Nov 05 12

A Little of This and a Little of That

Do you ever go through periods where your work is kind of all over the place?  That’s how I am feeling lately.  I was ready to make my feather borders for my Christmas quilt on Sunday when I suddenly realized that I didn’t have enough of the fabric I’d planned to use for the feathers.  I always kick myself when that happens and yet, it seems to keep happening!  I didn’t have any great options but needed to move forward so I started cutting feathers to audition.  I cut these using my Sizzix Big Shot:

I laid out a number of different greens against the background and ended up choosing this color (there are more feathers in the actual border than this but I didn’t want to waste fabric by cutting many before I’d decided what I would be using):

There is a narrow border that has yet to be added to this quilt before the feather border, but I needed to begin the machine embroidered applique for the feather border since it would take awhile.  I also spent some time working on another quilt whose blocks are laid out on this bed:

(That feather border at the top was not made for it; I’m not sure why it’s even on that bed!)  So, you see what I mean…lots of little headway into multiple projects.

On another note, I’ve had a number of people ask me about our “warehouse.”  I call it a warehouse because it’s where we warehouse products, but it’s not really a warehouse and is much nicer than a warehouse.  It’s actually 2 business condos that were finished as 1 unit. The first floor is the main floor and the second floor is where the business office is.  There are many quilts hanging from the 2nd floor down into the high ceilings of the first floor:

There are enough quilts hung there that I can’t get them all in the photo!  Here’s a couple more in a different area (and you can see a white wreath quilt on a completely different wall if you look to the far left):

The best part is upstairs because it’s now looking kind of like a gallery up there.  I still have some empty wall space to fill, but things upstairs are shaping up nicely.  If you’re standing on the first floor looking up the stairs, you kind of get a sense that there’s something interesting going on…

Yes, there are a lot of stairs!  But once you walk up to the top, you start to see some colorful art quilts on the walls!  There’s enough on the walls that I can’t get it all in one shot, so here are the first 2 panels that you see at the top of the stairs:

These first 2 panels hold quilts by Melody Johnson-don’t you just love her sense of color and design?  Here’s a closeup of panel 1:

…and here’s panel 2:

Next up are panels 3 and 4, and these were both made by Brooke of Bethany Studios:

Brooke also has a really wonderful sense of color and design!  Next up are panels 5 and 6, also made by Melody Johnson:

…and then there’s a nice expanse of blank space, just waiting to be filled.  At the end of the business office is a smaller panel holding 2 quilts by Robin Ferrier:

I just love having all these colors around-very stimulating.

Here’s a long shot of some of them from one end:


And one more thing before I get to bed…did you know that this week is Sew Cal Gal’s Blog Hop for machine embroidery enthusiasts?  If there’s any part of you that’s interested in learning about MEA, be sure to check out this hop and you can start by visiting Marjorie Busby’s blog, where you may just win yourself some free digitized designs!

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  1. Phil Thomas Says:

    I love your ‘warehouse’ – it looks like a great place to work. Thanks for giving us a peek

  2. Doreen Says:

    Awesome tour!!! Gorgeous quilts!! Looks to me like that color choice will work just fine (not always able to tell with photo colors!). Lovely.

  3. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I love the space, great place to work in and beautiful area to display your quilts.


  4. Betty Jo Says:

    Wow! What a delight. You should charge admission. 😀 I also love the work you are doing now. It makes me wonder what you would do with a black star filled sky. (Guess why I want to know). LOL