Nov 14 11

It’s a Give-Away!


Starting today, we’re hosting a give-away for the Beam ‘n Read Light!  If you haven’t seen this product before, here’s a photo that shows you what it is:
The long black strap is an adjustable neck strap so that  you can wear it around your neck, enabling you to focus it directly on your work.  The base of the light is also adjustable, so it really is possible to find just the right angle to direct that wonderful beam of light!  Each light comes with a yellow and a red light cover, so you even have your choice of the type of light that’s emitted.  On top of all that, there is also the option of a magnifying lens that easily fits onto the light.  I haven’t gotten to the point that I need that feature yet, but the way my eyes are aging, it sure is nice to know that feature is ready for me!
Now maybe you don’t think this light sounds like your cup of tea.  I’ll tell you, I’m amazed at just how handy this product is.  If I think of just the last 5 days, here are some examples of hand work that I’ve used my Beam ‘n Read Light for:
First off is this embroidered quilt block that I stitched as a split design.  If you look closely, you’ll see registration cross hairs and basting lines that were stitched:
…and I used my Beam ‘n Read to help me remove all those extraneous stitches!  (And didn’t this block come out great?!)  Next up, I needed that light to help me separate this sheet of embroidered plumes that were embroidered onto water soluble stabilizer:
As you cut these out, you’ve got to be really careful not to accidentally cut into the stitches…
and the Beam ‘n Read light makes it a whole lot easier to see all those stitches!  Here are a bunch of these plumes in different sizes and different edge finishes, after they’ve had the stabilizer rinsed off:
And of course, the Beam ‘n Read is great when you’re trying to sew the binding on a quilt:
And the light really helped me out the other night when I worked on this binding in a poorly lit hotel room:
Ugh!  And what about pulling all these thread tails to the backside of this top?
You guessed it-the Beam ‘n Read made it possible for me to actually SEE those thread tails to pull them through!  And last but not least, this light has been making it easier to remove the stabilizer from all my embroidered snowflake blocks:
Bottom line…this is one useful product! So, one of you lucky readers will own your own, courtesy of the Beam ‘n Read Folks!  If you’d like a chance to win one, it’s easy to enter the giveaway.  Just post a comment to this blog post that tells  me what you enjoy about reading my blog and you are entered!  Entries must be posted by 11:59 p.m.eastern time on Sunday, November 20, 2011.  And by the way, these lights, as well as all fabric, Isacord Thread, YLI Thread, Sulky Threads, and Quilters Dream Batting are 20% off in our online store until 9:00 am on Black Friday.  To get the discount, all you need to do is enter “2 weeks” (without the quotes) in the discount code box during checkout!
And to increase your chances of winning this great light, make sure you run over to my buddy Kelly Jackson’s blog at I Have a Notion, because she is also hosting a Beam ‘n Read Give-Away this week! And if you don’t win one of these lights during these blog hops this week, then check out the Sew I Quilt Blog between 11/21-11/30/11, because she’ll be hosting a give-away during those dates!


  1. Liz Says:

    I am sooooo inspired by ALL THE LOVELY work you do. I now can free motion feathers thanks to reading and watching your DVD. Thank you so much!!!!!
    Liz from New Zealand

  2. Donna Says:

    I enjoy all the pictures, your use of color, the quilting designs, and that you are branching off into something different.

    Took your class in Ann Arbor last summer and can’t believe how much my quilting has improved. Thanks for all the information you make available on your website.

  3. Frances Says:

    I appreciate your step by step instructions and photos!!

  4. Janet Says:

    I just started following you blog a week or so ago, and am enjoying both the inspiration and the possibilities I can aspire to!

    Thanks for the opportunity – I’d love to win this light!

  5. Anya Says:

    I love your willingness to share your quilting ideas! And the gorgeous photos! Thanks for the chance.

  6. elle Says:

    I’m a recent follower so much of what you show is new to me but I’m really liking all the options you showcase so clearly. Great stuff!

