhile ago but never got around to posting it. The center block is the same as the blocks in the Night and Day Quilt:

but this Amish quilt uses the feathers to create a border design as well. I also quilted this one a bit differently. When I showed a closeup of some feather in-lining on the Night and Day quilt like this:

Claire asked:

On close-up looks like you stitched inside and outside each plume design….did you break thread each time??? That would be an awful lot of thread breaks!!! But that’s what it looks like… hmmmmm…curious minds want to know.

When I quilted the Night & Day quilt, I free motion embroidered each of the feathers/plumes with Invisifil thread before the blocks were even pieced together, and then I stitched outside the feathers/plumes with invisible thread once the quilt was in the final quilt sandwich. My reasoning was that I thought it would make the feathers and plumes more prominent than if I’d waited and just stitched inside the applique edges once it was in the final quilt sandwich. I wasn’t too impressed with this effect, so when I stitched the Amish Feathered Wreath Quilt, I didn’t do anything until it was in the final quilt sandwich, and then I stitched just inside the applique shapes with Invisifil thread:

I think that photo shows me that my extra work wasn’t really worth the effort! Here are some other shots from this quilt:


  1. Alice Says:

    Patsy, it looks great! Your thread colours really make the quilting pop, not overstated, but definitely compliments the quilt itself.


  2. SewCalGal Says:

    Spectacular quilt. Delightful on the mind’s eye.
    I hope you are taking it to show at Quilt Market. Love it!


  3. Claire Pereira Says:

    I adore this quilt!!! Everything about it speaks to me… from the feathered patterns quilted, to the bright color contrast fabrics, to the appliques….the “curvyness” of the quilting designs, against the squareness of the quilt…LOVE IT!

  4. Kelly Jackson Says:

    The InvisiFil is perfect for what you do….I love it. Thanks for introducing me to InvisiFil 🙂


  5. Mandy M Says:

    I really like all the different colors you’ve used on the quilting. A bold step for me to even think about. Just beautiful!