Jun 16 13

New Quilted Tote


I made a new tote bag about a week  ago and it went together pretty quickly.  It was the first time I’ve ever used those magnetic snaps for closure and I couldn’t believe how easy they are to install!  I had fun quilting the front and back but the photos of the front sides don’t really show the quilting all that well:
Here are a couple closeups of sections:
This photo of the batting side (before I had added the lining) shows the quilting of the front side better:
For the backside, I divided up the large square shape into 8 symmetric quadrants and traced the same spine guideline (mirror-imaged) into each section.  Here’s a shot of the batting side once 4 of the 8 quadrants were stitched:
…and here’s a shot of what 1 quadrant looks like after both mirror image feathers have been stitched:
…and here’s what they looked like after all 8 feathers had been stitched:
This is the first tote bag I’ve made that didn’t have a boxed bottom and I worried that it wouldn’t hold much because of that, but it’s been pretty user-friendly for me so far.  I may try making another of these without quilting to see how it works.  Personally, I like bags that have a lot of body but so many people don’t like machine quilting and opt for unquilted bags that I think I need to see if they really work.  Report to follow…

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  1. Becki Says:

    Patsy, this is beautiful. One cannot have too many totes!!! Your feathers blow me away.

  2. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I really love how that came out, something I would like to try.


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