Aug 18 08

Playing Around…

I’ve found there is a value in setting aside time in your sewing room for no other purpose than to doodle. Here are some fun background fill designs:




While I was working in my sewing room, Ern was toiling in his workshop, making scarf hangers. This pair is made of cherry and here is one mounted on the wall-I think they are quite beautiful in their own right:

Here is a scarf by Laura Sims hanging on one:

and another of her scarves hanging nearby:

It’s quite interesting how these work. This is a photo of the backside-can you see the 2 screws? They are magnetized and all you do is place 2 rare earth magnets outside of the scarf that rests against the screws-these magents are housed in a wood half-circle, so te entire hanging device is quite cool!


  1. Elaine Adair (Moore) Says:

    I’m so glad I added you to my Bloglines – and here you have NEW stuff! 8-))

    Watching your DVDs in the AM, while I’m coming to life before leaving for work, is so much more pleasant than watching the news! I’m preparing to get ready to commence to begin to start on another quilting idea (of yours!) on another Kaleidoscope.

    Thanks for these NEW photo ideas – wow, I especially like the last one on the turquoise fabric – NEAT!

  2. Laila Says:

    O dear! Your quilting is just awsome! Hope it’s ok I link to your site on my blog:-) You have a really inspiring place:-)

  3. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    I’ve added you too, partly because I’ve most of your DVDs but mostly because your doodling is out of this world! Thanks for posting these lovely scribbles.

    The scarf rack is neat too. I have one I bought in China and this would be much better than the way I have it hanging now.