Nov 14 13



Look what was waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work this evening….
Yee-gads! This is all the thread I purchased a couple weeks ago when BFC stash had a 50% off sale to celebrate their anniversary! Can’t wait to dig into it!
And in other news, here are a couple photos our neighbors in Asheville sent us of a bear that’s hanging out in our yards:
Kinda makes you think twice about going for a walk…
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  1. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Love bears and typically you have nothing to fear…just watch out for Momma’s and their babies.

    Ok now….only because I care about you will I bother to mention that they have 12 step groups for “some” people with these type of issues..that is a ton of thread!!!


  2. Hannele Says:

    I totally understand you: who could resist an offer like that 😉

    Bears look cute, but I wouldn’t want to bump into them on my daily walk… Eventhough the bear might be even more frightened than me…

  3. Peggy Says:

    I came upon our local bears (mama and 2 cubs, looking equally as roily poly as yours looks) crossing Ox Creek on a blind curve. Very exciting.

    Nice thread stash!