  7. Rachel Says:

    I love that I am always able to learn something :-) Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  8. Vicki W Says:

    I come here for your great inspirational photos of your work and your color sense makes my eyes very happy! Thanks for mentioning this light. I haven’t seen it before and it could be just what I need with my new love of hand embroidery.

  9. Gwen Windham Says:

    I think the thing I enjoy most about your blog is the way you use COLOR! Gorgeous!! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win the Beam N Read Light! :-)

  10. Lori S Says:

    I am always inspired by your free motion quilting. Your applique etc, is nice as well but I can’t get enough of your quilting. It is nice to see someone accomplishing such amazing things using a DSM. Thanks for sharing your creativity and for the chance to win.\!

  11. Helen Pickens Says:

    I would have to say it’s the inspiration you give me with every blog post. Love your work! I am one who loves trying new techniques and following your blog increases my list of play time projects, which chases away the boredom that sometimes happens for me. Each experience improves my quilting. Thank you!

  12. Billie K Says:

    I’m always amazed at all your beautiful colors and your skill.

  13. Debbie Says:

    I always enjoy your colorful, clear, and detailed photos of your work, Patsy. Thanks for sharing it all!

  14. Joan Says:

    Hi Patsy: You continually inspire me. I have several of your patterns and am waiting for a big block of time to complete them, hopefully soon. In truth, my eyes are beginning to fail me. An additional light source would be a big help. Hope I win!

  15. T Han Says:

    Your quilting designs and your use of color are so inspirational! Thanks you so much for sharing your work and techniques. The light looks like it would be wonderful! It is exactly what I need!

  16. Lynn Says:

    I love seeing what colorful designs you will come up with next. I use more subdued colors but love looking at the brights…maybe they are itching to come out in my work too.

  17. Linda E in AZ Says:

    I like to watch the step by step process as you build up a design. And then your machine quilting is wonderful!


  18. Margaret Says:

    I would say its your creativity, and willingness to share your knowledge.


  19. Sallie Says:

    I love your use of bright colors and thread that you show on your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. F. Gloade Says:

    Love your blog and web site. Your choice of colours always make me feel goog!,,

  21. LJ Says:

    Hi, Patsy. I’m really pleased to be introduced to your blog. I, too, do machine embroidery and enjoy lots of your blogging on embroidery as well as quilting. There are many times I wish for more light plus I can really appreciate the magnification possibilities of the Beam n Read. I would love to win a Beam n Read! I subscribed to your blog and look forward to following you.

  22. a1angiem Says:

    Patsy you already know I love you! I appreciate all the beautiful work you share and of course the inspiration to try it myself. You are my quilting idol!

  23. Cathy Says:

    I love to read your blogs – so many tips for machine applique and quilting. AND I’d love to have this light! My eyes aren’t what they used to be…!

  24. Donna Joy Says:

    Wow your quilting is amazing. This is the first time I have been here and I have learned so much about machine quilting. Love how you outlined in black thread. Now I just need to be brave and start to machine quilt. Thanks for sharing that wonderful light as this would be very helpful.

  25. Mary Couch Says:

    What do I love about your blog…??? First of all your instructional voice comes through loud and clear in you writing. You anticipate what we will question, and explain with knowledgeable detail that we can all understand. Secondly, your photos are clear and precise – matching what you are teaching… But if I were to say my most favorite idea I’ve gleaned from you, it would have to be the SOAP CHIP!!! That, dear lady is ingenious and awesome! Brilliant!
    Hugs from Mary

  26. LuAnn Kessi Says:

    Thank you Patsy for all of the wonderful inspiration you have provided over the years. Just thought you might want to see what I have been doing with all of your beautiful free motion quilting designs:
    Many Thanks,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  27. Lee Ann L. Says:

    Seeing your work is so inspiring. I love the embroidery work which I aspire to do someday! This product looks very useful. Thank you for a chance to win. :-)

  28. Sue Says:

    I first saw your series of machine quilting on you-tube. You have a knack for teaching. I do love looking at all your dyed fabrics and your – hard to imagine I could do such beautiful work someday – quilts.

