Mar 12 15

Can’t. Stop. Playing With rulers

The color is way off on these next 2 photos, but I love the texture they show:
I have all kinds of work that I really need to be doing but all I want to do is mess around with rulers and templates.  Sigh…


  1. Virginia Says:

    wow, wow, wow!!!!!! Such lovely work.

  2. Debbie Says:

    just gorgeous!!!

  3. QuiltShopGal Says:

    The detail is amazing. I’m totally dazzled with what you are creating using rulers. #CreativeGoodness When are you going to teach a class on this technique?


  4. Leeanne Says:

    Beautiful! I love playing with my rulers too, I can come up with some fun ideas for my customer s.

  5. Gloria Cotten Says:

    i am learning so much from you and from Amy at!! Each of you pointed me to the other, something else I appreciate about you! I have a new Janome 7700 and have ordered a ruler toe and my first 2 rulers and can hardly wait to get started! I just need to thank you for teaching me! Though you do not know me, I am so very grateful!

  6. Leslie McNEil Says:

    awww patsy! i can see why. it’s wonderful, and i anxiously await the day i can ‘attack’ the ruler work freely!! thank you for showing us your beautiful work. the “star” shape just makes my heart pitter patter!! enJOY!

  7. Jean Says:

    It looks absolutely beautiful, Patsy!

  8. Amy Johnson Says:

    I love how ruler work gives our quilting designs a framework from which to really shine. Looks like you are having a blast!