Nov 17 13

Water Lilies

I started playing with a stylized water lily design this weekend.  These are made by using 3 sizes of leaves from the Appli-K-Kutz Leaves 2 die.  There are 2 versions of this design and they differ only in the configuration of the stamen portion of the design.  I wasn’t very happy with my first rendition of version B below:
What bothered me about it was the overdone stitching in the outer leaves.  I think the candlwicking was too over-the-top and my thread choice was so loud that the flower was just garish.  To me, the stitching is too “heavy” for the kind-of delicate flower.  When I went to stitch out version A, I deliberately left out the candlwicking and liked that one much better:
Don’t you like the veining in the leaves better without that heavy outline stitching?  This is one of the things I like about MEA; you have the ability to choose which stitching sequences you want to skip.  Here’s a shot of version B with just edge finishing and no internal stitching of any kind:
…and here it is with some internal designs but no candlwicking around the leaves at the bottom:
It was really fun today to be in my sewing room stitching away.  Stay tuned later in the week for a posting on how to turn a block design into a border design!
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  1. Kelly Jackson Says:

    Yep, I agree with you, the last one is my favorite and the other stitching looked very heavy.


  2. Patsy Thompson Designs, Ltd. » Rulers, Templates, Laser Cut Applique and More! Says:

    […] Water Lilies […]

  3. Roberta J. Says:

    As a longtime quilter, I’ve always thought “less is more”. I like the ones with less stitching. Your work is beautiful, Patsy.