2nd Batting Experiment

July 11th, 2012

For this wall hanging, I used 2 layers of Quilters’ Dream 100% Polyester Mid Loft Batting.  It was not my intention to use 2 layers of the same batting; I set out to use one layer.  When I opened it up, though, this batting was very, very thin so I opted for 2 layers.  This resulted in a  very stiff quilt.  (I mean very stiff!)  The quilt has some nice texture, but I won’t be repeating this batting choice because of the stiffness:

As always, I first outlined all the applique pieces with Monopoly Invisible Thread by Superior Threads.  This is my first spool of the newest version of Monopoly and I think it may have less sheen.  (This is a good thing, since you really don’t want people noticing this thread.)  Then I drew soap lines of curves that would represent spine guidelines for head feathers.  Sometimes, you can increase the amount of “interaction” between applique shapes by quilting something that “marries” those shapes in some way.  The head feathers are my attempt at that:

Once stitched, they will create a design that’s reminiscent of an asymmetric heart, so it kind of gives the idea they’re in a relationship.  Here they are stitched:

…and here they are hyperquilted:

(Those plumes are so small that I probably shouldn’t have hyperquilted them, but hindsight is 20/20.)  Next, I needed to get the tail feathers stitched, because you can’t do any background quilting until all the major figure-quilting is done.  Here is a gentle soap line for a tail feather spine guidelines:

And here are the tail feathers stitched:

Kind of hum-drum and disappointing.  Once the feathers are stitched, you can do all the background quilting and use that time to decide whether or not you want to add hyperquilting.    I ended up hyprquilting them with the single curly cue design:

Like always, I regretted doing it, but a few days later, I’m glad I did it.  (I seem to have a pattern of regret and then reversal of regret!)  This quilted wall hanging will be donated to the mini auction at the Asheville Quilt Guild Show on September 28-30, 2012.  If you’re anywhere near western NC during those days, this is always a great quilt show, loaded with lots of rich color and design.

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Finishing Up the Old and Birthing the New

July 5th, 2012

I have so many different projects in the works that I need to tie up the loose ends on anything I can.  I cut and pressed the binding for the small wall hanging made from Bird Block #3:

…and here it is sewn on and pinned to the backside, ready for hand sewing:

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the meditative aspect of handwork like this.  I’ve got another small wall hanging in the works.  Here are the 2 blocks that will be sliced in half to become 4 corner setting triangles:

(See those soap lines on the diagonal?  They are what orient how the block is floated on the hooped stabilizer for the embroidery, and they are also my cutting lines.)  I’m trying out 2 layers of a nylon stabilizer on these blocks…it worked fine as a stabilizer but I’m wondering what the “hand” of the quilt will be in the feather areas once it’s been quilted.  Here’s a shot of the backside once the excess stabilizer has been removed:

This last shot is a “mock up” of what the final block will look like; this wall hanging is made from Bird Block #1.   Nothing is sewn in place. just posed to get an idea of what is evolving.  I can’t wait to quilt another one!

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