  29. toni-anne Says:

    You work is amazing and delicate I can appreciate how you need good lighting to work by. You have done a good job of convincing me that this light might be invaluable.

  30. Susan Says:

    I am always inspired by your blog. Your DVD’s are amazing and give me hope that someday, if I ever got around to the PPP part, I will be able to do a fraction of what you can. The light looks fabulous for working in less-than-wonderful lighting (my house LOL) and on dark fabric. Keep up the good work Patsy!

  31. Robin Parton Says:

    Love reading your blog, you share so much with us. I would love to own this light, as I get older I find I need much more light for everything!

  32. Nancy B Says:

    Your blog is so colorful and full of inspiration and information helpful to those who enjoy machine embroidery. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful light.

  33. Mary on Lake Pulaski Says:

    I love reading your blog because you use such bright, happy colors!

  34. shout4joy Says:

    I love reading your blog because your quilts/quilting use such happy colors…they inspire me!

  35. Sharmond Says:

    I enjoy all the gorgeous work you do and how you choose wonderful colors that work well together!

  36. Elsie Montgomery Says:

    What I love about your blog is your creative spirit and cheerful attitude. Both come out in your beautiful work and workmanship, making you fun and encouraging to read. Thanks!

  37. Linda in PA Says:

    What I love about your blog is all the inspiration that you provide. Your work is beautiful.

  38. Rita Goshorn Says:

    i’m learning fmq; your blog is most helpful with your clear pictures and easy words. your embroidery is gorgeous, creative and inspirational.

  39. emmy Says:

    I like your specificity regarding your information. When you described the light, you gave 7 different examples of how you used it. I sure wish I had it when I was sewing black binding to black borders.

  40. Jeanne Says:

    Your blog is very inspirational for me since I love quilting free motion feathers.

  41. Pam Says:

    I love your bright and exciting colors you use in your designs. You also made me buy a sizzix big shot because of your great pieces you show us. As a former Toledoian I wish I would have known you years ago!

  42. Kathy Gordon Says:

    Love any gadget that helps me with see what I am doing. Even if it is removing stitches. Love your free motion quilting designs. Thnx

  43. MarciaW Says:

    Thanks for all the photos of how you use what I call “Beam N Sew”. I would love to win one of these for my mother to try as sewing in even low daylight is impossible for her. Your work is beautiful.

  44. Mary Engells Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share so much with us all. You are very inspiring.

  45. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    Seeing your beautiful work and your processes inspires me to create art quilts of my own.


  46. Nancy Says:

    I started reading your blog because I saw it listed on another blog site. I have been following you regularly for sometime now. Why? Because you are very generous with the sharing of your process, which is encouraging to me. I keep one foot in the traditional world, and one in the art quilt world, and the way you describe your process, with all the great photos, makes what you do achievable for people like me that may not have thought to even try someothing along the lines that you do. Thank you!

  47. Susan in DFW Says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog with super pictures and instructions.

  48. Rebecca Says:

    Not only is your blog informative, it is so inspiring.

  49. Carol Says:

    I have enjoyed your tips for machine quilting. It doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore. ;)

  50. Ellen Says:

    LOVE all your stuff. Thanks for being so willing to teach and share!

  51. Rose-Marie Says:

    I appreciate your attention to detail. You provide step by step instructions and photos. I really like your Trapunto process. You make it easy for everyone.

  52. Marjorie Says:

    You show me how to do the things I want to do, and explain each process very clearly. Now if I had a light on my head, I could really see what I am trying to do!

  53. Juliana Mahan Says:

    Oh my goodness, the stitching is so beautiful and colorful too. It really helps to bring out the colors of the fabric and makes it look more real. This is truly an art!

  54. Lee Vause Says:

    I love everything about your work and not just your blog! However your blog is always colourful and very informative, I always learn something and keep coming back. I also like to cross reference some of your blog comments back to your free motion quilting DVD’s and books that I have. If I won the light I would give it to my 81 year old mother who is an active long arm quilter but her sight is just becoming a tad problematic and this would help her so much more.

