Mug Rug Mania!

December 15th, 2013
Why does life predictably get so busy from mid-November to January 1st?  It really doesn’t seem to matter how much you’ve prepared ahead of time, or even if you’ve deliberately lessened your schedule…this is simply a very frenetic time of year!  I am still rushing to finish making a number of mug rugs to give away as gifts.  I’ve been making a  few different types.  First up are some mug rugs that feature simple geometric shapes with free motion embroidery to finish the edges:
I had a few that I was fusing all at once, and when I laid them all out next to one another, it really told me I needed to make a quilt using some of the same design ideas:
I used the EKG edge finishing design to finish all the raw edges.  For the most part, I pretty much matched the thread color with the background color on these.  I don’t usually do that, but the design was so simple that I thought contrasting threads would distract from the beauty of their simplicity:
Next up, I made some mug rug tops embroidered on my embroidery machine.  Here are a few that are from similar designs (there’s a slight variation if you look closely):
I also made a couple that were “customized” to feature a given person’s “favorite things.”  Below is one I made today for my niece’s little boy who is 3 years old.  He is obsessed with batman right now:
(I still need to sew down that binding.)  For that one, I did use some contrasting threads for the EKG stitching along the edge of the wings.  I felt like it would heighten the threatening nature of the wings and I think it worked:
Normally, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this to add a trapunto layer behind the wings, but I didn’t want to risk making this an unsteady mug rug.  After all, he’s only 3 years old and learning hand/eye coordination.   You can see that because I stitched outside the wings with invisible thread, it kind of has a faux-trapunto look to the wing area:
Some of the mug rugs that I embroidered are a little longish, but that works ok if you’re sharing a cuppa with a friend:
(I can’t help but point out those beautiful quilt-themed mugs…do the block designs look familiar?  These are available here in our online store!).  That mug rug they’re sitting on is my favorite one so far.  I just had to have a cup of cocoa using it today before I sent it off to a friend:
Here’s hoping you’re getting all your gift-sewing completed!
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Adhesives, Binding, Other Must Have Notions and a Sale!

December 13th, 2013

This holiday season is just flying by…just 12 more days, can you believe it?! Why not treat yourself to a holiday treat and purchase an Appli-K-Kutz die (excluding limited edition and bundles) or a Patsy Thompson Digitized Design for 50% off… that is the largest discount ever on these items, so don’t miss out!  This sale is beginning immediately and running until Friday, December 20, 2013 at 9 AM (EST). Enter the discount code: WOW50 at checkout to get the discount!

We’ve just picked up some great new templates that will help save you time! There is also a wonderful new stop fraying glue from Aleene’s plus much more…check it all out below!

**Please note that when purchasing any item in this newsletter , your order will not ship until Tuesday December 17, 2013, as these are new items in our store. ** 

PTD Digitized Designs… 50% OFF!!


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Appli-K-Kutz Dies… 50% OFF!!


 Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring Ruler

You can cut centers, melons, and squares from a single template, and inside curves are cut as easily as outside curves with this tool. A and B units can be cut from strips or squares. (Make sure and check out “Fresh From the Clothesline” below, as this book uses this tool.)

MSRP $21.39..our low price Only $17.11

Easy Scallop Tool 2ct



Mark scalloped borders on any size quilt quickly and easily. Includes two different size tools. Scallops in sizes from 4in to 12in. (Make sure and check out “Fresh From the Clothesline” below, as this book uses this tool.)


MSRP $16.99…our low price Only $13.59

Triangle Genie Tool



In-GENIE-ous triangle tool! Make triangles in 5 sizes from strips, just like magic. No measuring and no messy paper to remove Fast easy & accurate.

MSRP $15.00…our low price Only $12.00

Fons & Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper



Fons And Porter Notions For Quilters. This is an ergonomically designed soft cushioned seam ripper that is designed to fit the hand perfectly. Easy to hold. Safety ball to protect fabric when removing stitches. Hardened steel retains sharpness. Lessens stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

 MSRP $4.99…our low price Only $3.99

Therapeutic Gloves by the Pair or Single Gloves in 4 sizes!


Craft in comfort with the Handeze® “Massage” Glove! The Handeze Glove supports active hands and soothes hand and wrist discomfort caused by Repetitive Stress Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis and other injuries to the hand and wrist. The unique ergonomic design of the Handeze Glove provides therapeutic heat, massage and support for hands that craft. By wearing the Handeze Glove with Extended Wrist Support, you can give your crafting hands the best treatment possible. 


