Feb 21 14

Building a Machine Quilting Design

The last 2 MEA blocks that I’ve designed, I also designed some free motion quilting (that can be done on the embroidery machine) to go inside the “empty spaces” of the block.  In each of these cases, the FMQ design can also be stitched on a block just by itself.  Here’s one of them that I photographed in stages so you could see it as it was being “built.”  I sometimes used a flash and other times did not so some of these pictures look like the background fabric is blue but it’s really a dark purple.  This first sequence  is stitching in a star shape and it begins with a narrow channel that is stitched as the shape’s outline:
Seems kind of boring at this stage, but it starts looking interesting in phase 2 as plumes are stitched to create a feather outline:
Here’s a closeup that shows it better:
I’m pretty much in love with the design at this point!  Next up is a circular feather to fill the center space:
(I stitched that center feather in a green rayon thread that has a lot of blue in it and although it looks like the earlier turquoise sequence, it really is a different color.   Here’s a close up of this sequence that maybe shows it better:
In the final sequence, the center section is hyperquilted with gold rayon thread:
Again, the background fabric really is purple, so sorry for the lousy photos.  Here’s a closeup of this center section that shows things better:
I love it!  I have an idea of something I could do with this by coupling it with freehand free motion quilting…stay tuned!


  1. Celine, Laval, Quebec Says:

    I love it! I’ll be back!

  2. Leslie McNeil Says:

    Patsy, I love it, too! {and the photos are great} but the threadplay is really beautiful. I loved the first star shape… so smooth, and inviting. Have {more} fun! xo