Feb 01 19

Sidelined from Quilting

The month of January came and went without even a single blog post…sorry about that!  I picked up some respiratory bug that really slowed me down for the first half of the month, but I was also sidelined because of something wonderful.  We adopted a shelter dog named Blondie who has wormed her way into our hearts:

She will turn 15 years old this April and is a gentle, sweet-natured dog.  Many folks have asked us why we would adopt such an old dog and that was a big part of why we adopted her.  She lived in shelter in another part of the state for 4 years and was transferred to a local shelter here last October when the original shelter closed.  We figured she was so old that no one would ever adopt her and she was so good-natured that we couldn’t resist making a wonderful home for her final years.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family and she’s been great for me because we go on two long walks each day.  She has both Ernie and me wrapped around her little pinky (paw) and she pretty much gets everything she wants.



So, where does that leave my quilting life?  I completed only 1 hospice donation quilt in the month of January:


I really toned down my color choices on this one because I was worried my quilts might be a bit too bright for some hospice patients’ taste.  The orange peel center section was quickly quilted with ruler work:


Here’s another view that shows the texture a little better:


The outermost borders were quilted with long featherettes:

Hospice Donation Quilt #6 for the period of 10/1/18-9/30/19.



…and just one more shot of my new buddy, Blondie, as she prepared for a 9-hour car trip:


  1. Kathryn Steigleder Says:

    It makes me happy to see both the dog and the quilt! Older animals need as much love as younger ones, she looks like a sweetie. I know that you tend to go with brighter colors, that’s your style. That said, the blue is very beautiful. Kathy
    PS I’m rewatching your DVD’s for about the zillionth time, the latest one was Feathers volume 4. I see that this ties right in with the ruler quilting DVD’s.

  2. Sandy Says:

    Awwww … she looks like such a sweetheart! Bless you for giving her a loving home for as long as she has left. The quilt is gorgeous, but your heart is more so.

  3. LuAnn H Kessi Says:

    You and Ernie have such kind hearts to make a home for Blondie. The truth be told, I prefer most dogs in my house than people! I have always believed that a dog isn’t your whole life, but makes your life whole. What a joy Blondie is for both of you.
    It doesn’t matter what color story you use for your quilts, they are always gorgeous and nobody beats your thread work, nobody.
    Enjoy a cozy winter with your new Blondie dog.
    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  4. Linda E in NM Says:

    That was wonderful of you two to adopt your “aged” doggie – have fun with her.
    Your hospice quilt is very lovely; I’m sure it will bring joy to someone in their remaining days(just like your “new” doggie).
    Cheers, Linda

  5. Pam Karickhoff Says:

    I really enjoy your videos. Your work is inspirational.
    “Rescued” is my favorite. I’ve brought home babies ranging in age from 7 months (way too young for me) to 10 yrs old. It’s a true blessing to watch them blossom in a loving home. Bless you and your husband for taking in this senior soul.
    All the Best,
    Pam K.
    Newport News, VA

  6. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    Your new friend is adorable. I know she will be a comfort. Also love your quilts as usual. Getting great quilting ideas as usual.

  7. Mary P. Says:

    Old timers are the best.

  8. Helen Says:

    Love Blondie she is a sweetheart! You are such a wonderful person to do this for this wonderful dog. I love your quilts, beautiful as ever.