Dec 08 16

Free Motion Quilting Designs

If you love free motion quilting, sometimes the best part is being able to play around with different background fill designs.  Some designs require that a large expanse of the design be stitched out in order to appreciate the beauty of the design, while other designs can be “interrupted” by applique shapes or piecing and still look lovely.  Here are some shots of a day of playing around from a few years ago.  Hope they inspire you!
Can you tell how this last one is different than the traditional “plumify it” design?


  1. Tricia Seppell Says:

    Patsy, first of all prayer for your loved one.
    Second, thank you for sharing the FMQ designs. I love to FMQ as it is therapeutic for me. I can easily sit and fill backgrounds or allover on quilts when I am feeling stressed. Your ideas are lovely and fit the projects I have going.
    Thank you for giving the quilt world such beautiful work. I recently purchased a B880 and love it so much. It has helped me advance in my FMQ work! I love flourishes and plumes, so you are a constant inspiration to me. Again thank you, a blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Diane Evans Says:

    Patsy —

    I’m so sorry for what you and your loved ones are going through right now. This is such a difficult journey, and I’m sending prayers of strength and peace.

    Thank you for taking the time to share these pictures — the sateen fabric is truly enchanting when quilted in your inimitable style. Sometime, when you’re able, please let me know the name of this fabric — I’d love to try it in a quilt.

    Blessings —


  3. Marietta Walker Says:

    Hey there Patsy,

    Sorry for your loss. I wanted to thank you again for posting all of your free motion quilting samples. There are some lovely methods for breaking away from the standard designs. I so enjoy your blog, your shop, and your Craftsy classes The color and flow are always beautiful and make me smile every time I visit your site.