  55. Sally Fargo Says:

    You are gifted at thread work and explaining your techniques. You inspire me to try things I was previously too chicken to attempt, and you explain it so well, I often meet with success.

  56. Patty Swatzell Says:

    As much as I rip out stitches I could use on of these great lights. I love reading Patsy’s blogs! Never know what she has on it.

  57. LuAnn Kessi Says:

    Alright Patsy….you sold me on the Beam n Read light….very cool. I must have one, especially for stitching in the car while driving at night. (my husband drives, I ride along and do hand stitching, but I always have to stop when the sun goes down.)Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me for many years. You generously share so much with so many. Thanks for being you!
    LuAnn in Oregon

  58. Marilee Says:

    You must be the embroidery Queen. I’m so impressed. Your comment on the light in the motel sold me on the Beam and Read. They are always to dim to sew.

  59. Sally King Says:

    Loved looking at your beautiful work. So colorful. The light is just a bonus. If I don’t win one, I will be purchasing this light. At my age you can never have too much light. lol Thanks.

  60. Debbie S. Says:

    Patsy…do you ever sleep? You get so much accomplished, I’m in awe! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the light & thank you for all you do for us in your blog & DVD’s!

  61. kathy h Says:

    This looks like another useful tool and it is always nice to have reminders of what you can do with the tool. I like all the threadwork you post on your blog. Reminds me to try to embellish a little more on my work.

  62. Jean Says:

    I love reading your blog for inspiration! Bright colors, beautiful quilting motifs and embellishments are my some of my favorites!

  63. Barb McKinlay Says:

    I love that your instructions are clear and easy to understand, but you also make it so fun! I have 2 of your DVD’s so far.

  64. Kathy Dunn Says:

    Tried and tried to learn feathers and couldn’t until your DVDs. Love your use of color and hyperquilting.

  65. Patty Happel Says:

    Love your blog for the great photos and you’ve inspired me to try free motion quilting other than stipple without marking!

  66. Jo Anne Says:

    I enjoy your blog because it gives me ideas about different ways of doing things. Also, I appreciate your willingness to teach and to share.

  67. Louisa Lawson Says:

    I love your blog as the photos are so clear and detailed that I can really see what you are trying to do. It has really inspired me to get going with machine quilting. Many thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

  68. Tina McHenry Says:

    Patsy, I check your blog at least once a week. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, fun ideas, and for trying new and wonderful techniques. Ive really enjoyed your recent departure into embroidery. You know how much I love having you visit me in my sewing room (in your videos) My feathers have improved so much, and I have a few ribbons to show it. Keep up the great work.

  69. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    Love learning from you how to use all those threads that I’m often afraid to try. You find a solution for every problem and then share it with all of us. Thanks. And I think that light would have helped me immensely last night when sewing black thread on black fabric!

  70. Deirdre Says:

    While in the process of improving my free motion I have been searching for artists to study and your work brought me to your blog. I am in the process of the PPP and beginning to enjoy what I produce. Now if I keep studying the work of others I shall continue to be inspired. As for light, I can never have enough and it drives DH crazy. Getting older means we must be creative in ways to accomplish our tasks.

    Thank you for all that you share.

  71. ginny Says:

    Color! Color! Color!!

  72. Pat Says:

    Looking for free motion quilting how-tos and design ideas was what brought me to your site; seeing your gorgeously colored blocks every week keeps me coming back for more! Thanks so much for posting all your how-to’s and inspiring all of us. I think I am at that age where this light and even the magnifier – would be used on a daily basis. Seems like there never is enough light anywhere I’m working, especially these dreary November days. Thanks!

  73. Alice Says:

    Hi Patsy,

    What do I enjoy about your blog. Everything! But you the most. You write like you talk. I have a couple of your DVD’s and it is like you are right beside me.

    You are not just showing what you are working on, you describe it as you go.

    I find you very inspirational.

    I haven’t posted much lately, but I do lurk. Hope you are well, and not getting too overwhelmed with your projects.


