Aug 23 11

Everything’s Happening…

…except sewing!  Dang, it has been hard to find any time to quilt for the last 2 weeks!  I have made just the teeniest little bit of progress on my tulip quilt, finishing up most of the trapunto and free motion embroidery on these blocks:

I’ve been using wool batting on the tulips. Here’s a shot of the backside of a block before I’ve cut away the excess batting:

And here’s a shot after it’s been trimmed:

The thing to notice is there are 2 weights of batting (the thick wool behind tulips and an ultra-thin polyester behind the feathers) and also that I didn’t trim the feather batting very closely. I’m thinking that because this batting is so thin, it really won’t matter…we’ll see! Here’s what a typical tulip looks like once the edges are finished with the EKG-edge finishing design:

I always try to use a thread color that doesn’t match the fabric and I always use a shiny thread, either a rayon or a polyester. That little bit of sheen makes all the difference! Here’s a closeup of a tulip stem; these are free motion embroidered but not trapuntoed:

Starting this weekend, I should really have some good chunks of time to quilt, so hopefully, there will be some good posts coming up!


  1. Claire Pereira Says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way of quilting…Looking forward to seeing your progress….
    Question: Why do you seem to always use wool batting? Is it a loft thing? A density thing?
    Or just a preference?

  2. Kay Lynne Says:

    I haven’t done much quilting, but still having fun 🙂 Mom is doing great!