Sep 06 14

Snippets of My Life Over the Last Several Days







I have been in a self-imposed exile for the last several days, trying to finish quilting this quilt.  For as much progress as I’ve made, there is SO much more left to do that I think there’s a good chance I cannot meet the deadline.  I’ve never left work until the last minute like this and this experience is a good lesson in why one shouldn’t let things go until the 11th hour!


  1. Leeanne Says:

    Really stunning!

  2. Carolyn Trezona Says:

    Patsy, your work is truly magnificient. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. Linda Erickson Says:

    Beautiful, Patsy! Keep the faith, you can do it!
    Cheers from soggy monsoonal SE Arizona!

  4. carol mcdowell Says:

    wonderful work but last minute quilting usually means that’s when my machine decides to act up and fights with me although by the looks of your beautiful work that is not the case here

  5. Becki Says:

    Patsy, I cannot wait to see this completed project. Unfortunately, I am a last-minute person. I attribute that to working for YEARS with attorneys, who procrastinate. Love your work, and can’t wait to see you next month in Winston-Salem.

  6. Kelly Jackson Says:

    While it is not always the best to wait until the 11th hour…some of us have no choice….giggles

    You go girl! Your quilt is stunning…what I can see of it in these photos.


  7. Diane Evans Says:

    You can do it, Patsy — we all have faith in you. And even if you don’t make the deadline, this quilt is a knockout.