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October 1st, 2016
Remember this large block?  I’ve been slowly adding to it.  I began with a narrow border of turquoise fabric:
…and then I added a dark blue border:
Next up, it was time to start working on some machine embroidery applique borders.  I used a design that I came up with a few years back.  This is a type of “chain link border” where a link is added one at a time.  Here’s a close-up shot of  a single link:
(Those cross-hairs on the sides are temporary and are what ensures perfect alignment for links on either side.)  Here’s a later shot where there are a couple already stitched out and the fabric is being aligned for the 3rd link:
Here’s a mock-up of what it looks like when 3 sides are placed against it (the cornerstone blocks will be blue):
…just one more side to create!