Known as the “massage” glove, the Handeze Glove appeals to a wide range of crafters, from quilters and stitchers to knitters and general crafters, young and old alike. Professional crafters are particularly enthusiastic about the benefits of the Handeze Glove. Made from a special four-way stretch fabric, the Handeze Glove is activated by your hand movements producing an automatic massaging effect.  Designed with the assistance of an orthopedic hand surgeon, the Handeze Glove also features extended wrist support which provides non-restrictive support during all repetitive hand, wrist and forearm motions.Because it improves circulation through heat and gentle hand massage, the Handeze Glove:

         •Relieves hand stress

•Minimizes cramping and fatigue

•Reduces pain and swelling from arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

•Computer users benefit from the Handeze Glove, too!


The easy-care Handeze Glove can be hand-washed and air-dried to ensure a long life of soothing massage.


Single Glove – MSRP $10.99…our low price Only $8.79

Pair – MSRP $19.95…our low price Only $15.96

Bo-Nash Bonding Powder Starter Kit


The Versatile Fusible


  • Make invisible repairs, save a fortune
  • Repair tears and holes
  • Use for appliques, applying labels
  • Perfect for surface embellishments
  • Use for a multitude of craft projects
  • Baste quilts. Stays soft, no pins!
  • Can stitch through. Will not gum up needle


The starter pack comes with:


  • One 1oz. container of Bo-Nash Bonding Powder, enough to do up to 75 repairs
  • Bo-Nash (2) Non-stick Ironing and Craft Pressing Sheet 9″ X 6″
  • Full set of written instructions


MSRP $15.99…our low price Only $12.79

Brilliant Bindings Tool 1/8in for Quilter


Use this neat and handy tool to make perfect mitered corners with no fuss and no lumpy binding end seams.

MSRP $10.00…our low price Only $8.00

Bars Bias Press 5 Sizes


Set of 5 various sizes: 1/8in, 3/16in, 1/4in, 3/8in and 1/2in. All are 12in long and made of heat resistant yellow plastic. Used in appliqué and quilting to make evenly formed bias tubes.

MSRP $6.79…our low price Only $5.43

Aleene’s Stop Fraying Glue 2oz Dabber


Stop fabric from fraying with this amazing glue that dries clear, soft and flexible. It’s easy to apply and can handle repeated washings. Not recommended for ribbons. Recommended for: Hems, seams, trims, cording, braids.

MSRP $2.99…our low price Only $2.39

Appli – Glue 2oz


Acid free – pH neutral. Will not damage fabrics or cause premature aging. Water based. Water reversible. Anti-Clog precision tip. Tip cap will prevent dry-out. Prepare and glue applique pieces to background fabric & easily reach under pieces to apply glue without disturbing layout.

 MSRP $9.59…our low price Only $7.67

Fresh From the Clothesline – Softcover



Quilts and small projects with vintage appeal. Features the best of Darlene Zimmerman’s Clothesline Club collection. This offers readers 22 patterns in Darlene’s signature 1930s style and teaches reader to create the quilt to fit their decor. Loaded with helpful information.

128 pages



MSRP $24.99…our low price Only $19.99

California Dreamin

Finished Size: 60″ x 72″

Jillily Studio’s newest fabric line, “Poppy Patio” comes together to create a sunny, fresh project featuring California’s state flower, the poppy. Bright oranges and yellows dance across the quilt top, adding a pop of color to any room in your home.

Designed by Jill Finley

MSRP $12.00…our low price Only $9.60

Tool Twist



This long quilt keeps you covered. Use 40 strips plus one third yard and the Brilliant Bindings tool to make this fast quilt. Measure 45in x 67 1/2in.

From Wendt Quilting 

Designed by Debbie Wendt

MSRP $10.00…our low price Only $8.00

New Notions, Calendars, Instructional DVDs and More!

December 6th, 2013

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to spend quality time with your loved ones!

Awhile ago, we introduced the Quick Point Prairie Point and Scallop Rulers and they were a big hit! Well now there are some great instructional DVDs to go along with these rulers.  These DVDs  open up a new window of possibilities of wonderful ways to use these rulers for all kinds of projects!  Learn more about these DVDs and all of our other wonderful new products below.  And don’t forget that 2014 is just around the corner…so pick up your 2014 Calendar!

**Please note that when purchasing any item in this newsletter , your order will not ship until Tuesday December 10, 2013, as these are new items in our store. ** 

Bobbin Box


Keep your bobbins handy and organized. The new Bobbin Box stores up to 30 bobbins M and L class.

MSRP $10.00… our low price Only $8.00

 Pearl’s Applique Stiletto

Keep from burning your fingers with this useful applique tool. You can use it for turning the seam allowance over templates, for keeping seams from flipping as you machine sew, and for many other uses.

