Apr 25 18

More Playing with Arched Swag Border Designs

I hope you’re not sick of these because I’m not!  Here’s another fill design for the last ruler work border design I posted on the blog.  This version is inspired by the fancy scroll work you sometimes see on wrought iron gates:

This design uses the exact same ruler work framework that I started with last time, yet the design looks completely different!  Just as a reminder, here is the empty ruler work framework, taken from my last experiment:

In this next shot, the center channel is filled:

…and in this next shot, the uppermost channel has been filled:

(I hope this is also making you appreciate the power and fun  of playing with thread colors in different sections!)  In this next shot, the bottom most triangle has been filled with a small rust-colored featherette:

And just to impress you with how different this looks as compared to the earlier filled in version of the same ruler work framework, here’s the original option:

Whoo-hoo!  Ruler work rules!!

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