  74. Jeanne Crowell Says:

    I live in a tiny town on the side of a beautiful mountain in Oregon – out in the middle of nowhere. Our electricity goes out all the time during the winter months. I cannot sit still while waiting for power. I’m a do-er. I go nuts with nothing to do. I have to be doing something at all times, so this would brighten my winter months and let me look forward to the 4 feet of snow we get every couple of weeks during the winter…instead of dreading it because of the power outages. I know this is suppose to be for someone besides myself and it is!! It’s for my husband! Without lights, I go nuts so he goes nuts.(and he can’t handle “nuts” like I can) Our outages usually last a couple of hours each time, and it is always in the evening. I’ve tried reading quilting magazines (my fav) or do hand work with a flashlight, but it doesn’t work.
    If I had the Beam and Read light, I could read my mags and do my binding and hand work instead of frightening my husband with the frantic look I get with nothing to do in the dark. Of course I would use it even when I have electricity. It would be a great asset to the fine details of my quilting. Also, I use cheaters when I quilt and read and do just about everything. With the magnifier attached to it, I could chuck my reading glasses.
    And my husband would thank you for making his life bearable during the black outs. So it really is for him. I could guarantee you that he will personally thank you if I win it. :-) Jeanne
    And thanks for the giveaway. What a nice thing to do for all us women who have hobbies.

  75. Eileen Says:

    I enjoy all your beautiful work. Thanks for the chance to win a light–boy do I need one!

  76. :Lynn D Says:

    What a nice tool to see with. Is nice to See things.
    was reading a book loaned to me by a quilter and
    it mentioned feather star miniture quilt and found
    your quilt on images. It looks very nice and like the photos of the peices .
    Thank you
    Lynn D

  77. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I know most of my mistakes are caused by bad lighting, and I think this would be great for reading in bed and camping.


  78. Marti Says:

    What I like about your blog… is that you freely share how you do something. Whether it is free motion, dyeing fabric, etc. you show step-by-step the process. Thank you!

  79. Naomi Vela Says:

    Hi there,

    I have to admit, I haven’t actually stumbled across your blog until now, but I’m about to sign up for your mailing list, so I don’t miss out on any of your ‘tool’ appraisals….I’m like you, and love all the gadgets that I can afford, and dream of the ones I can’t…lol


  80. Sandi Says:

    I love the embroidery work you are doing. I’ve done a few free standing lace using the water soluble stabilizers and it is fun, but, didn’t even think about putting them on a quilt block. I’ve got this idea in my head now that I will want to try and I’ve got to finish my current project first since it is for Christmas!!! I’ve learned so many new things reading your blogs. Love the light too. My eyes require more light and magnification these days for fine and hand work. Big Sigh! If I don’t win the light I will want to order one.

  81. Yvonne Brennan Says:

    I love the way you unselfishly share every thing you do….you are a wonderful teacher,helping to promote different facets of patchwork and quilting.Thank you Patsy

  82. Teresa in Music City Says:

    The thing I love most about following your blog is what I learn every time!!! My FMQ has improved so much since I “tuned” in. I also went out and got several of your books so I could have extra practice materials.

  83. Rosa Taylor Says:

    Patsy, I SO enjoyed your class in Sumter, SC last Sat. I really learned a lot and put it to use on Sun and Mon on a quilt for my granddaughter. I did the vines and leaves, and although not near as good as yours, I was very pleased and proud! I’ve taken other free motion classes, but never came away feeling like I learned much or could do it. By drawing out the design first and then showing us the ins and outs and tricks as you stitched, it made sense. I can see where that light would be a godsend for these aging eyes. I LOVE your whole site and all the great info. Thank you very much for sharing so much with so many of us.

  84. Patricia Says:

    I just found your Free Motion Quilting tutorials and blog today. I am currently working on a quilt that I want to combine hand quilting with Free Motion and I am just a beginner at Free Motion. Did a little (very little) over 10 years ago and none since, so really a beginner. I watched your 4 beginner videos today and can hardly wait to get set up and practice. I will be checking your blog often. Love your work! Thank you for the free videos. I am just beginning to explore your web site.

