Feb 28 16

Turret Rulers are Now Available and New Video Tutorial is UP!

Our 3 Turret Rulers are now in stock and available for purchase!  As you look at those 3 rulers above, aren’t you kind of wondering what the heck they’re used for?!  They were inspired by the architectural lines of turrets, Turkish mosques, and Russian onion towers.  They can be used to create beautiful turret swag designs for borders and for fancy frame designs.  Swags can be simple types of designs or complex types of swags and you can fill them in with all kinds of free motion designs.  Here’s an example of just 1 of the turret swag designs you can make with the Turrets 1 ruler:
You might just recognize this filled turret swag border from a quilt I blogged about a few months ago.  These turret swags were filled with mirror image feathers:
…and here’s another example of how you might want to fill that swag design:
…and if you really wanted to take that swag design over the top, here’s another idea:
Whoa!!  Here’s just one example of a Turrets 2 swag border design in the bottom row with an empty Turrets 1 swag design on top:
…and here’s the same border design once the upper swags have also been filled:
Here’s an empty Turrets 3 swag:
…and here’s an example of a Turrets 3 swag filled in:
You could just as easily fill in any turret swag with a background fill design instead:
Don’t misunderstand, you can also create very simple swag designs with these Turret rulers as well.  Here’s an empty one that’s very simple:
…and here’s a simple one filled with a featherette:
Honestly, there is no end to all the fun things you can create with these Turret rulers!  Each ruler has both a positive and a negative side of the same contour, so you can work from both sides of the ruler.  They are available in both the traditional 1/4 inch thickness as well as in a 3mm thickness if you are using a Westalee low or medium shank ruler foot.  (And notice that the thinner rulers are markedly discounted!)  You can purchase them individually or as a bundle (by clicking here) to save some $$!  And if you’d like to see how easy they are to use, here’s a video tutorial that explains them all:
  And don’t forget, you can also use them to create fancy frame designs as well!  Here’s an empty frame created with the Turrets 3 ruler:
…and here it is filled
If you haven’t tried playing with rulers yet, now’s the time to get in on the fun!

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