Jun 05 16

Preparing for Change

The winds of change are coming our way so I figured I should warn you.  Our web site is going to be revised soon and the new web site will be very different.  Hopefully better, but very different.  I am hoping to still have a blog but this blog may be going the way of the dinosaurs.  I realize that blogs are out of date in the techno world but I still love to surf quilting blogs and hope to keep mine.  It may not be possible, though, so if there’s any info on this blog that really matters to you, I’d get it in the next several days because it may all disappear.  Sorry!


  1. Suzy Webster Says:

    I must admit I’m curious about blogs going the way of the dinosaur….what is replacing them? Love your blog and I hope to keep reading it 🙂

  2. Helen Lee Says:

    I’m sorry blogs are going away. I sure hope we will continue to get the wonderful inspiration from you that we have gotten in the blog. I do recognize it’s a lot of work for you.

  3. Laura P in NH Says:

    I have really loved reading your blog posts. they have been so inspiring to me in my FMQ journey:)

  4. Lynette Caulkins Says:

    Good luck on your new direction! (I don’t think blogs are going extinct at all. They may be unfashionable with a lot of the younger, busier quilters who prefer platforms such as Instagram. But those other platforms don’t provide the depth that blogs do. Many quilters prefer that over the superficiality of the other platforms.)