Feb 14 17

Another Ruler Work Border Design

I’ve started experimenting with some ruler border designs that involve curved cross hatching.  I think curved cross hatching is lovely, but it’s a fairly formal quilting design and I don’t think it really fits with the type of quilts I make.  So, I thought that maybe incorporating smaller sections of it might fit better with my style.  In the ruler work  border design above, I’ve started with creating a tapering space on top, then using curved cross hatching in a middle section, then filled the bottom triangle with a featherette.  I used my PTD arc ruler 12 to create this, but this kind of ruler work can be done with any arc ruler.  It started with just creating the bare-bones framework:
(This initial framework is a scant 1/4 inch channel on top, then another scant 1/4 inch channel below the tapered section.)  The next shot shows the area where I used the curved cross hatching.  In my case, I simply used the etched markings on my ruler to create (3) 1/2 inch channels in one direction and then (3) 1/2 inch channels in the opposite direction.  If you have arc rulers without markings, or if you wish to create channels in a  width that wouldn’t be possible using the markings on your arc ruler, you could just make tic marks for your starting stopping points and use those to create your channels.  Here’s what the framework looked like once the cross hatching was done:
(Note that the 3rd one has curved cross hatching throughout the entire bottom section; this one is a different experiment.)  Next up came the fill-in work.  I swapped to a lavender polyester thread and stitched a waterfall featherette in the upper section.  Here’s what that section looked like once done:
It would be fine to leave this border design as is, but an empty triangle always calls to me to fill it with a featherette, so I did:
I really like how that came out, but felt obliged to make a border design where there was more of the curved cross hatching.  Here’s what that option looks like before the top featherette had been added:
…and in this next shot, I’ve filled the top space with a featherette.  (Did you notice that this featherette is oriented 180 degrees from the earlier ones?  I had to do something different!)
Personally, I like that earlier border design better, but it’s fun to try new stuff!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. QuiltShop Gal Says:

    I think they are all beautiful and inspire #CreativeGoodness. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Ernie.