Jul 03 07

Check Out This Quilter’s Feathers!

If you want to see some beautiful featherwork, visit Sally Bramald’s blog at:
Her last 2 posts show pictures of really lovely, voluptuous feathers she has created playing around with the Free Motion Fun…With Feathers! DVD. If you look at her earlier posts, (and you SHOULD!! This lady is one great quilter!!!), you’ll see that she was stitching beautiful feathers before she watched the DVD as well! My favorite part of her post is the line about being so excited by the fireworks feather that she took that fireworks quilt sandwich to bed with her and then could not sleep! How many of us have quilted part of a quilt and been so stimulated by it that we carry the darn thing around with us just so we can be near it?!! I know I sure have!

This brings up a good point that can help us all. What all of us bloggers are doing is publishing an online journal, with words and pictures, that describe and document the processes that we go through to create arts and quilts. If you haven’t taken the time to surf these quilting blogs, allow yourself the luxury of doing so because it is FASCINATING to see how other quilters work, to view the steps they go through both physically and mentally, to arrive at a finished product. Most of us spend most of our quilting time working in solitude and the internet has provided a way for us to glimpse into other quilters’ studios and other quilters’ creative minds. There is something so reassuring and so “bonding” about reading the frustrations and excitement that another quilter experiences. There are tons og blogger rings out there but if you are unfamiliar with them, scroll to the bottom of this home page and you will find the button for the Artful Quilters Web Ring. If you click on previous, next, or random, it will take you to another blog on this ring and once you’ve read that blog, use the button to surf to another blog. As you surf, you’ll see that many bloggers have buttons for multiple rings, so try clicking into some of these rings as well. Am I a computer geek? No. Do I have time to spend surfing blogs? No, but I am now making time because what i have learned in reading some of these blogs has been invaluable. Try it, you may just like it!


  1. Heather Says:

    Hello, I actually found your blog via Sally’s and I agree she is a great machine quilter. I really enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for being so generous in sharing your photos and ideas with us all. Absolutely gorgeous machine quitling and dyeing of fabric. Now off to order your DVD!

  2. Ferret Says:

    HI, she was also so excited she called me to look at her feathers. Then I got so excited I had to buy DVD’s. Yup blogs are great for sharing the joy of our craft. I love them.