Nov 02 14

Machine Embroidery Blog Hop!




The very kind and very talented Kelly Jackson of I Have a Notion is sponsoring a blog hop featuring my machine embroidery applique designs!  How cool is that?!  The hop begins Mon 11/10 and runs through 11/14 and you can read about and see how these kinds of designs are made.  Check out this great line up that she has arranged:


I Have a Notion Blog   Mon 11/10/14

Gene Black An Alabama Artist and Quilter Blog   11/11/14

Marjorie’s Quilting Bee Blog   11/12/14

Jean Creates Blog   11/13/14

Sew Cal Gal Blog   11/14/15



I have been a quilter for several decades now and have met many embroiderers when I have traveled to teach.  They always tried to entice me to  get into embroidery and I never in a million years thought it was anything I’d enjoy.  BUT…once I saw the incredible quilts that could be created by melding embroidery and quilting, I was hooked!  I also should say that even though I spend a ton of time quilting and learning about quilting, I was completely naive about this aspect of the craft.  I bring this up because when I talk to quilters about machine embroidery applique, they kind of look at me like they have no idea what I’m talking about.  Please take a ride along all the blogs in this hop because you’ll be amazed at the cool stuff you can make when you meld embroidery and quilting.  Here are some examples:





…and even quilted motifs can be done on an embroidery machine:




Please stop by and I promise you’ll be amazed at what you see and learn!

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  1. Amy Johnson Says:

    I’ll be reading along as I work one day per week at a local sewing machine deale’s shop and can use the embroidery machines there. Mainly I only use them for shop samples, but I love learning more so I can teach our customers.