Jul 07 07

A Few Things and Some Pictures

First off, treat yourself to another trip to Sally’s blog at:
You have got to see what Sally’s up to now…this girl has definitely got a major thing going on with her feathers!! I don’t know about you guys, but I am now adding her to my daily blogroll of blogs to check out REGULARLY! Isn’t this so wild that we can peak into other quilters’ studios who are working half a world away?! Thank goodness for the internet!

This has been the oddest week for me. We are in NC and when I came down here, I had about 16 different quilting projects that I was working on. Normally, I have about 6-7 projects going at once and this has worked well for me for years; it’s enough variety to keep me stimulated all the time but not so much that I am overwhelmed. Well, I guess I’m officially overwhelmed! My thinking has been so diffuse and I’m really having a hard time being able to focus on any one of these projects long enough to make some real headway. Finally today I made a bit of headway on one quilt. I am making this one to study different types of vines. This first area is one I call the whimsical vine:


Below is what it looks like in the corners. It’s a bit easier to see here since there’s a better contrast color-wise:


If you’ve done the feathers DVD, you’ll note the similarities between it and the whimsical feather. Here it is again with the background quilted:


The next border on the quilt has a different type of vine. Here’s a look before the background is quilted:


And this is this section with the background quilted:


Now here is where I need some help! Check out this corner shot in the light green fabric. You can hardly see the hyperquilting because the fabric and thread have next to no contrast:


Now this is my dilemma…I need to create contrast, so I am thinking of outlining all the green hyperquilted areas with a gold thread, but I’m worried this is going overboard. I can’t do the background quilting until I make this decision, so any help would be most appreciated!

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  1. Sally Bramald Says:

    My first impression was I preferred the first one mainly because I thought those little tendrils in the 2nd one would be lost with background quilting but having seen how you handle the background to make them stay as an entity, I’m more impressed by the 2nd one.
    Please stop giving me new roads to go down, my brain might overload……… and I really should be working on my heirloom wholecloth…..