New Products, a Sale and a Give Away!

April 27th, 2012

When I have a new prototype die, the first thing I do is cut many shapes from it using scrap paper.  I play around with those scrap paper pieces, seeing different ways that I might put them together, whether it’s putting them together with similar shapes or with other shapes.  I’ve been playing around with a new die cut shape for about 6 months and I’m happy to say that it is now available for anyone to play with.  It’s called the Stylized Stems #2 Die:

This die combines plume and swirl shapes to create a unique stem design.  Here’s an example of it used in a very large quilt block:

(It’s the stem shape at the top; the bottom stem is the original Stylized Stem shape.)  You can also create some interesting quilt blocks by simply using the one die cut shape:

We also have 2 new digitized designs in our online store.  The first one is called Bird Block #1, or “Celebration of Spring:”

This is a 15 inch x 15 inch block.  It can also be coupled with Bird Block #3, or “Love Song Serenade:”

Both of these blocks also work very well with our digitized feathered wreaths:

In case you’re thinking it might be hard to stitch out these large bird blocks in multiple hoopings, we just posted a new video tutorial to show you just how simple it is:

To celebrate the addition of these new products, we’re having a sale!  From now through May 11, 2012 at 9 am eastern daylight savings time, all retail sales of  Appli-K-Kutz dies and all PTD patterns are 15% off!  To receive the discount, just enter Bird Block into the discount code box!

And one more thing…we’re having a give away!  We’re giving away 15 jumbo-sized spools of variegated 100% cotton  Star Quilting Thread:

The box is packed and ready to ship, so all you need to do to enter the give away is post a comment to this blog post by 9 am eastern daylight savings time on May 11, 2012, and in the post, please tell me what kind of digitized applique designs you’d like to see developed.  (You can talk about block or hoop size or applique shape theme or whatever!)  The bottom line is that I’d like to know what you are interested in!  With any luck, you may be opening the box below:

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An Actual Blog Post!

April 23rd, 2012

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to…I’ve been embroidering bird blocks!!!

These don’t even represent all of the blocks I’ve embroidered, but I have to say that one certainly does generate an awful lot of blocks when developing a machine embroidered applique design!  I just finished quilting a wall hanging that used up a few other “experimental” bird blocks.  I don’t have a good photo of it but here it lays on the living room floor:

I’ll get a nicer shot once it’s been bound and can actually be hung on a wall to be photographed.  This one is made of samples of bird block 1, bird block 2, and the 11 1/2 inch feathered wreath.  These first shots are from one of the bird block 1 blocks.  First up is one of the birds:

I’m head over heels in love with those voluptuous tail feathers!  Here’s a shot of a tulip set…these are made using the Tulips die and the Stylized Stems #2 die.  This stem shape is a new die that will be available in the shop later this week.  It does many other things besides act as a stem shape, but I digress…

The background of all the blocks is quilted with the “rudimentary” version of the “plumify it” quilting design.  Here’s a shot of one of the sample blocks for Bird Block 2:

…and here’s a closeup of this second type of bird that sports a swirl tail instead of the tail feathers:

The center block is a feathered wreath, which I love, love, love!

You don’t really notice it unless it’s pointed out, but the wreath has one color of plumes on the inside and a different color of plumes on the outside.  I’m finding it’s a subtle way to jazz things up just a bit.  It’s more obvious in this closeup:

And not to be left out of the mix is bird block 3:

Woo-hoo, they keep getting better!  Right now, bird blocks 1 and 3 are tied for my favorites…sorry bird block 2! Unless something unforeseen happens, I believe that bird block 1 and bird block 3 will go on sale this week in out online store. We’ll also have a new video tutorial showing how easy it is to create these bird blocks through multiple hoopings that line up like buttah! Oh, and did I mention a give away?!!  Keep checking back for breaking news!

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