Nov 17 19

Latest Quilt I’m Working On

I’m finishing up the quilting for my current hospice donation.  I am madly in love with the background fabric on this quilt.  It’s a shade between blue and purple so I am calling it “blurple.”  It is rich and contrasts really nicely with the vivid colors in the Kaffe Fasset fabrics in the center.  Here’s a shot of it on my machine bed as I’m working on that swirly plumette background:


I am a real sucker for having blues and reds/oranges next to one another.  That dramatic contrast just thrills me.  Here is a closer up shot of the background fill design I’m adding to the center section:



I try to be kind of “light-handed” in adding pebbles between the swirled plumettes.  I do that partly because I don’t like to see large expanses of pebbles and also because this is meant to be a snuggly quilt, not a wall quilt, and pebbles really flatten a quilt.  If you haven’t tried to stitch swirled plumettes yet and want to give it a shot, here’s a video Ern and I made awhile back to show how to do it:



…and here’s a shot of the wider borders on the outside.  I love quilting these feathers that are tightly curling around in circular formats:



I’ll post shots of the final quilt once the whole thing is done, but I won’t have a chance to work on this baby again until next weekend.  (Bummer!)

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