Oct 24 16

Flowers and Swirls and a Product Update

It seems like some motifs just always go well together and I learned that again as I played around with a new floral machine embroidery applique design.  Here is what one of them looks like in reds/pinks:
I love how much those embroidered details add to the overall “feel” of the flower.  Here’s one that was stitched in oranges:
Ooh-la-la!  I made this to use as a short border design for a quilt.  Here’s how the whole border came out:
I think I’m in love!
In completely other news that has nothing to do with the design above, I need to announce a large price increase in both of our suspension systems that will occur beginning 11/1/16.  Our costs have risen and there is no way around this.  If you have been thinking about purchasing one of these systems (what a great Hanukkah or Christmas present that would be!), I would make that purchase before 11/1/16.
#1 suspension system (pictured above) will rise from $74.99 to $94.99…
and suspension system #2 (above) will rise from $94.99 to $109.99.  We apologize for the price increase and hope you will take advantage of the current prices.

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