Jan 13 08

2nd Volume of Free Motion Fun With Vines and Leaves is Now Available!

Big News! We are proud to announce that “Free Motion Fun…With Vines and Leaves! Volume 2” is now available for purchase! What better way is there to start the new year than with a new machine quilting DVD packed full of fun and fresh ideas?! Hot on the heels of “Free Motion Fun…With Vines and Leaves! Volume 1,” this DVD picks up where volume 1 left off and rockets you into new stratospheres, covering new vine and leaf quilting motifs, new hyperquilting designs, techniques for using free motion machine embroidery to embellish your leaves and vines, and gobs of insider tips to make your quilting life easier and more fun! With a total run time of 2 hours and 3 minutes, this DVD is jam-packed and covers the following:

-Learn the mechanics of stitching the Scroll Vine…this versatile vine has a semi-formal tone that works great in more traditional style quilts, but it also has a whimsical quality that allows it to work in more light-hearted quilts as well!


Once you’ve got this design down, make sure you stitch it out in scrolls of different thicknesses, because it looks very different when stitched with skinny scrolls as compared to plumper scrolls!

-Meet the Celestial Vine…this fanciful vine is the stuff of fairy tales, and its gentle, meandering curves will melt its way into your heart and onto your quilts! Here’s a sample:


-Get ready for the Heart Leaf Vine! This unadorned vine is a cross breed between a vine and a feather, and its voluptuous curves will add high romance to any quilt! Here she is:


Once you have this design down, try stitching it out with a soft curve instead of the sharp point at the heart’s center, and your vine will take on a very different look!

-Learn how to Hyperquilt the Heart Leaf Vine! You’ll see how hyperquilting this vine will further define it as a vine, and transform it into a stunning vine that trails and meanders across your quilt! Check out how beautiful this vine becomes once it’s been hyperquilted:


-Hold onto your socks as we learn to stitch multiple variations of Artsy Fartsy Leaves! These fun leaves will add a new level of interest to your quilts, and once you’ve mastered the technique to stitch them, you’ll find you can stitch gazillions of other shapes using this same technique! Here are a few samples of them:




-Meet the Undulating Leaf Chain Vine! This gracious vine is a hyperquilted vine that is stately and formal and will be a smashing addition to your traditional style quilts! Here’s a sample:


-Savor the fun and exhilaration of embellishing your vine and leaf designs with free motion machine embroidery! In the next 3 chapters, you will learn how to add fine details like intricate veining of leaves to fused appliqué shapes; non-fused appliqué shapes, and even directly to your quilt top! Mastering techniques that add these kinds of intricate details will add that “wow” factor to your quilts and move you into the blue ribbon category!

-In our final chapter, we’ll cover all kinds of topics to help you make fusible appliqué faster and easier, and we’ll learn 2 new methods to finish the edges of your quilt without adding a binding!

Whether you make traditional style quilts, contemporary quilts, or art quilts, there is something for EVERY QUILTER in this jam-packed DVD! Click on the Free Downloads section to peruse the designs covered in this new DVD, and then click on the Instructional DVD section to watch a preview video clip. It may be winter outside, but you’ll be sure to have some fun creating beautiful vines and leaves in the dead of winter!


  1. Shirley Carter Says:

    I understand that since you will not be at festival, that you are having a special on some of DVD’s….Is that correct?


  2. Shirley Carter Says:

    I understand that since you will not be at Festival, that you are having a special on some of your DVD’s…Is that correct?


  3. Sonja Penny Says:

    I plan to purchase the Fast & Free.05 DVD. I am a novice for one yr (a little for free motion quilting). I know some machines use stitch regulators, e.g. Bernina 400 series. Will your DVD instruct how to control the foot control/hands for the same even stitch results?

  4. Quilt it! | ipatch Says:

    […] This design I spied online, but can not find the original website anymore. I did find things very similar here and here. […]

  5. Helen Howes Says:

    You might want to reduce the size of the images – they are Much Too Big for my page, or the web, and load fantastically slowly