Nov 12 14

Day #3 of the Machine Embroidery Blog Hop and a Follow up on My Current Project


It’s the 3rd day of the I Have a Notion Machine Embroidery Blog Hop  and today’s post is by Marjorie of Marjorie’s Quilting Bee Blog.  She created 2 small wall hangings/table toppers that are each created using an easy multi-hooping technique and they came out beautifully!  Here are the pictures of what she created:



…and here’s version 2 where she has played with the orientations of the swirls.  This one almost has a sense of movement because of the positioning of those swirls:



Gosh she did a beautiful job!  To read about how she did it and to enter for a chance at a free digitized design give away, head on over to her blog by clicking here.  While you’re at her site, be sure to check out her online shop because Marjorie creates her own digitized designs and you may well find just the right designs for your next project!  And here’s the line up for the whole week again:


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Marjorie’s Quilting Bee Blog 11/12/14

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Sew Cal Gal Blog 11/14/15

Before I sign off, I wanted to check back in about the project I was working on last week.  I had a few days of sweating bullets as I went to finish the sides and corners of this wall hanging with setting triangles:



You can kind of see my dilemma in this next shot.  Because the setting triangles always “begin life” larger than they will actually be at the end (the excess is trimmed once all setting triangles have been added), it’s dicey when you digitize the applique shape placement because you won’t know their positions are too close to the edge until you’ve stitched everything out and pieced it all together.  Here is what it looked like after the side setting triangles were in place:



Check out where the arrow falls in this closeup of a side setting triangle in the next photo:



The nail-biting part was not knowing if those applique shapes near the edge would end up being cut off in the final trimming or, if they weren’t cut off, would they be so close to the edge that the design wouldn’t work and I’d have to start over?  In the end, it worked out ok.  This next shot is after the corner setting triangles were added and everything was trimmed:


You can see that those outermost applique shapes will barely be out of the way of the seam, but I think it will work.  This will be the center section of a much larger quilt, but it will be left alone for awhile.  I have a couple other projects that I’m going to focus on in the short term.  Now get yourself over to Marjorie’s blog!



  1. Lorie Bugaiski Says:

    Love it! You are so amazing! Hope to be that good someday!

  2. Diane Evans Says:

    Now you can exhale! This came out beautifully, Patsy.