  85. Jackie Says:

    I love seeing what your working on as well as your quilting. I love your DVD’s and can now do feathers, no where at your level but I’m working towards it. Thank you for sharing.

  86. Cheryl Says:

    Oh My Gosh, your colors in your blog! They are great. Please enter me.

  87. Joy Hegglund Says:

    I love your free motion quilting and am enjoying watching what you are doing to embellish your appliques, love the colours you use

  88. Fleurette Says:

    I love your work and seeing your beautiful quilting, I’m always inspired, thank you.

  89. carol sloan Says:

    Patsy. I love your explanations of how you do things! You’re always so detailed and exact in your explanations. I love reading your blog and would love to win a light for my aging eyes!

  90. Dianne Giles Says:

    I love your use of colour and your quilting. Through your blog, I found your DVD’s (I have all of them I think) and have ventured into the land of FMQ! I think my work is “not too shabby” thanks to your teaching skills. For this I thank you. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway, Dianne

  91. Linda Brown Says:

    I have been a follower of your blog for quite sometime now and I love everything about it, all your designs, your help and the way you explain things.

  92. Judy Perl Says:

    I discovered your website several years ago and have never missed reading your blog. I leave your blog and want to run home and start quilting. Your blog always inspires me!

  93. Pat V. Says:

    I am a brand new follower, and so far I am loving your work! Thanks for sharing.

  94. Robbie Payne Says:

    What’s NOT to like about your blog!! Your work is amazing and such an inspiration to everyone. I keep telling my husband that my eyes aren’t bad…I just need more light! This might just help me over this poor eyesight hump!! Thanks much!

  95. Kathleen Dalecio Says:

    I’ve been “lurking” on your site without joining for a while. I really appreciate your clear explanations & photos – and – love your use of bright colors. You’re very talented. Thank you for sharing with neophytes like me…
    I would love to win your Beam ‘n Read Light give-away. My eyesight has changed quite a bit and this would be wonderful to use. I even like that it has a magnifying glass attachment for fine details.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  96. Darlene B Says:

    I love all your work – especially the EKG quilting technique! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  97. Michele Says:

    I am blown away by yout stitching. It is amazing.

  98. MoeWest Says:

    What I enjoy most about your blog is that you show us your process. It’s a great way for visual people to learn. And your projects are always beautiful and inspiring!

  99. Deb Says:

    I like the bright colorful photos on your blog! Thanks so much for entering me. It sure looks like a wonderful product.

  100. Carolyn Maynard Says:

    Patsy, I appreciate your blog for so many reasons. It is a great addition to your outstanding DVDs, and books! You have brought excitement to machine quilting!

  101. Tina Manore Says:

    Patsy- I have had the pleasure of taking 2 classes with you and learned so much at both of them. Following your blog is like continuing those great classes. Thank you.

  102. Deb Says:

    I love the colors you use!

  103. Bonnie Congiu Says:

    I appreciated the picture of you wearing the light. I’m looking for help for my mother and her decreasing sight. Thanks

  104. Shirley Clark Says:

    Your choice of color and designs is brilliant! I’ve never seen such great use of color!

  105. Fran Wiest Says:

    As a beginning quilter and free motion artist (I use that term very loosely!) I am inspired to try your ideas and techniques in ways I would never have thought of. I have just changed my plan for quilting a large block quilt to include the trapunto I saw on one of your videos. Thank you for so many great ideas!

  106. Annmarie Says:

    I am new to your blog but I love it already. What great close up photos & clear explanations! And I love your use of bright colors. Thanks for the chance to win a Beam N Read.

  107. thomas e smith Says:

    You are an inspiration to all. The blog is ALWAYS a source of ideas and beauty for all. You are a wounderful artist and we all are aspiring to be like you. Thanks Patsy and God Bless.


  108. Janis T Says:

    I am self taught in quilting and applique with your blog being a favorite for inspiration and instruction. You offer so much color and beauty, I can’t help but feel good as I stitch!

  109. Lisa Says:

    That is a fabulous light! I am always amazed at what a difference some extra light can make.