MSRP $15.00…our low price Only $12.00

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Tool Ripper/Threader Combination



Long lasting fine blade. Safety ball protects fabric. Thread needles quickly and easily.


MSRP $3.39…our low price Only $2.71

Remember these…

Quick Points Prairie Point Rulers



Every quilter who has ever made prairie points will want this ruler that is used to make perfect  1 1/2-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch prairie points or picots in the continuous row of material!

And These…

Quick Points Scallop Rulers



Create perfect 1/2″, 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ scallops to go around your quilt with our newest addition to your Quick Points Ruler collection.

Well now there are great instructional DVDs to use with these same rulers…


Instructional DVD

For Quick Points Prairie Point Ruler


Great video by inventor Janet Platt. Features creative ideas, step by step use and applications of her prairie point rulers.

MSRP $12.00…our low price Only $9.60

Instructional DVD

For Quick Points Scallop Ruler




Great video by inventor Janet Platt. Features creative ideas, step by step use and applications of her scallop rulers.

MSRP $12.00…our low price Only $9.60

Amy Butler Stencils * – Softcover


24 page booklet with 10 color photographs, 10 die-cut stencils. Ten reusable die-cut stencils in Amy Butler?s signature designs and patterns can be mixed and matched on walls, furniture, fabric, and so much more for one-of-a-kind personal expression.

MSRP $24.95…our low price Only $19.96

Easy Cut Quilts With a Modern Twist – Softcover



Seven deceptively simple quilts using a variety of pre-cut fabrics. Each quilt has its own distinct twist, whether it be the inspiration, fabric, quilting, backing, or how it was put together. The quilts are designed with minimal cutting and piecing, making them perfect weekend projects for quilters of all skill levels.

Each featured quilt is broken down to create a ‘Size Twist’ that includes smaller projects that can be made in a day. Swatches provide a ‘Fabric Twist’ to help envision each project in an alternate colorway.

  • 7 unique featured quilts
  • 13 additional projects created from the featured quilts
  • Beautiful photography
  • Fabric Twist with each project
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams

Author: Laurel Albright

Publisher: Landauer

MSRP $16.95…our low price Only $13.56

Award Winning Quilt 2014 Calendar


Put a quilt show on your wall! Each breathtaking design is an award winner from the 2012 “Quilts: A World of Beauty” judge show. Immerse yourself in 13 exciting works featuring traditional and innovative piecing, abstract designs, mixed techniques, and more.

MSRP $14.99…our low price Only $11.99

Pocket Planner Butterfly Quilt 2014/2015


Checkbook size with vinyl cover. Includes address/phone number section. Has place to write notes and a small scratch pad. Each month features a heartfelt thought, major holidays, birthstone and flower.

 MSRP $4.50…our low price Only $3.60

Date Keeper Modern Quilts



Keep a lasting record of the dates you celebrate

Record all the milestones of your life in this beautiful calendar and keep them at your fingertips forever. The Date Keeper weekly perpetual calendar helps you remember important birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and special occasions. There’s even room for your family tree. Featuring 60 spectacular modern quilts, this heirloom-quality, spiral-bound album will last a lifetime.

• Makes a lovely keepsake gift
• Enter dates only once—no need to transfer to a new calendar every year
• Includes guide to anniversary gifts, plus each month’s birthday gemstones and flowers


*Please note this is not a yearly calendar.


MSRP $16.95…our low price Only $13.56

Peonies & Roses 2014 Calendar 

This beautiful new stationery range features gorgeous photography of irrepressibly cheerful blooms from Selina Lake’s Homespun Style. Bring some colour into your home with these handy stationery items, so you can stay organized and stay in touch in style.
MSRP $19.95…our low price Only $15.96

Working Girl Apron & Hipster Apron


This sturdy, cute little apron has pockets for all of your gear. Spoons, clippers, weeders, reading glasses, dusting cloths, glue gun and more! No matter what your task or hobby, you can load it up and get to work…Makes a great gift!

From Cabbage Rose

Designed by Barbara Brandeburg

MSRP $9.00…our low price Only $7.20

3 Easy Pieces Table Runner & Place Mats


Table Runner: 18in x 44-1/2in & Place Mats: 14in x 20-1/2in. Easy, no fail piecing technique equals an interesting arrangement with only simple shapes. Charm squares can be used for a scrappy look. Easy enough for beginners.

From Tiger Lily Press

Designed by Nicole Kaya

MSRP $9.00…our low price Only $7.20