Jun 23 14

A Great tip

Lisa Spalding of The Quilt Foundry in Maumee, Ohio, gave me a killer tip today when I was in her shop. She shared that eyebrow shapers work great as seam rippers! Here’s a set of 3 that I picked up at Rite Aid for $4.00; she said Walgreens has them for $1 each:
Here’s what one looks like with the cover removed. It looks like it would work great at ripping out 2 pieces if fabric that were seamed together but not for the kind of seam ripping I do with machine embroidery applique:
This shot shows the little protective cap:
…and here it is enclosed by the protective cap:
If you’re anywhere near NW Ohio, be sure to check out The Quilt Foundry. It’s a great shop with lots of beautiful fabrics and the staff is so nice and helpful! Thanks for the tip, Lisa!

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  1. Linda H. Says:

    I heard this tip several years ago, but it was in conjunction with foundation paper piecing. If you need to remove a FPP seam – usually sewn with a shorter stitch length – using an eyebrow shaper is really the best way to make short work of a tedious job.